Had a good weekend with my 17 year old. We painted her room and put together a bunch of furniture for her. My relationship with her seems to be improving, she is going to have her friends over in a couple of weeks. I feel blessed!


Goodwill was EXTRA good to me today.
- Purple linen short + shirt combo (vintage Nordstrom)
- light pink linen dress
- perfect length jean snap up dress
(Not pictured: olive green old navy shirt and old overalls with paint spots on them).


For an ongoing project entitled Great Masters Having Great Times, Brazillian-born Lorenzo Castellini walks the streets of São Paulo, inserting paper cutouts of iconic paintings into photos of the city and its residents. Using tiny pieces of paper and his camera held at just the right angle, suddenly Vincent van Gogh himself is standing outside a restaurant, Medusa is lounging on a couch, Venus poses demurely with the Shell logo swapped for her giant scallop shell, and Jesus is dashing to catch the train.

Featuring works by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Henri Matisse, Albrecht Dürer, and René Magritte just to name a few, it’s surrealist air collage and it’s delightfully awesome.

Even one of Dalí’s melting clocks makes an appearance:

Castellini began his project earlier this month with the simple goal of making people laugh and it has since blossomed into a very popular Instagram feed.

Follow art.lies on Instagram to check out many more of Castellini’s whimsical air collage photos and keep up with the latest additions to the series.

[via Junkculture]