“My Fingers Dance with Yours,” olicity spec fic/5x23 coda

My Fingers Dance with Yours

Rating: T

Summary: Spec coda to 5x23. After their ordeal on Lian Yu, Oliver and Felicity fall asleep in each other’s arms for the first time in more than a year. As Felicity strokes the new burn on Oliver’s chest where his Bratva tattoo used to be, she finds herself regretting the time that they’ve lost. But Oliver’s not the same man he used to be.

AN: I don’t know what happens in the finale, but just assume for the purposes of this story that all the good guys make it home alive and okay and that nothing drastic ever comes of that cryptic “see you on the boat” line.

Inspired by a gif & a conversation btw @smoakyfelicity @latinasmoak & @muslimsmoak on Twitter. Also helped along by a considerable amount of cheerleading/flailing from Jess & Alejandra. ;)

My Fingers Dance with Yours

When they finally make it home to Star City, Oliver brings Felicity back to the loft himself. After coming so close to losing her (again) he’s loathe to leave her side, and Felicity feels the same way.

They’re both exhausted from the ordeal, more than ready for bed, but they’re also dirty and sore, and so Felicity grabs Oliver’s hand and leads him into the bathroom. They undress each other silently - both grateful for the familiar, comforting touch - and then climb into the shower together. Slowly and carefully, they clean themselves and then each other. Oliver shampoos her hair and gently wipes the blood off her face, while Felicity scrubs hard at Oliver’s shoulders, trying her best to massage away his pain.

Neither of them says a word, and neither of them has to.

They come back together as easily as if they had never been apart.

Once they’re clean, Oliver leads her to the bedroom, and they dry each other off. Felicity rests her cheek against Oliver’s shoulder as he runs a towel through her hair, and she sighs softly while he brushes it.

Finally, they climb under the covers. They don’t bother with clothes, and Felicity’s heart aches at the feel of his body warm and strong beside hers. She yearns to be with him - to take him inside her in a way she hasn’t since last summer - and she knows he feels the same, but they’re both just too tired. Instead, Oliver lies on his back and Felicity curls up at his right side. She rests her head over his heart as he wraps his arm around her back and pulls her in tight.

Felicity lets out a long, deep breath, moving her right hand up his side and resting it on his chest. Oliver grabs her hand in his, entwining their fingers.

And in less than a minute, the strong, steady feel of his heart beating against her cheek lulls her gently off to sleep.

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5x23 Wishful Thinking No. 10

Slade: Remember, it’s because of me you first told the girl with glasses that you love her. So really, you owe your relationship to me. 

Oliver: Well, actually Ra’s al Ghul is the reason we first had sex, Damian Dahrk is the reason we got engaged and because Chase locked us in the bunker, we are getting back together. 

Slade: Damn, kid, you better marry that girl before another villain comes to town to do it for you. 

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Could you write a jayroy ficc Where batman finds out fist and goes to interrogate green arrow about his sins intentions who is like "wait whaaaaat?! They're together?! Also don't kill me or my son"

Bruce stalked down the steps of the Batcave. Nights without Robin on patrol dragged, where horrible and depressing. He knew he should tell Jason that, should have told Dick that before it was too late, but he really didn’t know how. Jason had been spending a lot of time with Oliver Queen’s son, Roy, Speedy. Bruce wasn’t sure he approved Queen had always treated being a hero as kind of a game. His son was a bit of a clown, but Bruce also knew it was imported for Jay to have friends in this game. 

When he got into the cave he realized the showers were running. Bruce walked into the locker room to wait for Jay. Over the sound of water Bruce could hear Jason belting out for all he was worth “walking on Sunshine”. He sure is upbeat tonight Bruce thought, then he heard a buzzing insistent and regular. Looking down at the bench in front of him where Jason’s clothes lay in a heap he saw Jason’s cellphone sitting on top. 

The screen was lit up with a series of texts

I had a great time



“💘+ ❤️💛💚=🔥” 

xoxoxoxox c u 2morrow

Bruce very carefully replaced the phone and left. A moment latter Jason walked out of the shower and towel around his skinny waste using another to draw his hair. “hey B how was your Night, me and Roy had a blast and- oh” he looked around the empty room “huh, i was sure he came in” Jay picked up his phone and laughed at his boyfriend’s intentionally bad text speak before shooting off a heart of his own. 

Star City the Arrow Cave

Oliver Queen the Green Arrow was napping in an office chair, he should have been working on new trick arrows but after 4 hours of trying to get the weight of the boxing glove arrow right he’d get passed out. His eye flew open as a hand slammed down on his work table. Before he could react his office chair had been turned 180 degrees around and he was nearly noses to nose with Batman looking as angry as he’d ever seen him. “How. Long.” It wasn’t really a question more of an accusation. Ollie pushed his sleep fogged brain to work, to think had he stolen any of Batman’s protein shakes out of the Justice League fridge on the moon. 

He gulped “how long what?” Batman’s eyes narrowed dangerously “How Long has this been going on Oliver”

“um you’re gonna have to give me a clue man I don’t know what you mean”

“ROY!” He roared the name like a swear “and Robin” his voice was under control now “are together” 

“together? they’re always to- oh, oooooh, oh” 

“you didn’t know”

“no! I didn’t even know” Ollie looked a little ashamed “that Roy was… you know” 

“you’re going to talk to him”

“um yes, sure, I mean please don’t kill him or me, and uh what is it you want me to talk to him around?”

Batman looked at Ollie for a long moment before standing up and walking a few feet away. “Safety Oliver, I want them to know how to be safe, google it if you’re fuzzy on the details”

“oh wow I mean come on Bats, they’re kinda young” Batman turned on him and glared daggers “They’re teenage boys Oliver, who often are on their own with very little supervision, sooner or later they’ll try something.” Ollie turned to his work table and picked up an arrow turning it over in his hands. “did you know about Robin?”

“yes I knew he was bisexual”

“I had no clue about Roy, I feel like a bad father, I mean I try to not get into any fights with him, be a friend and a good roommate but sometimes I feel lost with him, you know? like if I was so clueless about this part of his what else you think he’s hiding from me? what doesn’t he tell me, what’s he gonna hide from me in the future? Bats? Batman?” He turned and the Arrow Cave was empty “damn I hate when he does that” 

Crack theory time: what if Chase finds a way to patch up the remains of the Queen’s Gambit and brings it back to Lian Yu, forcing a final showdown with Oliver onboard the same boat that started Oliver’s whole journey ten years ago? What would be more symbolic than forcing Oliver to fight him for William’s life onboard the exact same boat that killed his father all those years ago?

The only problem with this theory is that in 1x13 Malcolm ordered Moira to have the remains destroyed…but then who’s to say she actually DID? What if she hid the boat somewhere else instead, giving herself the possibility of insurance against Malcolm later on?

It’s not impossible to think that Chase was able to track the remains and find a way to fix it up. He doesn’t necessarily have to make it seaworthy, either. He would just have to fix it up enough that it would float, and then haul it in on a bigger boat and set it offshore.


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5x23 Wishful Thinking No. 9

Oliver: Look Thea, all I’m asking is that you quit trolling me about Susan Williams. I’m trying to hypothetically date Felicity and that probably isn’t helping. 

Thea: It was Felicity’s idea.

Oliver: What? 

Thea: Well, we’re both still a little pissed about your reaction after we got her fired so we thought we’d give you a hard time for a bit. 

Oliver (sighs): Well, if I say I’m sorry again will you let it go? 

Thea (sighs): Fine. 

Oliver: Okay, then I won’t go into the bit I had about you not wanting to be Speedy anymore yet subconsciously wearing that color. 

Thea: Ollie, just go get your girl and get on the boat. 

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Spencer- Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver............ hi

Oliver: ‘Hi’? That’s it~? 

Damn with that kinda build-up I was expecting something more…~


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*familiar-looking hat lands on Oliver's head* Yo, bottomless eating kid. I thought y'know where's some food. So lead me there. Otherways... I'LL EAt YouR sOUl. Huh... Kidding, kidding... If you'd like to think so.


Mississippi lawmaker Karl Oliver wants to lynch people who take down Confederate monuments

  • Mississippi state Rep. Karl Oliver learned of New Orleans’ successful effort to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces, and he wanted to do one thing to the people responsible: lynch them.
  • “The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific,” the GOP politician wrote Saturday on his Facebook page.  
  • According to the Jackson Free Press, Oliver’s message was “liked” by state Republican representatives John Read and Doug McLeod.
  • The Facebook post also drew at least one Twitter rebuke from a Democratic member of the state’s House of Representatives. Read more (5/22/17)

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Two attorneys have confirmed ICE presence at Los Angeles Immigration Court. 606 S. OLIVE Street in Downtown L.A. at 9:00AM. Please advise family friends and networks.