Idiot with a dead wish

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Summary: Here is my fourth submission for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Ton. The prompt was out of place.

Felicity Smoak is a firm believer that her soulmate has a death wish. One night out with friends changes when her soulmate’s life is once again on the line she get’s nosy and ends up in the basement of Verdant and meets the head of the Bratva in Starling who helps her put an end to the search to find her soulmate.

Just like every other month when Catiline, Cisco, and Barry were in town for Star LABS. They would all go for a night out in Starling. Because Cisco was sick Barry and Caitlin had come up with the idea of bringing Iris and Ronny with them. Felicity new that she was going to be the fifth wheel but if Cisco would have come with she had at least someone to talk to and she would need a lot of alcohol to keep her sane when going out with her friends who already found their soulmate.

The only thing that didn’t make her call in sick for the night was that she was the one to pick the place to go this time and she had picked, Verdant. She had always wanted to go there even if it was on Bratva property but she didn’t care, she wanted to have a nice night out and that couldn’t if she didn’t have any alcohol in her system and had to fifth wheel with Barry, Iris and Caitlin and Ronny. At least she had to do something, find out why she was so drawn to Verdant.

Just as she had predicted, only five minutes in and she already ended up alone on her way to the bar while her friends were dancing somewhere in the in mends crowd of people that were on the dance floor. Just as she almost reached the bar the feeling of her chest collapsing was the thing that made her spurt to the bar even faster as if her soulmate thought it was a good time to almost die on her for the however many times he had before.

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I don’t care if it’s four months away I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR SEASON 6 OF ARROW. We’re gonna get: 

Oliver and Felicity together 

Daddy!Oliver in all his sexy glory 

Diggle! (Hopefully Lyla and JJ too) 


Rene and Zoe 

Please for the love of God can Roy be back so Thea can be happy 

And let’s not forget that there’s a 99.9999% chance that we’re getting this:

Originally posted by alstroemeriawildflowers

why the fuck is it that tv-show writers seem to think a ship can’t be interesting without a lot of break ups and drama like??? no! give me that healthy, long lasting relationship that is always there but not in the center of attention or the main storyline. i totally dig that, burry those nasty love-triangles deep deep down where nobody can find them ever again. please and thank you.