I have a window of opportunity this morning, better grab it! I’m pretty sure the scanner will kill the quality of this. Even taking a picture of it doesn’t do this much justice. But here is my traditionally colored drawing of older Yuugi! Done with Prismacolor pencils. I am going to practice a little more with them another time, but I still really like these pencils. They are the best possible quality; I hated any other color pencil cause I just didn’t like the quality lol

I may scan this later and see what it looks like, but for now I have this. I am going to work on different things this weekend. This morning I have a headache to nurse lol I think I slept weird so my muscles are all stiff. It’s almost mid June already and Metrocon is sneaking up on me, I need to make my cosplay a priority over everything else XD

We never used to fear the thunderstorms that blew across the valley. They were welcomed on the very hot summer evenings to cool the air and quench the thirst of growing crops in the fields. Not anymore. Not since the Sky Beast began to appear. I knew that eventually our town would be hit. We knew what to expect from reports from further away towns. Some thought we were prepared, having some of the most skilled Casters around. Grandpa knew better. He told me not to grow complacent, and of course I listened. Whenever a storm brewed, instinctively I braced myself for what might be coming. And when that fated day finally did come, no amount of training could have really prepared us for the events that unfolded…

I have been quiet since I got home because I really wanted to draw this and I was in zone lol Something from my Dragon Keeper AU. It has been a long time since I’ve done a detailed background, it’s not even that detailed tbh. I still need to finish chapter two. I am still making this up as I go, it’s fun that way. I don’t know what will happen next. Drawing an older Yuugi is always a joy~ Also made some changes to his outfit for this, I like it better. I really like his jacket especially. Alright, this is all I have for the day. It may be some time before I can get anything else like this done, this weekend is going to be kinda crazy and I can feel my cramps getting worse..sooo, I’ll pretty much be rendered useless for the rest of the week anyway lol