Delicity Body Swap AU

(part 1)

Let’s call it a working title, because I have no idea what I’m doing. I just hear people talking. (THANK GOD)

Diggle didn’t move, didn’t dare open his eyes, but he could feel Oliver staring at him, not saying a word. It became a game of verbal chicken; who would break first? It wasn’t going to be Diggle, no sir. He was trying very hard to get his bearings after feeling…Oliver’s…against his thigh…

The worst part of the experience was the arousal he felt, and feeling it in a way he’d never felt before. Then he became aware of having breasts, and then his mind snapped.

His body (that was actually Felicity’s body and he still couldn’t really understand that on a cellular level) was trembling all over. At least his breath was starting to come under control. He pushed all confusion aside and thought about the next steps. One, he had to get dressed.

No, nope, brain still not working. He didn’t want to see Felicity’s body naked. And he sure as hell did not want to wear a bra. What the hell was going on and how could they fix this ASAP?

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Fandom Awards Ship of the Year: Our Top 7 Moments for Arrow’s Olicity
With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, MTV has kicked off the excitement with voting for the Fandom Awards Ship of the Year. While fellow Fangirlish writers Chloe and Iris are all about Teen Wolf’s Scott and Stiles (we love them, too), Fangirlish’s Alyssa has to politely disagree because nothing can top Arrow’s Oliver…

With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, MTV has kicked off the excitement with voting for the Fandom Awards Ship of the Year.

While fellow Fangirlish writers Chloe and Iris are all about Teen Wolf’s Scott and Stiles (we love them, too), Fangirlish’s Alyssa has to politely disagree because nothing can top Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity aka Olicity.

Olicity has powered ahead in the Fandom Ship War, currently surpassing 12 million votes and holding a steady lead over The Vampire Diaries’ Bamon. Simply put, the Olicity fandom came to play. Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards would be proud.

The Fandom Awards have us thinking about all of the reasons we love Olicity, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 moments for Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity last season. Cause if this was all three seasons, we could go on forever. It’s already hard enough just picking seven from last season.

Laurel’s “big development” for Season 4

I haven’t really been around much to discuss this, but apparently it’s been announced that Laurel will be involved in more central plots now that she’s recognized as a full out vigilante, and she has a particularly “big development” that is top secret and no one is allowed to discuss it.

Now this is where my mind will wonder. As far as I know, it was Marc Guggenheim that said that, and we’ve been burned in the past when he’s hyped something up for Laurel that gets us all excited and then when it’s time to deliver, it’s usually a miniscule 20 second scene. (For a specific example, see episode 65 “Broken Arrow” when we would apparently see Laurel go pretty far to protect Oliver…when in the episode we got a short scene of her delivering a letter to her father from the DA’s office ordering Oliver’s release. How was that anything out of the ordinary. She was basically just doing her normal job.) Anyways, not to get sidetracked…

So hopefully this big development will actually be a big development for Laurel. I have a few ideas that might happen, but I’d like to see what everyone else thinks. Here’s a few ideas I came up with:

  • Laurel becomes a meta-human - My theory is that this would happen via some particle accelerator explosion and wearing the Canary Cry tech? Not too sure, but hey I would not be opposed to this happening at all.
  • Laurel gets a new love interest - I hope it’s not THE BIG DEVELOPMENT for her this season since she’s so much more than who she’s dating, but this is the CW so who knows….
  • Laurel goes toe-to-toe with Malcolm - I have this idea where if/when Malcolm dies, I want Laurel to be the one that kills him. Not only would it show how far she’s come as a fighter (a nod to her comic books counter part’s martial art skills) but it would be cool to see it come full circle that the man who took two important people from her meets his end at her hands. Either way, I feel like this plot (if it even happens) may wait a few seasons, since Malcolm is too good of a villainous frenemy to not have around.
  • Laurel is the floating character - So a while back when all the hype about the Legends of Tomorrow started, the producers kept saying that there would be one character that would constantly float around all three shows, tying the three of them together. The only thing we know about this character is that (I believe it was Marc that said) it was for sure not Felicity or Oliver. Now does that mean it’s automatically Laurel? Of course not, but she has connections with Cisco on Flash and Sara on Legends of Tomorrow, so it could potentially be a big development for her.
  • Laurel forms a Birds of Prey Team - Okay, even I will admit that this is a very big stretch, BUT if we have learned anything from the past, when Oliver leaves and comes back to the team, he asserts dominance when he doesn’t like how things are being handled. Laurel is a strong personality type, therefore I could see her telling him to basically go screw himself and she leaves to form her own team of female superheroes. Again, I know it’s a stretch, but….Birds of Prey.

So do you agree with any of these theories? Do you have your own theory/theories as to what Laurel’s big Season 4 development could be? Let me know! I’m always curious to see what others think!

Arrow Fic: Ceci n’est pas un conte (This is not a story) [Chapter 2]

What happens after they drive off into the sunset. A series of scenes from Oliver and Felicity’s hiatus road trip.

A/N: Added another chapter, inspired by another literary quote. (Each chapter stands on its own, so you don’t have to have read the previous one.) Oh, and I bumped the rating up slightly, from Teen to Mature.

Read it here or on AO3.

“The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.”
Beloved, Toni Morrison

He is Oliver.

He actually has to remind himself sometimes, in the deep chasm of the night, when everything is silence and the darkness has seeped into his bones. He’s been undone so many times that it’s hard to remember who he is, or where he’s ended up. To recognize what’s left of him.

In those irrational moments between dreaming and waking his name is an elusive, transitory thing, like shooting star or a firefly glimpsed at the edge of his vision. It slips away from him, leaving him bereft, and he comes awake in a panic, reaching out blindly for something to hold onto.

And then she stirs beside him.


The solid warmth of her at his side. The reassuring cadence of her breathing. The fragrance of sex and sweat and hotel shampoo lingering on the sheets.

And he remembers.

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How big do merfolk get??

“That depends. We can get pretty long depending on our breeding and our environment!”


Killer Whales reach up to about 20 ft long, so for Oliver, he’s a little over 16 ft; his tail along takes up most of that length from his hips to his tail. Oliver’s torso is the same size as a normal human man but more on the leaner side with little muscle.


Felicity: Maybe there’s another way. 

Oliver: They have my sister. What other way is there?


Oliver: He had you and he was gonna hurt you. There was no choice to make.

Thea and Felicity: the two women in Oliver Queen’s life that he is willing to kill for. The two things he’s sure of even when he’s not sure of himself. When it comes to them, he will do whatever it takes.

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I have a question.. on arrow 2.5 #23 how much laurel is in it?

Laurel’s in the first few pages (it’s a direct continuation of the last issue). And there is a hug and Oliver’s “It’s okay/I’m okay” catchphrase.


If you like Nyssara, or Olicity…you’re going to want this issue. Because that’s the majority of the issue. In particular, what Felicity says to Oliver (in her apartment, no less)? Echoes of 3x20 and her speech to him in Nanda Parbat.

Siegfried Sassoon on his son, George

If I were to die tonight my only earthly interest would be in George’s future. I don’t think I should care whether my literary works were remembered or forgotten. (from a diary entry dated 26 October 1953)

How I wish you could see George. I think his nature resembles mine in some ways, though his mind works in an entirely different way – exceptionally quick in absorbing & grasping ideas, & a born expositor, like Hester’s brother Oliver, whom he takes after. He obviously resembles Hester’s grandmother, Margaret Gatty, in his passion for being occupied, which her biographer laid stress on.  From his earliest years he has been like that – would print & enlarge 100 photographs in a day, & kept a complete catalogue of all his negatives. His versatility of interests is a danger – all the old Gattys were like that except Julia Horatia Ewing, who stuck to her writing. George has a natural gift for writing, always lively & direct & never wastes a word. My great comfort is that he is benevolent & enjoys helping people. (from a letter to Felicitas Corrigan dated 12 March 1962)

George came to see me on Monday afternoon and was a great comfort. He has realized that I am his second self, though so far behind him in scientific ability and intellectual quickness. (from a letter to Felicitas Corrigan 25 May 1966)

the beat of her heart (and the song in mine) 4/?

Chapter 4: Trials - Oliver
Summary: Every hero must prove their worth. It’s Oliver’s turn.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and swears.
Warnings: Some violence

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Oliver woke inside the temple. It was odd, considering the fact that the three headed dog certainly had not taken him inside such a place. Last he recalled, he had been tossed around in the darkness by teeth gnashing at his skin. Oliver looked down. No visible marks on his body. How odd.

“It’s official,” muttered Oliver as he took in his surroundings. “I hate the Underworld.”

A figure in dark clothes approached him. “Oliver Queen,” he said. “I have been expecting your arrival.”

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All day (Every day)

Felicity is not at all surprised when she realizes that Oliver’s somewhere-far-away-from-here is actually somewhere-to-be-determined-later-if-Felicity-says-yes. In most things, Oliver is a planner. And by most things, she means in Arrow-related-stuff, because in his personal life Oliver is a mess of ill-conceived notions and ideas that never quite manage to see the light of day.

So, she isn’t really expecting him to have a destination in mind when they finally – after an extremely long night of very little sleep – stumble into the Porsche, more tired than one had any right to be after spending the past twenty or so hours in bed.

But she would appreciated a general idea. She isn’t asking for much, really, just a boyfriend that doesn’t look at her exactly two seconds after turning on the car and asks, in a low and slightly raspy voice which does absolutely nothing to her insides. “Where to?”

Okay, and maybe she’d also like a boyfriend that doesn’t look at her like she’s the sun and the moon and all its stars combined, because, really, how is she expected to have any actual coherent thoughts if he’s looking at her like that? She really can’t be blamed for the things that come out of her mouth.

“Well, I was thinking somewhere with a beach. I love the beach. I mean, I love the idea of the beach, because it’s not like I’ve ever had a chance to be in many beaches. We didn’t really have money for road-trips when I was little, and yes, I did go once or twice when I was at MIT, but I was that girl …you know, glasses, always studying late? You can’t even imagine.” She pauses, then, before Oliver can get a word in, she answers herself. “Fine, you probably can imagine. But that’s not the point. The point is …sand…beach…you without your shirt on…sounds like …”

She blushes crimson at the choked noise that escapes Oliver’s throat, and she looks his way only to find that he’s smiling so brightly that her stomach does a somersault.

“Felicity…” he says, and he’s reaching for her hand without taking his eyes off the road – and other than head for a beach, she’s given him no indication of where they should be driving to, but he seems to have decided on a place, because his driving doesn’t seem mindless. Not that anything Oliver does ever seem mindless, he’s got a way of …he’s got a way of making her babble even in her head, she chuckles as he raises his hand to press a lingering kiss against her palm. “How you can still blush after last night I’ll never know …” he finishes when he’s finally got her attention, and, of course, she blushes even hotter at that, because, it’s one to think about having Oliver and then making inappropriate comments about the thing she could never have, and it’s another completely different thing to have Oliver over and over again and then letting the innuendo escape her mouth.

For one, her comments now come with mental images – no, video – of the actual getting Oliver part, callused hands against sensitive skin, lips that taste faintly of honeysuckle and mint, the overwhelming sense of peace that comes with being in his arms. And, also, there’s that fact that even though she’s gone years without any of those things, now that she’s actually tried them, tried him - she’s not exactly sure how she’s supposed to go more than a couple of hours without her fix.

This quite possibly makes her a nymphomaniac, maybe even a crazy person, because most her actual memories are so recent that she can’t possibly be wanting more. Not like, right this instant. Except, of course, just as she says that she takes one look at her tiny hand enclosed in Oliver’s, and yup, there it is, that simmering heat.

It’s like she just can’t get enough of him.

Not that she’s going to say this out-loud, it’s bad enough that she’s let herself think of it and will now be forced to suffer for God knows how long till they actually get to where it is that Oliver is driving towards. But she still has to give him an answer, at least, she thinks she does, so she opens her mouth and just says the first thing that pops into her head.

Always, always a bad idea.

She really doesn’t mean it as a come-hither. She doesn’t. It just comes out that way. “There are still one or two things we didn’t get to try, Mr. Queen.”

Felicity 1, Oliver 0, she thinks, when there’s no response other than the tightening of his hand on hers. She’s still mentally congratulating herself on getting one over Oliver when the road they’re on suddenly curves into woods –when did they even make it out of the city – and next thing she knows the rumbling of the car has quieted down and Oliver’s hands are reaching for her seatbelt and tugging her towards him in one fluid movement.

“Wow,” she says, when she lands on top of him, and she meant Wow, good move, not Wow, anything else, but she is quick to reevaluate when she feels the growing evidence of Oliver’s desire against the thin cotton of her shorts.  

“Tell me, Felicity, what exactly is there on this list of yours?” he purrs, actually purrs, and her brain is short-circuiting as her hands cling to his neck. “Go one by one. I’m going to try to get through all of them before the night is over.”

And, okay, she melts a little. Fine, a lot.

after being indulged by wonderful lovely anons and by my beautiful friends, i decided why not write an ollandy fic on atrop’s universe, right?? so i thought maybe i’d just write a 2k something about andy and oliver, and somehow ended up with almost 10k of teenage love. hope you enjoy this! ♥

back to you. andy/oliver. (link) tw: underage drinking, slur mention.

andy thinks being oliver’s best friend is hard.

Too many characters in season 4...?

So Arrow starts filming next week and I just have this feeling that maybe there is too many characters and possible story lines to develop in season 4. 

Season 3 was very chaotic in my opinion. And now we have basically the same huge cast + new big bad. AND we have new crime fighting team that will include 5 people. 

Isn’t that too much in one season, in 45 minutes per episode? I mean think about all the story lines! 

  • Thea and her journey after Lazarus Pit, 
  • Black Canary and her new big arc (that I heard of somewhere), 
  • Diggle and possible Green Lantern arc, 
  • Felicity and her father (who probably will be the new big bad this season), 
  • Oliver as Green Arrow (will he still be “alpha” in the new lair ? it’s genuine question, I wonder who will be making decision…), 
  • Olicity relationship, 
  • Malcolm Merlyn as new Ra’s,
  • Oliver and Diggle making up.

Furthermore there is also Captain Lance, Nyssa, Felicity and her company, some new computer guy that will interact with Felicity…AND of course there will be flashbacks…. 

Is it just me? Or is it too much?

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OH IMAGINE oliver tending to nessa's poison ivy rash or something similar and she's just like 'let me scratch it please it itches" "you're going to make it worse B("

WELL tbh the first aid nurse would probably be the one tending to nessa’s rash bu t she probably threatens to hug oliver when he starts acting like a dick and he’s like “holy shit woman stay away from me” n then he plays nice again bc she’s Not Bluffing she will do it