I’m extremely proud to have taken part in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation’s diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds! #LoveWins Thank you @oldnavy

When you want to see if your content has been reblogged for the right reasons...

Spent the last can’t even say or so going through the reblogs.  I didn’t anticipate the Old Navy entry to be so popular, but I’m glad it was.  And for the most part, the feedback was positive: 

But then…there were some that weren’t as fun. Let’s start with @lvna-m0th:

The “JFC” portion gave me pause, but please let me breakdown why the othr pairings don’t apply at the moment:

Sashbraham and Gleggie don’t have children (yet).  Carol and Tyrese were not a coupe, and Tyrese was only babysitting Judith, not adopting her…The Old Navy ad (the original one) had a black mother, a black son, and a white father (who adopted said child). This is the exact same dynamic that is happening with the Grimes family.  Except here, we have Michonne stepping in as the parental figure to white children (which is a rare thing to see.  Many props to The Flash | Joe West who raised Barry Allen, a nearly orphaned kid who saw some lightning zipping around his later deceased/murdered mother, into a decent, kind, focused, successful and well adjusted man).

Then there was @does-not-belong:

What seems forced about Rick and Michonne, exactly?  And what does Jessie have to do with it?  You do know there’s a two month time gap, right?  And that Rick had feelings for Michonne before Jessie, yeah?  And why refer to Michonne as a [lefthand] “man”?  Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t mean she reminds you of a man, but it feels a bit Freudian-slippish.  When has her character been reduced due to her relationship with Rick?  I know her screentime was downsized due to Danai kicking ass in the writing/producing arena, but not because she’s worthy of being the lead’s love interest, so you’ll have to explain that to me.

Look.  What y’all fail to understand is how revolutionary this all is.  Michonne is not a stereotype; she is not just the muscle; she is not asexual/undesirable; she is not just a love interest.  I don’t know how many times/ways I can break this down for you, and frankly it’s exhausting.  

But you may want to give pause and see why this pairing irks you so, and why Michonne is only good enough to swing a damn sword.

Can we pleeeeeeease stop this habit of calling racists, “trolls”? They’re not just trying to push buttons, they genuinely HATE people of color……Plus, calling it “trolling” completely waters down the situation and makes it seem like this doesn’t exist beyond the Internet. These are the same exact people who go on shooting sprees inside black churches and think all “Mexicans” are rapists. Let’s call a spade a spade.

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