Old Ideas World Tour


The Camp Cohen Good Times Blues Appreciation Band got together for a quick throw down this saturday before parting ways for the weekend. It’s only the first week and everyone is having a hoot.

A quick note from everyone here at Camp Cohen

First off, a warm thank you to everyone who has stopped by, we logged over 23,000 page views in May which is not bad at all for a first month in the woods.

Goodnight May, Hello June.

Our LA based Camp Cohen crew is now working full steam to prepare for the first day (04JUN2012) of full-band pre-season training camp. With an eye towards the bands first gig of the tour later this year in Ghent, there is mountain of work to do in just a couple short months; but don’t worry, we have a crack team of experts to handle all the logistics. So please stay tuned to the Camp Cohen blog for updates and we’ll keep singing our songs.

 - Camp Cohen ~ 03JUN2012

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Alex Bublitchi in just a quick minute to warm up the wood

Exclusive: Leonard Cohen’s new recording of ‘Joan of Arc’

On May 12, Leonard Cohen will release his third album since last September. Titled Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour (you can pre-order it here), the album consists of 10 songs recorded during various soundchecks on his recent Old Ideas world tour.

CBC Music is pleased to debut the first track from the album, a reimagined version of the Cohen classic “Joan of Arc.” The song was recorded during the Bard of Montreal’s stop in Quebec City on the tour, and features the vocal work of his longtime backup singer, Hattie Webb.


The Guests - Live in Madrid, October 5th 2012.