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imagine antis in the yugioh community "Puzzleshipping is problematic because Atem is several thousand years older than Yuugi!" "Foilshipping is abusive!" (which everyone fucking knows, there was like a whole arc of it, and it being canon and abusive) "Keyshipping is incest!"(i mean yeah, but it's also canon and like one of them is made of space angel magic so????) "Soulshipping is pedophilia!" (yubel is fucking trading card THEY DON'T HAVE A FUCKING AGE) the concept is hilarious to me????

I’m just sitting here thinking of my old fanfiction and like. Some of it involved Mokuba, who I at least thought was like 10 (I have no idea how old he actually is, I can’t remember for shit) so if antis came up to me and started with their “that’s pedophilia!!” shit I’d just go “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ k whatever, the fuck are you gonna do about it?” I have no idea if antis are even crawling around that fandom but I don’t hear anything about it so there’s that -mod taint

I have a window of opportunity this morning, better grab it! I’m pretty sure the scanner will kill the quality of this. Even taking a picture of it doesn’t do this much justice. But here is my traditionally colored drawing of older Yuugi! Done with Prismacolor pencils. I am going to practice a little more with them another time, but I still really like these pencils. They are the best possible quality; I hated any other color pencil cause I just didn’t like the quality lol

I may scan this later and see what it looks like, but for now I have this. I am going to work on different things this weekend. This morning I have a headache to nurse lol I think I slept weird so my muscles are all stiff. It’s almost mid June already and Metrocon is sneaking up on me, I need to make my cosplay a priority over everything else XD