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Do you have any other hcs for the squip squad swimming? That rich one was so adorable.

-Chloe has a really cute old fashioned style two piece, with like, the high waisted bottoms. She spends the entire time lounging in a pool ring with big huge glasses
-Rich n Jake & Michael n Jeremy play chicken. The winner plays Brooke n Jenna.
-Jenna has a really huge, really cute sun hat that she never fails to bring to the pool.
-Rich and Jeremy both burn really really easily. Christine constantly reminds them to put sunblock on. Jeremy is pretty good at remembering, but Rich Always Gets Burned.
-Swimming feels really good on Jake’s legs so he loves to do it. If he gets tired though, he floats around with like, 5 pool noodles supporting him.
-Michael will snatch pool noodles from under Jake and smack people on the head with them.
-Brooke and Jake both get really light freckles on their cheeks after being in the sun for a really long time that you can only see if you get really close.
-Rich is tiny but makes the biggest splash with his cannonball.
-One time someone pushed Jenna into the water without realizing she had her phone, and before she fell in, she tossed the phone to the side and saved it. No one tries to push her in anymore but everyone is surprised by her reflexes.
-Jeremy picks everyone up in the water. “Look, Brooke, Im finally strong enough to carry you!!”
-Christine scoops Jake up a lot.
-Jake, Michael, Jenna, and Christine dont really burn, just tan. It probably also helps that they’re all Really Good at remembering sunblock.
-While Rich spits pool water at everyone through his tooth gap, Christine and Brooke are the best at splashing people when they least expect it. They team up and ambush their friends.
-Rich jumped into the pool once while holding Jake bridal style and they clonked their heads together really hard and had big bruises on their foreheads the next day but couldn’t stop laughing about it when they came up for air.
-Jenna was on dive team when she was younger and knows a lot of intricate dives. She tries to show her friends, and Brooke catches on the best. Rich is pretty good at them too.
-Jake can’t go up on the diving board because of his legs, but he always yells scores out after his friends dive. He gave Michael a 5 once, and Michael splashed water up his nose.
-POOL NOODLE FIGHTS!!!!!! They get fucking wild.
-They see how many of them they can fit on one of those big turtle floaties. One time, they successfully all squish onto it…for like, 5 seconds.

Dean’s not a teenager anymore. He can’t go all night like he used to, and he can no longer contort his body into whatever shape might heighten all the sensations. Sex has become more traditional.

And you fucking love it.

Because Dean’s not in a hurry to just get to the ‘good stuff’ now. He lingers, tongue dipping into every hollow, fingernails tickling over every curve, raising goosebumps and making your blood heat up in your veins.

Dean studies you, stares and appreciates, drags those full lips over everything, then flips you over and does it again. This is the part he enjoys now, and there’s plenty of time for him to taste and tease. It gets you sweaty and breathless, clawing at the sheets, wondering how he knows that you’re sensitive in exactly that spot, where he learned to recognize which of your moans means “keep going” and which means “right there, do it again”.

Tonight, he settles in for good, old fashioned missionary style, but there’s nothing boring about it. He goes slow, thrusting deep enough to make you shake beneath him, and his mouth is still everywhere, wet and smacking against your skin in the sweetest, can’t stop touching you way.

It’s not kinky and it’s not a marathon.

But damn if you don’t come as hard as you ever have.

And he’s got his fingers laced through yours the whole time.

the kind who asks you for a little sugar [zimbits neighbors au]

When Jack moved into the plain, white house on Maple Street, he wasn’t expecting much except the peace and quiet he needed to write his next novel. Most of the neighbors were elderly or wrapped up in their young-parent bubble, too busy to notice the quiet, serious man now living in the late Mr. Ripley’s house. And Jack preferred it that way.

Every house on the street seemed a part of the scenery to Jack, weathered and simple with neat yards and the occasional rocking chair or wind chimes on the porches. Every house, that was, but his next door neighbor.

The house to the left of Jack’s was a buttery yellow color, the yard divided between garden and eclectic statues of rabbits and butterflies and other ridiculous things. The mailbox was covered in painted sunflowers and a faded pride flag hung in the window. It made Jack uneasy, knowing his neighbor was probably some overzealous, middle-aged lady who owned several cats and healed her colds with crystals. With one last look at the house and the pie that sat to cool on the windowsill, Jack wrinkled his nose and returned to his own home.

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Time Past (Harry Hook)

Part 2/? of Giving Up For Happiness

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Original Prompt: Hi!! Can I get a imagine where the reader is the daughter of the queen of hearts and her boyfriend is Harry Hook but she went to Auradon with Evie,Mal, Carlos, and Jay The first time and she comes back when Ben is in danger and when it’s time to go back she brings Harry Hook with her to live in Auradon with her??? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense but I like the idea of it and I hope you can do it! Thank you!!!!

Part 1 if you haven’t read it 

“Well, maybe it’s for the best,” Harry told you and released your hand from his. You stared up at him. “I think this is a great time for you actually. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time Y/N, but I don’t love you. What we had isn’t real. Go to Auradon and meet a Prince, someone fit for a heartless Princess such as yourself.”

He cleared his throat and walked away from you toward Uma and out the back door of the restaurant. He could hear you calling after him but he wouldn’t look back. He wouldn’t let himself be the reason that you don’t find peace and happiness away from this Isle, away from your mother.


Six months later, you were happily adjusted to Auradon Prep, currently being fitted by Evie for Cotillion. “Hey Evie, do you ever miss the Isle?” you asked her, facing the window as you looked to the Isle of the Lost, your old home.

“Not in the slightest, Y/N. Hold still, I need to shorten your train before tonight,” Evie mumbled with a pin in her mouth. You sighed and she looked up from your hem. The dress was long and flowy, a rich mahogany color with black lacing on the neck and chest. It was perfect, but the idea of going to an event made your skin crawl. “Did you decide who you were going to take as a date?”

Evie looked up at you for a moment, watching your face fall. “I’m sorry Y/N, I forgot. Have you heard from Harry at all?” she asked and you shook your head.

“All my letters were returned with a pirate’s cross on them. He won’t speak to me,” you told her and frowned, “Ow,” you yelped, the needle in her hand accidentally pricking you. “Maybe he never loved me after all,” you looked down and Evie dropped your hemline.

“Don’t think that way,” Evie’s hands were on her hips. “Harry Hook may have been the most devious and awful creature of the Isle, he loved you. He only ever wanted your happiness,” Evie grasped your hands and helped you off the stool you stood on.

“Then why did he make me leave my happiness,” you grumbled as Evie pushed your shoulders back and slapped your chin to lift it.

“Perfect, you look like a queen. This may be my best design yet,” Evie complimented and smoothed out the skirt of your gown. “Maybe he made you leave to save you from the Isle, he couldn’t have been being selfless you know. C’mon, let’s go show Mal your dress.”

The two of you walked down the corridors to Mal and Evie’s bedroom. When you opened the door, Mal was gone, only a folded-up piece of paper on her pillow. Her clothes had been removed from the wardrobe and her leather jacket was missing. Even her mother was gone. “Y/N, she’s gone back to the Isle,” Evie announced, reading the note.

“Oh no, we’ve gotta go tell Ben.” Ben was going after her, but Ben couldn’t go by himself. You, Evie, Jay and Carlos decided to join him, knowing your way around the Isle. After changing out of your gown and into your street clothes that you’d thrown to the bottom of the trunk.

A red leather and black jacket, floral mesh black and red dress and high heel boots. You placed her crown to your head and fluffed and teased out your head. If you were going home, you were going in your old fashioned royal style. You met the VKs outside by the limo and hoped in the back. When you all arrived at the entrance of the tunnel, a wave of nausea overcame you. Slamming your car door shut, you grasped the edge, your eyes glazing over as memories overtook you.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Ben asked quietly from behind you.

“We should-, we should get moving.” You stuttered, shaking off the feeling and moving toward the opposite direction from the tunnel.

“What’s wrong?” Ben turned to ask Jay as Evie fixed Ben’s beanie. Jay sighed and watched as Carlos raced after you, not wanting you to be alone when you had just come back.

“Ben, I don’t think you know this but when you chose us five to come to Auradon, not all of us were happy to leave everything here behind when we left. Y/N was dating someone who pretty much turned his back on her. She didn’t want to go because he wasn’t one of the invited but he told her to go and broke things off. She was heartbroken,” Jay explained as they followed the pair into downtown.

“I didn’t realize that by not picking everyone that it would cause distress to those I didn’t pick,” Ben sighed as he smiled at a VK walking past. The VK growled at him and Ben was pulled back by Evie. The three began to explain how to blend in on the Isle to Ben and Y/N moved up ahead to find the old hideout house.

“Well, I’ll be,” you heard from behind you, making you freeze and turn around to see Gil grinning at you. “I could recognize that letter jacket anywhere Ms. Heart.”

“Gil,” you smiled in bliss. “I missed you,” you rushed into his waiting arms and hugged him as he spun you around.

“I’ve miss you too! You know, Uma and Harry gang up on me a lot now that you’re-, oh! Harry! He’ll be so happy that you’re here. C’mon, we’ve gotta go see him,” Gil shouted excitedly, pulling you in the direction of the docks.

“No Gil, I can’t,” you stopped him, placing a hand on his as the others caught up to you. “I don’t think I can handle more rejection from him,” you told him as you moved to your friends.

“Wait, aren’t you King Ben?” Gil asked, dumbfounded.

“On second thought, Gil, I’d love to see the dock,” you told him as you moved to his side and began to pull him away.

“Well, I’ve gotta run some errands for Uma but I can take you after! Will you be here a while? Are you back for good? Harry would love if you were back for good, he can’t stop talking about you,” Gil told you as your eyes saddened.

“I’ll be here,” you mumbled, pointing up to your loft above your head. “Come find me, yeah?” He nodded excitedly and jumped in joy and he ran away. Ben had already come back down, telling you that Mal wasn’t coming back to Auradon. As you watched Evie try to reason with Mal, you and Carlos agreed that you should let her have a few hours to calm down. As you turned around to check on Ben, you didn’t see him.

“Ben? This isn’t funny! Don’t scare us,” you yelled out, seeing his shadow coming toward you.

“Scare you? But that’s my specialty,” Harry’s cold voice echoed through the empty halls.

“Harry Hook,” you gasped as his eyes stared into your soul. “I see your eyeliner’s gotten darker. Wanting to match your soul?” you asked with a bite, adjusting your leather jacket.

“Still going right for the heart, aye Princess?” Harry cooed.

“Where’s the King?” you rolled your eyes at his comment and ignored it.

“Oh, he’s been kidnapped,” he looked up at the lofts. “Tell Mal that Uma wants to speak to her at Fish & Chips this evening. Alone.” He turned to you, his eyes piercing yours with an intensity that made your cheeks heat up. “As fur you lass, let’s have a chat upstairs, aye?” he nodded toward the stairs and stepped toward you.

Jay stepped infront of you defensively, his large arms crossed over his chest. “She’s not going anywhere with you,” Jay announced, cracking his knuckles, then his neck. Harry grinned wildly as he accepted the challenge.

“I think the lass can make her own decisions,” Harry stated, chest out, toned arms back in a ready position. You stepped between the two of them in a sigh, throwing a rock at the sign that opened the door to your home as you did so.

“That’s rich, coming from you,” you drew out the ou, pouting your red lips as you glanced back at him. “I’ll be in my loft guys,” you grasped Carlos and Jay’s shoulders before hugging Evie quickly and descending up the stairs, the argument that you’ve spent months planning ready to be unleashed on the boy in red behind you.

More to come, let me know what you think <3