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Kill La Kill Vs. Blue Exorcist

I love that anime with the hotheaded, orphaned youth 

with a history of starting fights

Whose father (who they never got along with) was killed after giving them a magical blade 

and an unusually, sentient sidekick

So they swear vengeance

And they go to a school of superhumans in the hopes of finding and defeating the killer

They have a sibling who is crazy powerful and has an important role in the school

They are helped by a mysterious teacher at the school who seems to know more than they let on and wants to “test their abilities” and is secretly an undercover spy who knew their father

and has a disguise

They make friends with a shy, quirky girl with a bowl cut (who becomes a potential love interest)

They butt heads with an olive skinned guy in a mohawk who thinks they’re trouble

and a tsundere girl with an unusual hair color

And when the hero fights, they undergo a shocking transformation which includes them getting horns on their head

And when battling a creepy-innocent-yet-strangely powerful enemy

They turn into an out-of-control-monster

But get calmed down by their love interest

And the main villain is a psycho that fuses with other life forces who wants to destroy the world


I am not even gonna bother apologizing. I’m officially categorizing myself as a slow poster. Here you go! More Sugurin / Bonrin / Rinbon / Ryurin whatever you wanna call it! These last few episodes have been REALLY FLIPPING GOOD.

Hope you like! :D

ps. I’ve been going crazy testing out CPS! It was really fun making this. Now I just need to draw some flipping Oc’s for crying out loud. Also, no, I have not forgotten about the other Bonrin drawing ;) stay tuned.