Old Salem photography drama

Up at OSF this week! So gorgeous! Lots of beautiful photo ops, and I have to say, after hearing about James Parker bitching about Meg at… Taking photos for her blog at this show, a young girl just doing her thing, not at all trying to steal his business… I don’t care if he takes the most beautiful photo of my horse and I that I’ve ever seen, I sure as hell am not buying anything from his company ever again. Ridiculous.

The First Americans to Observe the 4th Were Moravian Pacifists

Moravian settlers in NC were the first Americans to officially celebrate the 4th of July. But they weren’t partying in honor of military victory. They were thanking God for peace.

This celebration happened in the Salem Square, just steps from our classes and residence halls! We even have a plaque (or two!) commemorating this monumental event in 1783! George and Martha Washington also stayed and dined at the Tavern in 1791, which is just down the road in Old Salem (they have some ah-mazing Moravian chicken pie, among other items). :)