Well, we gotta get ‘em outta the way eventually, I guess. These demons, all originating from Devil Summoner, are some of the most unloved of all Kaneko’s legions…and probably for good reason. Let’s see if any are worthy of extra consideration.

  1. Inui (No. 044): Shouldn’t this guy have been hanging around SMTIV’s National Defense Divinities?
  2. Oliver (No. 086): Oliver is the ONLY diaper-wearing ape in the series. Such a standout.
  3. Kashiyama (No. 099): This scan will probably be the most attention anyone will ever give to Kashiyama.
  4. Killer Chopper (No. 128): Such a gangster!
  5. Tattoo Man (No. 233): Funny tattoo, dweeb. But how did it feel to be scraped off of the bottom of the barrel for your SMTIV appearance?
  6. Dzolob (No. 245): This thing is the worst non-original demon in the series. I will puke if it appears again.
  7. Bifang (No. 330): Bifang is the only one in this lineup who deserves another shot in a compendium. So of course we’ll get Dzolob first.
  8. Hooligan (No. 341): smdh @ this guy getting revived in SMTIV and not Stolas.
  9. Julia (No. 423): Fat-shaming exists in Shin Megami Tensei.
  10. Rastaman (No. 436): Hoooooo boy.


Felicity: Maybe there’s another way. 

Oliver: They have my sister. What other way is there?


Oliver: He had you and he was gonna hurt you. There was no choice to make.

Thea and Felicity: the two women in Oliver Queen’s life that he is willing to kill for. The two things he’s sure of even when he’s not sure of himself. When it comes to them, he will do whatever it takes.


a few days ago I went to the humane society and looked at some cats and I’m going back tomorrow

there was a little male black kitten who was really adorable. I hope he’s still there when I go back

if he’s there I’m going to get him and name him Kuro

I can’t take care of myself, but i’ll take care of you||Oliver&Amelia

( olvkeys )

The had sex. Amazing sex. Like the best sex they’ve had in two years sex. And that was it. Just sex. Nothing more nothing less. She went back to her dorm showering afterwards before laying down in her bed with just her towel wrapped around her. She stayed on her bed like that for about an hour knowing Caroline was used to seeing Amelia just lay in bed like this. She was on her phone texting her mom, explaining briefly about the breakup.

Amelia had heard a knock on her door which caused her to perk up quickly wrapping the towel back around her body before setting her phone down on the bed and walking up the door. She creaked it open for a second to look who it was only to see a bloody faced Oliver. Her eyes opened wide, “What the hell happened to you?” Her voice cracked slightly at her words as she reached with one hand to pull him in the room before shutting the door behind them. 

Amelia told him to sit before she walked up to him getting a better look at his face. “Jesus, who the fuck fucked you up this badly?” She grabbed his chin gently with the hand that wasn’t holding up her towel to turn and look at the other side of his face. “Let me get dressed and we’ll clean you up” she said before walking over to her closet opening the door before dropping her towel and grabbing a tshirt before pulling on a pair of panties. After doing so she walked back up to Oliver with the towel she had thrown on the floor gently rubbing it over some of the bloody spots on his face.


A year has passed since the first #SaveInTheFlesh Social Media Sunday. BBC3 cancelled the series and the fandom was left with many unanswered questions. There are three main questions we want to know:

  1. Will Kieren become human again? 
  2. Why did Nina and Oliver dug out Amy’s body?
  3. What were the Undead Prophet’s true motives in leading the ULA? 

Add your own questions to the list! 

We need season 3 to answer all these questions. We need ITF to find a new home:

Petition to save “In The Flesh” on Amazon Prime

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"Arrow" season 3 in a nutshell
  • Oliver:I must fight Ra's al Ghul
  • Felicity:hoe don't do it
  • Oliver:*get's stabbed through the chest*
  • Felicity:oh my god
  • * * *
  • Oliver:I should team up with Malcolm
  • Felicity:hoe don't do it
  • Felicity:oh my god
  • * * *
  • Oliver:I need to join the league of assassins
  • Felicity:hoe don't do it
  • Oliver:*joins league*
  • Felicity:oh my god you motherfu--
  • Thea:Hey where's mom?