Request for my sweet @vongrell! (´∀`)♡
It’s supposed be cute but it is dramatic… (;´Д`) I promise you the next art will be more positive and charming! へ(´д`へ)
Kuro in the human form is very cool to draw!

Rin and Bon

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AU head cannons for the twins being raised by Yuri

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(this was a request)

  • Yuri would’nt of hidden the truth about the twins true nature
  • Rin’s power still would of been sealed, but drawn so he can be comfortable
  • She raises them to learn that demons and humans can coexist in harmony 
  • So Yukio would of never developed feelings of hate towards Rin
  • They would live in a small but homelike apartment just outside of central Tokyo
  • She’d adore her little boys and would document every aspect of their lives
  • Such as first days of school, first wobbly tooth, first steps, first words
  • She’d tell them about Satan, but wouldn’t say much other then he is their father
  • She want’s them to know, she thinks they have the right
  • Yuri wouldn’t go into detail about it but if the twins had any questions she’d answer as honestly as she could
  • Lets face it,Yukio would be such a mommy’s boy
  • They would be raised along side Hobgoblins and Golems
  • They helped raise the boys along with Yuri
  •  Rin and Yukio are always delighted to play with them 
  • Rin may not of developed his love of cooking as Yuri loved making her kids home cooked meals
  • Though he might discover his love of cooking through helping her bake cookies and cakes and other treats along with Yukio
  • She would handle any ‘demonic’ problems of Rin’s with ease
  • She never wants to shut him out or make him feel like he’s an outcast so whenever theres a problem like this she always talks it through with him 
  • She wouldn’t of wanted her children to become exorcists
  • Yukio was never afraid of demons because of his upbringing 
  • Yukio would be still attending True Cross Academy and would have dreams of becoming a doctor 
  • Rin may even attend as well as his grades might be a little better due  to the pressure and strain being lifted from his powers unleashing at an earlier age 
  • He wants to become a chef and open his own restaurant 
  • Yuri is very supportive of the boys dreams and encourages them to achieve all thats placed in front of them