Arrow Fic: Haven’t I Locked Up My Failure, Wouldn’t I Be Last to See

post-5x03. Because they’re both in the bunker and they’re both going through it.

Title from “8 (circle)” by Bon Iver, because this album is still ruling my life.

Haven’t I Locked Up My Failure, Wouldn’t I Be Last to See (AO3)

He stands in the garage, stock still like a statue, for what might be hours. Lyla must sneak herself out at some point. She can’t kick the old ARGUS habits, tending to appear from thin air more often than she knocks. It’s OK. It works for them. He doesn’t see her as much as he should, though, and it seems it’s always for something like this.

Oliver’s mind is racing, turning this latest impossible objective over and over in his brain, looking for an entry point. Breaking into a military prison is high risk, even for him, and he doesn’t really have much of idea on where to start. The only thing he knows for certain is that there’s no choice but to try. John would do the same for him. He has, in fact, several times over.

He’s weighing whether or not to call Felicity right away, to get her brain working as his fumbles through a fog of emotions – the most dominant being some kind of furious, loyal vengeance – but then he walks out to the central hub of the bunker, and there she is. She’s standing in front of her computers, staring up at one of the screens, looking as shell-shocked as he feels.

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James and Oliver’s Panel from Armageddon Expo Panel.

Very funny panel as usual with a lot of LOL and awkward moments.

Question: What other character would you play?
James: George
Oliver: Because he’s the best one.
Fan: Because he lives
*James walks off stage looking like a little puppy who’s just been kicked*


“You smell so good, what do you use?”
Oliver slowly walks backwards towards the curtain.
James: Soap

Jennifer Lawrence to Play Zelda Fitzgerald in Biopic From Ron Howard

Jennifer Lawrence will star in a biopic about famous Jazz Age socialite Zelda Fitzgerald.

Ron Howard is developing “Zelda” as a possible directing vehicle. Lawrence will be re-teaming with “Hunger Games” exec Allison Shearmur, who’s on board to produce the film. The pic follows Fitzgerald, who after marrying famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald, tries to find her own voice in the jazz music scene as her husband rises through the ranks of great American novelists.

“Hacksaw Ridge’s” Brian Oliver is producing as well, along with Lawrence and Justine Ciarrocchi. Emma Frost is penning the script for “Zelda.” Oliver’s Cross Creek Pictures will finance the movie.

Following her Oscar-nominated role in “Joy,” Lawrence seems to have taken an interest in portraying real-life figures. She is currently attached to play Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the health-technology and medical-laboratory-services company Theranos, in “Bad Blood” from director Adam McKay. She will also portray war photographer Lynsey Addario in Steven Spielberg’s drama “It’s What I Do.”

Lawrence will be seen next in Sony’s “Passengers” opposite Chris Pratt. The sci-fi space romance opens Dec. 21. She is also set to star in Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film with Javier Bardem. The movie bows next year.

Shearmur has “Rogue One: a Star Wars Story” bowing next month, which she is producing, “Power Rangers”, which she is exec producing, coming out next year and ABC’s “Dirty Dancing” remake.

Lawrence, Shearmur and Howard are repped by CAA.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Do you have a song already in mind that will fit the moment when predator Oliver realizes that Felicity is his love, has his heart? Don't need to know what song yet, just that there IS a song that will explain Oliver's thoughts at that big moment.

I have an entire playlist for this story, that I listen to while writing the chapters, because it gives me a real feel for the setting. 

For example, remember the rain scene against the window? This song was on repeat when I was writing that. It was just perfect for it.    

And the quick get-you-out-of-my-system fuck in the restaurant washroom? This one was on repeat for that entire chapter.

So yes, I have a song in mind, but I won’t say which right now. For reasons.

kidyouhavenoidea  asked:

I'm very worried about the book they showed us in the pilot (the one Connor was reading - why show us the title and everything?). Giovanni's room is a gay story that ends inf an execution of one of the lovers. It can't be a hint of Connor's death, can it? Still, I think it would be too easy for the body to be Connor: with Oliver's unsuccessful attempt to contact him and Annalise lying to Oliver about the body, it seems like an obvious solution. This show is rarely too obvious.

I was thinking about that too! I didn’t even know what the book was about till I looked it up. 

I agree with you. I think it is a red herring. I mean right after trying to contact with connor and failing to do so then zooming on the tv saying unidentified male. yeah way too obvious. 

P.S. Love your picture! Gilmore girls is one of my favorite shows <3 

shanynde  asked:

Does Johnny ever get jealous of people around Trish or Abby? How is he dealing with Abby being across the country?

Before Abby left for Gotham, Oliver and Jon both independently gave her cans of pepper spray, and it is Oliver’s little key chain size canister that she actually carries with her. The larger one from Jon sits forgotten in the bottom of a drawer. He knows it’s silly, but it bothers him.

Also, when he heard that she had agreed to self-defense lessons with Terry, he was vocally indignant. How many times did he offer to teach her? How much time did he spend convincing her to try it just once? How definitively did she declare that this just wasn’t her thing?

“But then McGinnis offers,” Jon bitched to his father. “And now it’s ‘oh of course, Terrence, I would be delighted.’ For fuck’s sake, Abigail.”

“You wanted her to learn, didn’t you?” Oliver said, trying very hard to mask his amusement.  “I’m just glad she’s giving it another shot.”

Another shot lasted one lesson. Jon took some petty satisfaction in the fact that Abby hated martial arts just as much with Terry as a teacher.

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hi i just wanted to say how much i love your blog!! many westallen shippers i know hate olicity so it's refreshing to find one that ships both :)) i'm excited about westallen but tbh i'm more than a little annoyed with barry atm for screwing up the timeline :// i just feel like it potentially erased seasons' worth of character development for both couples.

I don’t think it erased as much as you’re worried about. And in defense of the producers, it’s not like this “going back to mess with the timeline” is an arc they came up with on their own; it’s a huge storyline in the comics. Flashpoint was going to happen eventually.

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What do you think about that Felicity tell him her secret detective.

Hi Anon,

Glad you asked! I have tons of thoughts about Felicity possibly telling Det. Malone about working with the Green Arrow, and they’re all screaming “Don’t do it!”

Originally posted by reaction-resource-center

This is an issue I feel very strongly about, and it really has nothing to do with Olicity’s romantic relationship. It’s purely about Team Arrow. Before I get into it, and just so others know what I’m talking about, here is the episode summary for 5x06.

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Has Abby gifted anything to Mr. Wayne since she visits him every so often? What was felicity and oliver's first gifts to one another (I love a gift with meaning behind it!)


There’s really nothing I can buy him that he can’t buy for himself, so I mostly stick to thank you notes and flowers. Maybe it’s weird to bring flowers to a man several decades older than me, but that house feels so… lifeless sometimes. The occasional daisy really helps.


I think the first gift he ever gave me was that bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild after the earthquake. I’m glad I didn’t know what it cost while I was drinking it.

I gave him a twenty dollar fern.

Jill Sets John Oliver Straight!

The Blowback: now in handy fundraising form!

Just in case you thought the Jill Stein rebuttal was the end of Jill Stein vs. Johnny English. 

Oliver got it woefully, intentionally wrong. Gosh, it was almost as if they weren’t interested in the truth. It’s almost as if they just wanted to do a hatchet job…

Oh, all right. We’ll come clean - John Oliver and his cronies at Time/Warner obviously knew what they were doing….lol! Oliver stated flatly that Jill doesn’t understand the policy implications of using quantitative easing to cancel student debt.


There will always be the John Oliver’s of the world. His hands are far from clean - he’s a millionaire, yet proclaims bailing out students in debt as a wholly unworkable plan. Plus, his employer - Time Warner - is among Hillary’s top 10 donors!

But we’re stronger than
a wildly inaccurate and
demeaning comedy sketch.

We’re a movement that is building and will continue to build with your help.

As Jill and Ajamu say, it’s in our hands. Will you help send a message to the John Olivers of the world and give today?

The Johnluminati didn’t want you to read that, obviously. My apologies to our evil overlord.

But part of the life of a third-party candidate, especially one who didn’t make the ballot in all 50 states, is that usually they only get to muster their forces against a general cultural apathy, while the Dem and GOP candidates are testing their steel against a rising, deafening tide of opposition. Hillary Clinton has Fox News, Julian Assange, and the people on social media who will eventually fight each other to death over which of them invented “Hitlary”. Trump gets to brawl with the mainstream news, his own party, and the increasingly horrified amassed forces of Western civilization. It’s pretty heady until it becomes monotonous.

But Jill Stein? Her primary media nemesis right at this moment is a weedy little Englishman who’s probably moving on to something else tomorrow night. Not exactly a battle to fill up the Green Party war coffers. Hell, I really wouldn’t blame you if you donated.

bisexuallaurellance  asked:

young!lauriver headcanons. GO. :)

WHAT NO HELp omg ok wait i’ll pick a select few because i only remember headcanons as i think of them but i have some faves i keep stored so

  1. oliver was laurel’s proper first love, she’d had meaningless boyfriends before mostly because her and oliver were too afraid to admit they’re feelings for each other but she only ever loved oliver properly. everyone in high school fancied laurel and envied tommy and oliver for being her friend but they also acted like her bodyguards, protecting her from fuckboys and douchebags. the calvin harris / rihanna song ‘this is what we came for’ actually inspired this headcanon because i imagine a high school party and everyone is dancing and looking at laurel and she’s only interested in oliver and then they hook up and my lil heart breaks into a billion pieces
  2. every morning that laurel stayed at oliver’s she would get up early and make him breakfast downstairs. she’d take some up to thea also and then, when she couldn’t wake oliver from his sleep coma, she’d laugh and leave the food on the table and go downstairs and hang out with moira; drinking coffee, reading the paper, gossiping and laughing about people they know. i feel like moira and laurel were really close when lauriver were together.
  3. this is canon according to katie anyway but oliver was the first person that laurel ever had sex with
  4. ok well i have a headcanon that laurel was a cheerleader for oliver’s school football team and that she was always at pep rallies and she was the best on the team so she was always like at the top of pyramids and shit and she was the one who got thrown around because she wasn’t scared of being dropped or anything #fearlessaf. oliver would always watch her at practice because he loved to watch her doing things that make her happy and he’d sit in the bleachers like a good boyf and then meet her with snacks afterwards before driving her home
  5. THE FISHNETS HEADCANON MINA YOU KNOW but at tommy’s halloween party laurel wore fishnets and definitely a mask probably more clothes, she wasn’t just in fishnets and oliver was dressed as robin hood because irony… and basically they were together in tommy’s room, doing the do, and oliver ripped laurel’s fishnets and they laughed about it and that’s the story behind ‘i wore those horrible fishnets’ ‘i thought you looked good.’

ok that’s all i got for now

sleepover saturday

We Shouldn't

by dannilou1288

After one too many drink Connor and Oliver head to Oliver’s apartment.

Words: 648, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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  • ONE ( name / alias ).  Your neighborhood borderline Sebz
  • TWO ( birthday ). Feb 8
  • THREE ( zodiac sign ). Aquarius
  • FOUR ( height ).  5′3″
  • FIVE  ( time ).  10pm
  • SIX ( sleep ). 6 hours
  • SEVEN ( favorite books ).  Mary Oliver’s poetry
  • EIGHT ( favorite artists ). Florence + the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Bump of Chicken, Akiko Shikata
  • NINE ( last movie watched ). TMNT
  • TEN ( education ). BA Interdisciplinary Studies
  • ELEVEN ( dream job ).  Anything that makes intimate use of my Japanese. Like a translator or a voice actress or a JRPG writer.
  • TWELVE ( the meaning behind your url ). This is a paraphrase of something Richter said in the final chapter of Onshuu no Richter, translating to “I never hated you.”

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38. Chest/Breast Kiss

One too many drinks led to two exes that live together sleeping together and they didn’t do that much sleeping. Connor woke up naked in Oliver’s bed, the same bed that used to be their bed up to a few weeks ago. His hands come up to his face and he groans. This was bad. This was real bad. Especially since he couldn’t remember who made the first move. He had a feeling Oliver was going to wake up and blame him for all of it. Before that happened, Connor needed to get out of there, maybe make breakfast to smooth things over. He leans over Oliver and places a gentle kiss on his naked chest, then rolls out of bed and gets the fuck out. 

Evelyn: “What’s the rule on dating while Vigilante-ing?”
Felicity: “….the short answer is don’t. 

This short exchange came toward the end of the last episode, and I find it quite interesting, especially considering Billy McRebound. 

You guys remember back in like, season one, when Felicity says “I’m not seeing anyone, but if I was, I don’t know how I’d tell them about today.” ? 

Yeah. This conversation always gets focussed on Oliver’s response later on. But I find it interesting that back then, Felicity recognized that that’s what a relationship was: telling someone about your day and not lying about it. 

Now, she’s in this relationship with this guy and she’s keeping secrets from him. That has enough problems of it’s own, but she goes to tell Evelyn that one probably shouldn’t date in this business. It gets messy. (unless, of course, you’re dating your partner that already knows everything that’s happening. That’s a much different story… #olicity)

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, except to say, if Felicity’s first response to “can we date?” is “Yeah, you probably shouldn’t”, Rebound McRebound isn’t going to last very long.

At least, that’s my take on it.