Gregory Peck photographed on the set of The Yearling  (Clarence Brown, 1946)

‘I just do things I really enjoy. I enjoy acting. When I’m driving to the studio, I sing in the car. I love my work and my wife and my kids and my friends. And I think, “You’re a lucky man, Gregory Peck, a damn lucky man."’


Are you working on anything related to Reddington? Is anybody?

Agents Ressler & Gale > Episode 4.18 Philomena

Ressler: “He flipped.  Nobody is looking for Reddington because he already turned himself in.”

Gale: “That right there? That’s why I love you.  Because you are a crazy son of a bitch.”

Ressler: “Well what can I say?  I’m here to amuse.”


vm rewatch � 3x08 Lord of the Pi’s