The resting place by Tatters ❀
Via Flickr:
If there is an ideal place to be buried, then it is this one - on the top of Yoshino-yama 吉野山 (Mt. Yoshino) See where the photo was taken - link to the better map view, my photos.

HDRshooter photo contest on Flickr.

Something different today :) Yesterday I started a photo contest on my Facebook page. Anyone can join, edit this photo series into a final HDR photo and have a chance to win a copy of OLONEO PhotoEngine. You can check out the source files and all the rules here: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=405621992826112&set=a… or on my blog here blog.hdrshooter.net/2012/10/08/hdrshooter-photo-contest-s…

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