Oliver Shapiro

Victorious and Diversity


1) The main character is Female and Half Latina…

2) … And so is her sister

3) The Main Character’s best friend is black

4) While his other male friends are one Jewish…

5) … And an Half-Indian, Half-Canadian guy who’s also one of the coolest guys in school.

6) As for the remaining female characters, one is portrayed by an Actress of Italian Ethnicity, and is heard speaking Spanish and then at a second time Yiddish at some point in the Series…

7) … While the other one is heavily implied to be Bisexual.

The best part of all of this is that it wasn’t even intentional for this to happen.

As a Bonus Point: All characters have some kind of shitty relationship with their relatives (or just shitty parents in general), along with some kind of neuroses or problem and what can be possibly only described as a very fluid sexuality.

Terms You Didn’t Learn at Conservatory

*APPOLOGGIATURA*: A composition that you regret playing

*APPROXIMENTO*: A musical entrance that is somewhere in the vicinity of the correct pitch

*DILL PICCOLINI*: An exceedingly small wind instrument that plays only sour notes

*ALLREGRETTO*: When you’re well into the piece and realize you took too fast a tempo

*ANGUS DEI*: To play with a divinely beefy tone

*APPROXIMATURA*: Notes not intended by the composer, yet played with an “I mean that”


*CACOPHANY*:A composition incorporating many people with chest colds

*CORAL SYMPHONY*: A large, multi-movement work from Beethoven’s Caribbean Period

*FERMANTRA*: A note held over and over and over and over and …

*FERMOOTA*: A note of dubious value held for indefinite length

*FIDDLER CRABS*: Grumpy string players

*FLUTE FLIES*: Those tiny mosquitoes that bother musicians on outdoor gigs

*FRUGALHORN*: A sensible and inexpensive brass instrument

*GAUL BLATIER*: A French horn player

*GREGORIAN CHAMP*: Title bestowed upon the monk who can hold a note the longest

*GROUND HOG*: One who takes control of the bass line and won’t let anyone else play it

*PLACEBO DOMINGO*: A faux tenor

*SCHMALZANDO*: Music from the Guy Lombardo band

*RIGHT OF STRINGS*: Manifesto for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Violists

*SPRITZICATO*: An indication to string instruments to produce a bright and bubbly sound

*TEMPO TANTRUM*: What a school orchestra has when it’s not following the conductor

*TROUBLE CLEF*: Any clef one can’t read: e.g., alto clef for pianists

victorious characters as bloggers


-pretty lilac mobile theme

-aesthetique blogged w a decent amount of followers??

-reblogs photography a lot + pictures of peoples art journals

-still doesn’t 100% have the concept of tumblr down though so she doesn’t use tags. at all

-has a personal tag where she talks about school with the dialect of a middle aged mother

-blocks every porn blog. all of them.

-posts cute videos of her singing. jade heckles her in the tags when she rbs them


-bubble gum pink mobile theme

-everything is in caps???

-has literally no idea how to use tumblr @ all

-half of her posts are reblogs of her friends posts bc she forgets about the messaging tab

-the other half are all cute animals and her own nonsensical personal posts 

-everyone thinks she a crack/parody blog bc of how weird her shit is


-clearly put a lottttt of effort into coding her own theme but won’t admit it

-unironically ironically reblogs stuff like “and one day you’ll realize this was written with my blood”

-makes posts making fun of tori to which tori responds “im being CYBERBULLIED” but it only stays on her blog for like 36 hours at most

-punk aesthetic shit like doc martens + broken glass, edgy oil spill photography that only 13 year olds reblog

-black + green mobile theme

-her title is “welcome to my twisted mind” but it really is ironic she swears

-has one of those music players on her blog

-bio has ‘goth activist’ in it. nobody knows whether or not it’s serious. no one wants to.


-mobile theme is blue + white

-never bothered to get a code theme so it’s just the default and its fuck ugly

-doesn’t have a banner either

-most of it is just audio bits of his own music bc he doesn’t wanna be a soundcloud rapper douche

-rbs clothes he like a lot + expensive instruments he wants to own one day

-some of it is interacting w/ tori & rbing quotes about music, and Funny Tumblr Story shit


-is really really popular??

-black + gray mobile theme

-posts shirtless pictures of himself bc he hasn’t realized it’s douchey yet

-almost all of his posts are black+white aesthetic pictures of shit like well dressed men smoking on balconies + city skylines in monochrome

-reblogs old actors quotes about the craft of acting

-literally no personal posts. just edgy b&w photography aesthetic that’s all of it

-MOST minamalist theme in the world

-gets tons of teen girls asking for dick pics and he’s like “you know northridge”


-reblogs lots of sad, weird facts. usually about bugs

-his icon is a stock photo of some color swirl of electricity he got from google images

-mobile theme is gray and bright red but not in an emo way

-reblogs lots of quotes about intelligence and being in the friend zone

-is part of the puppetry fandom? which consists of 3 people?

-doesn’t quite get the grasp of tumblr tbh

-has 4 followers. 4. 

-posts poorly taken photos of him and rex that were very obviously taken from a computers webcam

-sends anons to advicey blogs asking why girls don’t like him

-anonymously flirts with cat and all of her answers are literally unintelligible.

-his bio is all of the lyrics to the iconic “broken glass”