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“I’m here!” Felicity almost shouted as she ran into the lobby, right to where Oliver, Alex and Thea were standing together. She came to a slithering stop, holding onto Oliver’s bicep for balance. Panting heavily, she added, “I’m here and I am almost in time. I know we were supposed to meet three minutes ago, but three minutes late is still like almost in time given I had to get all the way here and the traffic has been hell. By the way and in my defense-”

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2p!Canada Boyfriend Headcanons?

  • expect sleepy cuddle mornings now and again
  • when sleepy he gets really drawn to heat, so nonstop cuddling
  • will take s/o away from what they are doing to cuddle
  • but besides that pretty independent
  • he a natural outdoors man, so does require some alone time
  • but still dearly loves his s/o
  • wants to go camping with s/o
  • just the two of them in nature
  • both of his loves at once
  • has trouble showing emotion on his face, but trying his best
  • will make pancakes and poutine a lot of s/o
  • when with this guy, wither either of them wants it or not, Matt’s family becomes s/o’s family
  • get the C, you get the rest of the FACE too
  • Oliver comes over at least once a week to bring and cook food for them
  • Francois comes over with Oliver
  • Allen comes over at random times to chill and mess with Matt and s/o
  • Oliver calls every day and wants to talk to both at least for 10 min
  • wants to make sure they are all ok
  • usually just him chatting and Matt grunting in reply
  • Francois will randomly send text messages of randomness
  • literally, one time he sent a picture of a bottle cap
  • Matt likes it when s/o plays with his hair
  • makes him fall asleep some time

Oh wow, sorry, got carried away with all of these headcanons, hehehe enjoy!

Coliver 4.04 Coda (more like a headcanon)

“Hey, Connor…”

Connor stopped and turned from the door, he hadn’t even opened it yet. He still had that faraway look in his eyes, like he wasn’t really paying attention, like he was about to use working out as another distraction to something.

Oliver put his wine glass down, followed by shrugging off his cardigan. He already got his run in today, while Connor and Jeff were off doing whatever they were doing… but he had a feeling he needed another one.

“Give me a second.” Oliver went to their room, peeling off his shirt as he went for something more suitable to sweat in. He could hear Connor’s huff of irritation as he changed.

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Coliver. Oliver learning about what Connor's dad thought about their relationship and being wary when meeting Connor's mom and Gemma. Or Oliver telling his coming out story to Connor. Or both! (I'm glad you're still active in the HTGAWM fandom!)

Note: Whoop, I just got around to their conversation but not to mom and Gemma!

Oliver stepped around Connor’s shed clothes and climbed on the bed, taking his hands, “I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry if I overstepped about your dad and… I understand that things are complicated between you two. I shouldn’t have pushed.”

“Ollie - you don’t have anything to apologize for,” Connor says without meeting his eyes.

“He told me about you coming out and how inspired he was by it, by you-”

“Jesus - Oliver, my dad is an asshole,” he groans.  

“I get that you feel that way -”

“No,” he snaps, “Oliver, I know how he tells that story about me coming out. How his confident 12 year old inspired him to live his truth or whatever version of an Oprah segment he’s selling these days. But I was 12 and I was scared and I got two days of relief before my whole world fell apart. I came out and then my dad left us - he looked me in the eye and said “Thank you for making me brave, Connor” and then he walked out on my mom. Gemma wasn’t even home when he left and mom was a fucking mess so I had to tell her - I had to tell her that I made dad leave us.”

“Connor-” Oliver whispers.

“He took my coming out as his excuse to do whatever the hell he wanted. All the shit I’ve done - the partying, the sleeping around, the complete fucking mess that I was before you - before us? He thinks it’s what he should have had,” Connor continues with a broken laugh, “But he was fucking forty and had two kids so he had to skip all of it and he wants me to stay in it. He wants to live through me until it kills me.”

Oliver sits across from him, frozen and speechless. Before he can say a word Connor takes a shuddering breath.

“He wants me to leave you,” he finally says, “he wants me to leave you so I can go back to jumping from dick to dick. That’s what my dad wants for me.”

“And what do you want,” Oliver whispers, his voice caught between comforting and terrified.

Connor leans forward, his eyes bright as if he’s just snapped out of a terrible dream. 

“I want you,” Connor says intently, “All that’s difficult, all of this impossible shit that we’re trying to get out of, all of the things that seem impossible because they’re so good and right - the house, the dog, the kids. I want it all with you. I don’t want to be his inspiration, I want everything he turned his back on.”

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Loved the chapter from your latest story. I noticed you had Felicity fix Curtis' algorithm. Don't you like his character? What's happening in the 603 chapter?

I don’t outright hate the guy. I think in season 4, he had the potential to be a great new addition in both Oliver’s world as a vigilante and Felicity’s world in tech. It’s not a matter of disliking him, but I’m annoyed by the way Curtis is written. 

EPs have said he’s the hardware guy, and Felicity’s the software. Personally, I think the writers are not doing to separate his character enough from Felicity. I think sometimes he oversteps his boundaries and last season all he did in the field was throw T-Spheres and get his ass handed to him. Not much different than this year yet. Also, I find his jokes/some dialogue of his to be misplaced in scenes or ill-timed. I’ve discussed this before with @nalla-madness. He’s become the Jar-Jar Binks of Arrow, in my opinion.

Now as for my story, the 603 chapter will be titled “Got You On My Mind”/ It’ll follow canon more closely than last chapter. Felicity meets William for the first time. Oliver looks as if his heart bursts with love when he sees his two favorite people [spoiler redacted] He stops by her loft, gives her a key, and smut ensues. Well, because I’m me.

And one thing, I want to mention, even though you didn’t ask, Nonnie is that Felicity through Smoak Enterprise will create a cool teched out arm for John, even if that doesn’t happen on the show, which means yes, unfortunately they have to amputate his arm with degenerative nerve damage. It’s a la Phill Coulson’s style’s hand. @missyriver will get that reference. In Marvel shows, I think the visuals on their technical stuff is cooler than DC. So that’s what I have planned for fic this far.

Here’s a dialogue tease to tide you over.

“Well, um…” Oliver flushes, dimples pooling in his cheeks, “I thought maybe… you could use it whenever…”

Felicity doesn’t say a word, which is surprising for her. No more talking. Her bare feet pad the floor, and she kisses him with passion, love, and lust all in one single moment. They never want to stop, although as they make their way over to the couch, the stupid need for oxygen becomes too great.

He huffs out a chuckle, “So is that a yes?”

“What do you think?” Felicity leans in to peck his lips, “Wait! What time do you have to get back to William and Raisa?”

“Not for another hour.”

Yanking off his jacket, the key is left on her coffee table. Her body blankets his. They laugh at the obvious creak of leather underneath them.

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Felicity whispers, “We can work with that.”

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i just noticed something quite sad. when elio visits oliver at columbia, the first thing he says is, "you probably don't remember me." does elio really consider himself such an insignificant figure in oliver's life that oliver probably wouldn't remember him? i highly doubt that, and yet that's what his words imply! if he was referring to his beard, then why didn't he say "you probably don't recognize me" instead? sigh elio you're still putting yourself down after all these years...

Since this line is dialogue and not in his head, I thought maybe he was being facetious. Before this line he thinks, “I wasn’t going to make him guess who I was, but I wasn’t going to make it easy either.” He says “you probably don’t remember me" when Oliver squints. I thought Elio knew he looked unrecognizable with the beard but wanted to make Oliver sweat!

But he could also be putting himself down as a defence mechanism like he does earlier in the novel. “Why are you always putting yourself down?” “I don’t know. So you won’t, I suppose.” Maybe he was afraid of hearing Oliver say, I’m sorry I don’t remember you, so he said it first. 

hi all ! sorry i’m so late with my intro… i’m a #mess ! but i’m c ( 23, she/her, est ) honestly i’m always a frickin’ mess so don’t mind me ! olive however is the furthest thing from a mess, so let’s get into her ! she’s my lil peach & i love her already even tho this is my first time playing her ! so below are some lil bullets about her ! she needs everything so hmu for all the plots !

[ ✧・– JENNIE KIM ] – oh, SHE/HER ?? that’s OLIVE LIM, the TWENTY year old CISFEMALE from WEST EGG. they’re worth around $98 MILLION thanks to their MOTHER BEING THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF A TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. word around town is that they’re really ERUDITE but also very HEADSTRONG. regardless, i’m sure they have an incredibly busy and expensive year ahead of them.

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Can you list the times since they got together in 323 that Oliver has put Felicity first and prioritised her needs over everything else please?

Hi @queenpartyoftwo , the tone of your ask sounds like you’re less than impressed by Oliver as a romantic partner for Felicity. I may be reading that wrong (the written word can be tricky like that) so apologies if I am. 

I think Oliver has prioritised Felicity’s needs over time in their relationship. When she told him that they were over, he respected her right to see other people, even though it was clearly hard on him and he could have made it hard on her too. He put her need for distance above his need for closeness with her. For a long time. He returned to Star City in 401 even though he didn’t want to and yes, it was to help the city, but it was also because he knew Felicity wanted to return to that life. Oliver didn’t. 

He was incredibly supportive after her shooting, and yes, yes, I know the William lie thing - it was just shoehorned in there and never really fit the rest of the narrative. There was a reason why so many people reacted negatively to it and it just wasn’t because we needed Olicity to be together - it was bad storytelling. But that bit of clunky writing aside, Oliver put a lot of work into being attentive and giving Felicity whatever she needed during her recovery… not letting her resort to defence mechanisms like humour, even though I’m sure he’d have loved to think they were all just getting back to normal. He was very emotionally brave with her when she was in the wheelchair and that’s another reason why it was so jarring when he was doing the lying thing at the same time. Oliver also refused to let her go and save himself when they were hanging onto each other in that elevator shaft. He’d rather have died with her than even entertain the thought of letting her go. 

Oliver never cheated on Felicity. Never even looked like he was, and yes, I don’t think anyone should be given a gold star for fidelity, that should be understood in a relationship that was agreed to be monogamous.  But Oliver had a history of cheating - it’s how he coped with his insecurities and demons, even before the island. When things got tough, he turned to other women to distract him, kill the pain and fear he was feeling. Not with Felicity. Again, I’m not saying we should organise a parade for what amounts to being a decent human being, but it does speak to him priortising his old coping mechanisms over his desire to not hurt Felicity. He couldn’t manage that with LL, even though I think he did deeply love her at the time. Oliver’s instincts to run and kill pain with sex overcame him and he couldn’t find the strength to put LL and their relationship first over that need. 

So, there were many examples of Oliver putting Felicity’s needs first over his own IMO. But in saying that, I’m not for one moment suggesting Oliver was a perfect boyfriend. Heck, there were times when he wasn’t even a good friend. The same could be said for Felicity. This guy is a big old PTSD mess carrying survivor’s guilt and so many demons he could rent them out to folks looking to start their own personal hell. Oliver has been deeply damaged for all the time Felicity has known him. She’s been damaged as well from the abandonment of her father and then all the horrors that have come her way in the last 5 years. These two were far from being in any kind of emotional and psychological state to actually be good partners. 

It’s only now that they’re at a stage where they’re communicating in a truly honest way. It’s not that they didn’t want to before, they just weren’t properly equipped. Now, they are. But they’re still human. They’re still going to make bad calls, be bad partners, be bad friends. Being in love doesn’t perfect us into being all things to our partner at all times. Oliver will screw up with Felicity again, disappoint her, hurt her… and I have no doubt Felicity will do the same with Oliver. That’s why I love their love story because it’s about two very imperfect people working together to build a life together and learning how to tell each other what they need and let the other person know when they’ve failed them but still be able to build a way forward. 

But honestly, the biggest reason that Oliver hasn’t always put Felicity first is that that is the lot of a hero. There is a reason a lot of superheroes never marry or have long-term partners - at some point, the life they’ve chosen is going to have to take precedence over the ones that they love. Oliver will not always be able to put Felicity first because he’s chosen a life much bigger than their relationship. The same will go for Felicity. They have chosen to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves and sometimes that will be instead of fighting for the ones they love. Not all the time but it’s something all heroes have to address - that balance between the private and the public life. It’s what every serviceman and woman has to deal with when they leave their family behind to go to foreign soil to fight. Is that putting their families first? Or is it serving a greater good that is bigger than just their family? There are no easy answers for a life given in service. Sacrifices have to be made. That’s how you earn the title of hero. Oliver and Felicity will, at times, consistently put others in front of their relationship and that is something they’re going to have to work on and forge a path through that reality together. 

And that’s something I enjoy watching, people being very imperfect but not giving up and continuing to fight for one another and for themselves. :D

i restarted sims again, I made Will this time now idk if I should have Thea live in the loft and just spend the time making Oliver’s place, or build a bedroom in the loft to make it look like Oliver’s place and have Thea live somewhere else

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do you think aciman is elio or oliver in the book

I think he’s both. I feel like Aciman shares Elio’s voice and emotional reality, while also encompassing parts of Oliver’s biography and outlook on life, particularly Oliver’s view on parallel lives. 

I do think a lot about the lover who inspired the novel. Did he wear different coloured bathing suits and a billowy shirt? Did he visit Aciman one day while he was teaching? How am I supposed to sleep at night?