Old Greg

What we learned in: Beach City Drift
  • Steven can do a pretty good 80′s Action hero impression.
  • Greg unintentionally reminds himself that he is OLD
  • Greg had other nonhuman relationships before meeting Rose
  • Kevin is still a Royal Douche Bag and Steven has the utmost Hatred toward him from being stevonnie
  • Steven defending his Dad for being called grandpa (I mean at least  have Steven and Connie get married and have kids first)
  • Kevin can only remember twerps
  • Fusions can not drive a stick
  • Ronaldo is a petrol head
  • Kevin has a tumblr knowledge of what a fusion is
  • GO Stevonnie! GO Setvonnie! GO Stevonnie GO!
  • this is the first time that steven and connie had an unwarented thing
  • Kevin has to come to terms that he is the one obcessed with stevonnie. for whatever reason that is.