Leijonat Inside - Team Finland



what you will get:

  1. 1991 replica ring (shine it into the eyes of the haters!)
  2. 2009 stanley cup playoffs puck (good times, good times)
  3. 2015 penguins & paws calendar (puppies are cute)
  4. 2oz. shot glass (to drown your sorrows in)
  5. 16oz. travel mug (for all those sleepless nights)
  6. hnip flag (it’s a hockey night in pittsburgh pittsburgh pittsburgh…)
  7. knit hat (to hide your face with during horrific moments)
  8. olli maatta minifigure (a tiny olli??? why not???)
  9. sidney crosby: oti&b dvd (like i was gonna leave sid out??)
  10. tote bag (exactly as described)
  11. mayyyyyyyybe something else??? (???????)

what you need to know:

  • you don’t have to be following me.
  • like and/or reblog to enter, winner will be chosen randomly. you will have 48hrs to respond or it goes to the next person.
  • please have your askbox open so i can contact you if you win.
  • you must be willing to let me make a post announcing the results.
  • you must be willing to provide me with a mailing address (yes i will mail this out to anywhere in the world but it might take a while to get to you as i live in singapore).
  • everything is brand new (shot glass/travel mug in photo are mine, you’ll get wrapped ones) except for the puck (part of a lot of 40 pucks i had).

what you really need to know:

this is a pittsburgh penguins fan appreciation post so i will be checking to see if you’re a legit fan no flyers fan kthnx…unless you’re a pitts and philly fan which how??? how??? pls love yourself. they don’t have to be your main team but if i see any hate– you’re out, bub.

this ends feb 15th, winner announced a day or two after– let me know if you’ve got any questions. happy 2015 errrrrbody, here’s to a great new year x