The Very Same Munchausen (Тот самый Мюнхгаузен) (1979) 

One of the best soviet movies. One of my favorites. Smart, full of life, touching and very very sad. Not depressing though but life-asserting. And I always want to cry in the end. Always. But we must smile, gentlemen, smile.


Scene from the ending of a brilliant - probably the best - USSR film ‘ Swift’s House’

Heart is bursting, dabbling red blood
Or is it just grated carrot?
Ah, believe me, that’s the same.
Anyway the same pain’s throbbing.
Is it anger, is it loving?
Heart is dying, what a shame.

And the dolls are shedding hot tears,
Smiling clowns are juggling pig’s ears,
The whole circus is ablaze!
And the crowd applauds and roars
While the actors switch their roles.
Show goes on, that’s just new phaze.

But through all the years and greasepait
Yet unseen, illusive and faint,
Either wicked or divine,
Grim or funny, silent, loud,
Comes to light, to cheering crowd
The creator’s pure design

Transformations, tricks, deceptions,
Dwarves and giants, shades, reflections..
Who’s the author, who’s to blame?
And the sounds are fading out,
And the mask is falling down,
But there’s one more underneath,
And there’s one more underneath,
And there’s more and more and more and more..

Dialogue in the middle of the song:

- I am to die this midnight.
- As always?
- No, not quite. This is the last performance, it has to be special. Act your sorrow even funnier than usually, and when I stagger, you shall all scream.
- And me, too?
- All of you.
- I screamed once. I’m a lilliputian, nobody will hear me anyways.
- Doesn’t matter. In such moments you scream for yourself, not for the others.