Take Your Breath Away Teasing Tuesdays

Felicity will learn that she cannot resist Oliver, not matter how hard she tries. Here’s the sneak peek for next chapter!

In two strides Oliver has her in his arms and his lips are over hers. She attempts to resist, but she can’t, and soon she has her arms wrapped around his neck as he kisses her.

“Stop, Felicity,” he hisses against her lips. “You need to accept it. We belong together. Admit it.“ 

Felicity tries to deny it, but Oliver kisses her again, cutting her rebuttal. His kiss is forceful and demanding. Overwhelming and exquisite. So fervent that it sets on fire each of her nerve endings, throwing an unstoppable wave of molten desire through her body. It takes her breath and will away. Helpless against such overpowering onslaught, Felicity loses with every beat of her frantic heart the will to fight Oliver. In the end, she surrenders.

“Tell me how much you want me. I need to hear it,” he demands in a growl.

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