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I can't wait for the next chapter of A Soul Lost at Sea... Please tell me the update is coming soon? If not it's okay... perfection takes time ;)

I’m so glad you are enjoying the story, and the update is coming soon!  My goal is this Saturday :)  In the meantime, here is a dialogue tease:

“Good Lord,” she breathed.  “This anticipation is killing me.  Please tell me what you intend to do with my body.  Please.”

“I get my mouth on you, you’ll never be the same.”

- Oliver Queen,  The Predator

@walker-oliciter​ just made these for the story. 


Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 5: Out of place

Words: 971

Tags: Attempt at Humour, Sexual Humour, Fluff  

Week 5 submission for the OHFAT hosted by @thebookjumper

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Notes:  I had SO much fun writing this!! I was going to go a completely different way with this prompt but when I sat down to write, I had this idea and all of a sudden, this just happened. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think when you’re done! :’)

“Can you come and pick me up, please?”

“Are you alright?”

“No, Oliver, it’s just not fair,”

“Honey, talk to me. Why are you crying right now?”

“I just wanted to have fun tonight and now I’m sitting in the bathroom crying and hoping no one finds me because then that would mean having to go back out there and I’m not sure I can do that because-”

“Felicity, where are you? Are you drunk? You sound drunk,”

“Of course I’m drunk. I’m very drunk. I had to get very drunk to get through… that. Everyone is just so pretty, Oliver. And all the girls have abs and long legs and perfect boobs and look like they could pick me up and throw me across the room without even breaking a sweat and I’m-”

“Wait, wait. Hold up. Where are you?”

“A strip club,”

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An Eye for Poetry - an Olicity fic

Summary: Oliver and Felicity make great use of the fridge magnets that they’d originally bought for their kids to play with.

Words: 1502

Notes: So my friend Brianna posted this tweet and I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about it since. So this happened. You’re welcome, Bri. I hope you all enjoy this! Please let me know what you think!  Thanks to @ghostfoxlovely for helping me pick names for the kids. I’ve literally never written a fic where they have kids before and I had no idea how stressful it can be.

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Waking up on Sunday morning was always bittersweet for Felicity Smoak.

It was nice because Oliver always took the kids to the park early so she could sleep in or get the house cleaned or read a book or do some work or whatever she felt like doing. So she was grateful, she really was.

But it also meant that almost every Sunday she woke up in an empty bed and the house was too quiet and both of those things never made her feel like doing much at all besides waiting for her family to come back.

She never thought she’d ever be one of those wives and moms who misses their family as soon as they leave her sight, but over the last 3 years, that’s exactly what she’d become. And it was especially bad on Sundays. She just didn’t have the heart to tell Oliver that she really wished he wouldn’t take the kids out so early. They all always came back so happy and excited and she knew they’d had a great time, Oliver included, and she just couldn’t bear to take that from them for her own purely selfish reasons.

Today, however, was different.

She’d woken up and rolled over to Oliver’s side, slipping her arms under his pillow and breathing in his scent, the way she always did when she woke up without him, only this morning, she’d found a note under the pillow. Grabbing her glasses excitedly she’d found that it was written on a piece of notebook paper that had been torn messily from the book and it was slightly sticky with… something, she assumed it was maple syrup or maybe juice from some strawberries, and it said;

Morning, mommy!
We left you a message on the refrigerator! And there’s pancakes on the table!
Love you,
Emilia & Isla

PS Daddy had nothing to do with this
PPS Daddy also said the pancakes would be cold by the time you woke up but Isla cried so we made them anyway. They’ll probably still taste good if you microwave them for 3 minutes.
PPPS Sorry about the kitchen. We were driving daddy crazy and he had to get us out of the door before he cried. He says he’ll clean it up as soon as he gets back and we’re taking naps.

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Tidbits about Season 6 from Heroes & Villans Fan Festival in Portland 2017

- Le he pedido a Stephen que me describa el capitulo 6x01 en tres palabras: Sentando las bases.

- Dos verdades y una mentira según Stephen Amell: 1. Habrá un único gran malo 2. Habrá un gran enfrentamiento entre Oliver y un miembro del equipo original 3. La identidad secreta de Green Arrow será descubierta.

- A Willa le gustaría que Colton volviese a Arrow, pero no hay nada planeado aún, especialmente debido a que Colton acaba de unirse a la serie American Horror Story.

- David dirigirá un capítulo de Arrow.

- David está interesado en ver a Thea como una villana. Willa también, aunque prefiere que sea uno de sus dobles.

- David Ramsey: “Creo que sería genial si el doble de Diggle tuviera un anillo de poder verde”

- “Stephen Amell ha leído el capítulo 6x01, yo no, y simplemente me ha dicho “Tío Diggle. Espero que no hayas comprado una casa” David Ramsey

- Stephen nos ha dicho que como grandes fans de Oliver y Felicity, cree que vamos a disfrutar de la sexta temporada.