Old people


suner3 submitted:

old people on social media in real life. Something like you would see in /r/oldpeoplefacebook.

here’s a video showcasing the wonders of old people on the internet

The Waffenlauf

The Waffenlauf is a type of Swiss marathon where every current or former soldier can participate. They are required to carry an army rifle (such as the K31, Stgw 57 and Stgw 90) and their uniform.

Pictured is the all time champion Albrecht Moser, that won this competition over 50 times while carrying his old K31 and his old army uniform.

  • McCree: Uhh, what're you two doing?
  • Hanzo: Young Hana insisted that I play one of her computer games with her.
  • D.Va: It's not on a computer! Stop calling it a computer game!
  • McCree: Well what is it then?
  • D.Va: It's a-
  • Hanzo: Ah ha! I know! It's a Wiitendo!
  • McCree: Oh yeah! I know that!
  • D.Va: That's not a thing!
  • McCree: An X-Station?
  • D.Va: No.
  • Hanzo: A Play Box!
  • D.Va: Why do you two put me through this hell!?