“Flug, stay away.”

Venting through my aus again

I’ll try to sleep now.

“Racism, stereotypes, sexism, homophobia. All these problems are still going to be there, but what’s cool about having three million followers on Twitter is that you have the power to tell people that there are problems in the world and how to help. Go on a march, sign petitions. Having that power is really cool. I’m not really sure that I’m a role model yet, because I’m not exactly old. But it’s cool to have kids looking up to you.”

Finn Wolfhard for i-D Magazine, 2017

A 17-year old Frida Kahlo poses for a family photo wearing a traditional gentleman’s 3-piece suit, 1924

I am tired of y'all sleeping on Wynonna Earp!! It’s everything that Supernatural and Supergirl should have been!!!

The main 6 characters of Wynonna Earp:

• A pregnant badass lead
• Her adorable queer sister
• That sister’s kickass girlfriend
• Handsome, strong black mentor
• Gay Indian genius
• Token Straight White Guy (but he’s like 200 years old and has a cool mustache)

Season 1 is on Netflix and season 2 only gets better. It’s all on Sci-fi, PLEASE watch it!!

hooray-anime  asked:

you think adam driver looks 38?

Adam Driver looks differant every damn time I look at him, I don’t know what I think

^ 17 and a half year old trying to look cool with his water in a wine glass with his older sister and her friends

^ A 38 year old lumberjack from Alaska who got on the news for winning the lottery

^ a 25 year old who regrets not finishing highschool as he resents his bus driver job

^ this middle aged man wrote a self help book about how to succeed in the corporate market

How I see the Dragon Age protagonists
  • Hero of Ferelden: "I tried to help a cool old dude save the day and now some asshole has a bounty on me. I want revenge but sure, I'll save the world while I'm at it."
  • Champion of Kirkwall: "Oops. Fuck. Fuck! Shit. Didn't mean to do that. Guess we're doing this now. I totally meant for that to happen. Yeah, I'm totally a hero... GODDAMNIT, ANDERS, I SAID NO!"
  • Inquisitor: "I got lost on my way to the bathroom at the Conclave and now I'm in charge of a political movement and my hand glows. *deep breath* OKAY, I GUESS."
  • DA4 Protagonist(probably): "I did not make this mess. I did not ask for this. Who said I can handle this? That liar. ALRIGHT, EVERYONE! CALM. THE. FUCK. DOWN."