Oliver Ekman-Larsson

The Proposal X Oliver Ekman- Larsson

“I just miss him so much. I hate to bother him when he is on road trips but I just feel like things have been getting so real lately. I mean we moved I together and I can honestly see a future with him,” you said to your best friend. The two of you were sitting in Oliver’s (correction your) living room talking. You missed Oliver so much and it was only day one of his week long road trip.
Oliver’s POV

I am only one day into the week long road trip and I already missed Y/N.  I miss her smile and the way she fits perfectly with me when we hug. I just wish that I could have brought her on this road trip with me.  I can’t imagine my life without her.  She is just so supportive and understanding of my career. She never complains when I go on the road and when I get back she is always waiting on the tarmac for me. Gosh do I miss her so much.
“I have been thinking of this for a while now but I think it is time that I actually do it. When we get home, I am going to propose to Y/N. I need her in my life for the rest on my life.”
“Dude how do you figure you are going to do that so quickly.”
“Well I was thinking …………………
Your POV
One week later

You were so happy that Oliver was finally home. When he got off the plane, you ran and jumped into his arms.  You have never been more excited to see him. You could tell that there was something up on him since he got home. Once you got in the car you decided to ask him, "What’s wrong babe,  you seem like you are hiding something.”
“God, Sometimes I hate that you know me so well. I can’t ever surprise you, can I. ”
“What are you talking about babe.”
“Well the team has decided to start having the player’s girlfriends, wives and families do the puck drops at home games and they have chosen you to do the puck drop at tomorrow’s home game.”
“Oh my god really. I would love to, babe. That sounds amazing. Why didn’t you just tell me.”
“I wanted it to be a surprise baby.”
“You are to sweet. How on earth did I deserve you.”
The next day you were waiting for your cue to walk out for puck drop and you began to feel nervous. You would be on display in front of hundreds of  fans as Oliver’s girlfriend. What if you messed up and tripped.
Oliver’s POV

It was almost time for puck drop and I could feel all my nerves whelm up in my stomach. I began to question what I would do if she said no. I don’t think she will say no but I cant imagine my life if she does. Maybe she isn’t ready for marriage and I’m moving too fast. But it’s worth the risk if she says yes.  I can see her standing in the tunnel waiting for them to announce her for the honorary puck drop tonight. Little did she know that that was just a cover for me to propose to he in front of hundreds of fans.
The announced her name and she walked out to centre ice. She looked stunning in my jersey that hugged her body just right. I could not wait to call this beautiful woman my wife. It was all I could think of for the last few months and it became even more prominent in mind in the last week. For the last week all I did in my down time was plan this proposal and boy was it going to perfect.
Your POV

They announced my name and I walked to centre ice. I waited for them to announce both captains to centre ice for the puck drop. I saw the other teams captain stand back and instead of Shane Doan coming to the centre circle it was Oliver. You were shocked. The lights went down and a spotlight was placed on you and Oliver. Your mouth dropped the second Oliver got down on one knee.
He then said, “My darling, you are a treasure that heaven has sent to me. These past few years have been wonderful and I cannot imagine living my life without. My beautiful love, will you do me the honor and make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife? My love, will you marry me?”
You couldn’t form words so you just nodded your head. You could not believe that he just proposed. Oliver immediately got of his knee and placed the ring on your finger before pulling you into a very passionate kiss. You then completed the puck drop and then the game begun.  


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