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Since nobody is gonna say it…

JAMAL DESERVES BETTER FRIENDS. The squad steady treats him like trash and blames him for everything when he goes out of his way to help everybody even when he doesn’t need to. Him lying to his parents about football is nothing compared to what Monse and Cesar hid. And on top of that JAMAL DID NOT MAKE CESAR A SANTO so anything Santo related that happens to Cesar is not Jamal’s fault just because he didn’t find the rollerworld money (initially). He THEN went ahead and found the money on his own.

Season 2 better give Jamal a love interest or keep up the dynamic with him and abuelita cause tbh he’s better off without that “family”

  • Livvy: *laughs*
  • Kit: cute
  • Ty: *laughs*
  • Kit: "the salt air had tangled his arrow-straight black hair, and his eyes glowed like moonlight on the water. Kit just stared, unable to think of anything else clever to say as Ty..."
  • Me: *gaping* fuck.

Hi beautiful people!! ❤

This is just a preview of the full art that I just finished for the amazing overwatch zine that @musicwatchzine are doing, and this is just like the 25 percent of the full image, I’m so glad to work with other incredible artist on this zine, check it out!! They are sooo good at illustration

You will be able to see the full image soon! So be patient! And check the tumblr account of the zine for more information, I also give the information of how to get it very soon!! Thank you very much, this wasn’t being possible without all of you ❤

Everybody’s talking about what Cesar SHOULD have done like it’s just cut and dry. Cesar is in a GANG. not a garage band, not a boys and girls club, not the fucking code name: kids next door….A GANG. His orders came directly from el jefe, brother or not if you’re in a gang you follow orders. So he couldn’t just say “no”

Yes Oscar is his brother and could’ve killed Latrell for him but like I said this is a GANG and you handle your own shit.


So, I´ve read LokiIRL for second time, and i wanted to try to draw me on the style of the comic (even i turned Eddie my IRL ha!)

And after this got this weird idea, What if “Animator Annihilator” has commentarist style Celebrity Deathmatch and these are critics of animation of YouTube like the himself @pan-pizza and Chucho Calderón of La Zona Cero (i´m sorry but i didn´t know The Nostalgia Critic too well)



Happy Halloween everyone! Remember that one post I made hinting that some of the canon Overwatch characters had babies in the Rescued AU?  Well here are some of those babies dressed up for Halloween! I wanted to draw something so I figured, why not draw the Talon gals? ;D

Amélie Lacroix & Sombra © Blizzard

Colette Lacroix, Fransisco Mazin (AKA Cisco), & Artwork © Branded-Rose