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I've noticed up until now, the pattern has been "Intro to Upcoming Plane" Duel Decks (Izzet vs Golgari) > "Previous Planeswalker Duel" Duel Decks (Sorin vs Tibalt) > Intro again (Heroes vs Monsters) why Blessed vs Cursed before Ugin vs Sorin or w/e?

The old system was when we only had one block a year. Now that there are two, we get two preview Duel Decks.


alycia debnam carey vs the Pusscat Dolls first album
⤷ or a possible reason she failed t h r e e times 

bonus:marie avgeropoulos & lindsey morgan driving like Responsible Adults


On September 14th 1972, after stopping at a bus stop Edmund Kemper would pick up his third victim, 15 year old Aiko Koo.

He drove her to a remote location outside Santa Cruz, explaining to her that she had just been kidnapped. Koo became hysterical, but Kemper tried to maintain her trust, telling Aiko: I was gonna kill myself and take you with me, but now I just wanna talk.

Surprisingly, Kempers method of manipulation worked and the two would start having a conversation, mainly negotiating.  

When Kemper got out of his car to get something out of the trunk, he accidentely locked himself out.

The mistake Koo would make showed to be deadly. She let Kemper back in the car, unlocking the door for him, at the same time showing how convincing he could be.

As soon as they touch the handle of my car, their life is mine, Kemper once said.

After rendering Aiko unconcious he would rape her and then strangle her with her own scarf. Later dismembering her body at his apartment and scattering Aiko Koos remains in various deserted locations.