Haven’t worn this dress in a while! I didn’t think it would fit because I’ve been wearing larges lately and this is a medium. Sizes are funny things. *shrug* But I’m glad it fits because it’s one of my faves!

Jeremy and I have been without a church for some time now. We took a break from the hunt but we are beginning again today. It shouldn’t be so hard to find a place to worship and learn with fellow believers, but it seems to be. I am praying that we can have open hearts not blocked by cynicism and bad attitudes.

If you were at Apple, nobody would say, ‘Let’s relaunch the iPhone 6.’ People would laugh, and say that’s crazy. But that’s what happens in the fashion industry. If you keep competing with generic products, and a higher and higher discount, you’re going to lose. If Apple doesn’t continuously refresh its products and make them current, they’re dead. And that would happen here as well.
—  Stefan Larsson, the head of Old Navy, on turning the retailer around.