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AU head cannons for the twins being raised by Yuri

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(this was a request)

  • Yuri would’nt of hidden the truth about the twins true nature
  • Rin’s power still would of been sealed, but drawn so he can be comfortable
  • She raises them to learn that demons and humans can coexist in harmony 
  • So Yukio would of never developed feelings of hate towards Rin
  • They would live in a small but homelike apartment just outside of central Tokyo
  • She’d adore her little boys and would document every aspect of their lives
  • Such as first days of school, first wobbly tooth, first steps, first words
  • She’d tell them about Satan, but wouldn’t say much other then he is their father
  • She want’s them to know, she thinks they have the right
  • Yuri wouldn’t go into detail about it but if the twins had any questions she’d answer as honestly as she could
  • Lets face it,Yukio would be such a mommy’s boy
  • They would be raised along side Hobgoblins and Golems
  • They helped raise the boys along with Yuri
  •  Rin and Yukio are always delighted to play with them 
  • Rin may not of developed his love of cooking as Yuri loved making her kids home cooked meals
  • Though he might discover his love of cooking through helping her bake cookies and cakes and other treats along with Yukio
  • She would handle any ‘demonic’ problems of Rin’s with ease
  • She never wants to shut him out or make him feel like he’s an outcast so whenever theres a problem like this she always talks it through with him 
  • She wouldn’t of wanted her children to become exorcists
  • Yukio was never afraid of demons because of his upbringing 
  • Yukio would be still attending True Cross Academy and would have dreams of becoming a doctor 
  • Rin may even attend as well as his grades might be a little better due  to the pressure and strain being lifted from his powers unleashing at an earlier age 
  • He wants to become a chef and open his own restaurant 
  • Yuri is very supportive of the boys dreams and encourages them to achieve all thats placed in front of them

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Could I possibly request some Bon and Rin being dorks?

Of course ~~

Preparations for the action from chapter 41
Rin now deals with his new fake boobs. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

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Ao no exorcist characters as YouTubers or what kind of YouTube content would they post? ♡☆♡☆


Cooking videos and recipes and tips!

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Tips and advice on family life, and how you can still achieve your goals despite poverty or a troublesome older sibling

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Plant and gardening tips

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Tips on studying (he talks about mediation, regular exercise)

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He does vlogs and tags and anything popular right now (he only started a channel so he could get a cute girlfriend and do the girlfriend tag)

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Posts covers and original songs his band preforms 

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He just posts videos of cats, and blogs cat related subjects, such as when he visits a cat cafe

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Izumo and Noriko:

They share a channel and are both beauty youtubers, Paku started her channel first and forced Izumo to do the best friend tag with her, and then a lot of the comments said Izumo should make her own channel. With much hesitation, she decided instead of creating her own, her and Paku would do collabs and share one channel

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She just posts random videos she’s took on her phone, mostly embarrassing videos of that one time Yukio accidentally got drunk, and when all the other exorcists prank Angel, she also ‘accidentally’ posts videos of herself sometimes when she’s drunk

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Vlogs all the bars he visits around the world

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Has an otaku channel where he does everything from share his collection, product reviews, or visits new anime themed events around Tokyo

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Literally just videos of him eating candy…maybe some other foods too..he does a few food challenge videos too…like the cinnamon challenge and stuff, people are so surprised in the comments when he downs and entire jar of cinnamon and is completely unfazed

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Vlogs all the fast food restaurants he goes to in each country he visits, does all the burger challenges and Adam Richman from Man V Food is his idol