“I don’t like Assassination Classroom that much.” I lie to myself as I made this shitpost

  • Karma: From now on we will be using code names.
  • Karma: you can address me as Eagle One.
  • Karma: Asano is 'Been There, Done That'.
  • Karma: Nagisa is 'Currently Doing That'.
  • Nagisa: *highfives Karma*
  • Karma: Isogai is 'It Happened Once In A Dream'.
  • Karma: Okuda is 'If I Had To Pick A Girl'.
  • Karma: Terasaka is..
  • Karma: Eagle Two.
  • Terasaka: Oh, thank God.
Assassination Classroom Characters In 3 Words
  • Nagisa: gay smol snek
  • Karma: edgy meme lord
  • Kayano: boss ass bitch
  • Okuda: nervous train wreck
  • Nakamura: writes gay fanfic
  • Isogai: perfect but poor
  • Maehara: far too thirsty
  • Chiba: WAKE ME UP
  • Hayami: what's an emotion
  • Itona: family issues trademark
  • Terasaka: college frat boy
  • Ritsu: vocaloid on screen
  • Sugino: times for baseballs
  • Karasuma: seriousness is important
  • Irina: fLIRT WITH HIM1!1!!1
  • Korosensei: best teacher ever
  • Gakushuu: orange karma akabane
  • Gakuho: middle age dad
  • Takaoka: your creepy uncle

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Ogawa Chise or Waku Okuda, that is the question

Heeey people~ 

While I am still waiting to be sent the “No Color Baby” typesetting. Here we post a short story of Waku Okuda, only five pages. But wooooow, the style surprises a lot (mostly because it looks like Ogawa style). It’s called: 

Because he’s cute even if he’s an idiot
(Baka Demo Kawaii Hito Dakara) バカでもかわいいひとだから 5P

Thank you @namasuki for the translation (always helping) thanks !!!
And Nini & Ash for proofreading those little details that nobody realizes (even me) It’s good to have help to improve what you do!

I wish the story were longer. Has many ways to continue the story. But still, it’s too cute!

assassination classroom characters + blogs
  • Nagisa/'nxgisa': Owns a personal blog, where he rants a lot and makes observations about the world. Is somewhat of a feminist. Follower count: 350
  • Karma/shitposting-exe: Owns a really satire, meme filled blog (something like the Ted Cruz one. You know the one). Loads of self deprecating jokes too. Follower count: 2000
  • Kayano/'my-ship-has-sailed': Is a hard core shipper of everything. Multi shipper to the MAX. Often gets requests for headcanons and fanfic requests. Has an AO3. Follower count: 450
  • Okuda/'bill-nye-the-science-dude-man': Owns a help with homework blog/shrine to Bill Nye the Science Guy (BILL, BILL, BILL) Occasionally posts headcanons/theories for her favourite book/tv show/movie. Follower count: 500
  • Nakamura/'rio-rites': Writes fanfiction. A lot of fanfiction. Is somehow in every fandom. Rarely posts selfies of herself; everyone loves her. 'step on me pls' . Follower count: 1200
  • Maehara/'not-a-pxrn-blog': Owns a porn blog. But not even a good one. Everyone knows its him but he still tries to deny it. "What? Me? Porn? Is that an energy drink?" Reblogs nsfw art and smut too! Just sin basically. Follower count: 600
  • Isogai/'the-sun-is-shining-here-today': Runs an aesthetic blog with the occasional selfie thrown in there. Often gets requests for specific aesthetic and whatnot. Reblogs a lot of MBTI stuff. Follower count: 800 (at least 10 of those followers are just around for the selfies)
  • Itona/'binary-code-genius'/'gaytron': Owns a blog dedicated to...well...technical stuff (with the occasional blurry selfie with Terasaka and the gang) !HAS A VOLTRON SIDE BLOG! (a high key klance shipper and pidge fanboy) Follower count: 150 (main) 550 (side)
  • Gakushuu/'g-asano': Doesn't blog. Like, at all. He only made it so he could spy on E-Class. Has been blocked by Korosensei but doesn't know it. His only follower is Ren's main blog.
  • Ren/'blxckout-poetry'/'choke-me': Has a poetry blog (obviously). Occasionally takes pictures of nature (bc he likes to write his poetry outside). Has a porn side blog but no one knows its him. What a sneaky snake. Writes his own smut (in poetry form of course). From angel to sinner in like, 2 seconds. Follower count: 450 (main) 700 (side)
  • Korosensei/'ramen-noodles-and-teaching': Made a blog so he could monitor his students behaviour online. Is not aware of Maehara's porn blog, however. Posts memes (much to Karma's delight) A pure and great blog; no faults. Follower count: 30.

Official design for the Class E students 7 years later. They all grow up so fast. All my OTPs standing next to each other too. Ahhh I miss them all so much. :’)

P.S. : I just realise Itona isn’t shota anymore. He’s freaking ikemen now!

Different reactions of the students and teachers of Kunugigaoka Junior High when receiving Valentine's Day Boxed Chocolate


Nagisa: W-wait are you sure that’s for me? Thank you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

Kayano: Wow, I don’t know what to say… I didn’t expect this! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Karma: Eh? For me? I didn’t really think I’d get one this year but oh well… You must have some sort of special feelings for me then? Interesting~

Isogai: Thank you for the chocolate! I can’t wait to eat this with my family!

Maehara: Wow 35 boxes already! That’s a record!

Nakamura: Oh? I got one too? This is rather new… How sweet~ I’m flattered~

Kataoka: Thank you but this is the 45th box already

Okuda: F-for me?! A-are you sure t-that’s for me?? I-it is…? Thank y-you! I didn’t k-know I was g-gonna get one today but thank you!

Kanzaki: Oh my, chocolate! Thank you so much for the chocolate! I’ll make sure to eat this happily! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sugino: W-woah for me?! I’m actually getting something? Man this is cool! Thank you!

Itona: Oh? You made this? It’s rather bland in taste and the color and shape are slightly off but it’s appreciated.

Chiba: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Hayami: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Kurahashi: Woah! Chocolate for me! I bet it’s really sweet! Thank you!

Okano: Wow this is really for me? Not sure why it’s for me but thanks anyway!

Yada: Ah, thank you so much! I wonder how it tastes! Happy Valentine’s!

Fuwa: Is this like one of those situations in anime where people confess their love? Are you inlove with me?! Woah!

Ritsu: Thank you! I didn’t expect to be given chocolate today! Sadly, I cannot eat it, but thank you anyway! I appreciate your gesture!

Sumire: Is this homemade? Teach me your recipe next time okay? I love it! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kirara: Does this chocolate contain darkness residing in it? How cursed is it? Give me details of the darkness of this sweet

Terasaka: Mine? You… to me? Uh… This better not be poisoned or I swear Imma bash your head in… Thanks too

Yoshida: Woah this is cool! Thanks!

Muramatsu: Man this is sweeter than anything I’ll ever make! You better show me how to make this!

Mimura: This is mine?! I mean- for me?! Woah I can’t believe this! Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank You!

Takebayashi: A 3D person could never compare to the work of a 2D person… But this… May be an exemption… Thank you…


Kimura: I’m already pretty chubby but if it’s you who made it for me, I’ll eat it!

Sousuke: The way you made it! It’s beautiful! So artistic! This is my type of chocolate! Thanks a lot!

Koro-sensei: Nyuya!! Someone is giving their beloved teacher chocolate!! I knew someone wouls appreciate me!!

Karasuma: Hmm, chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Makes sense, thank you.

Irina: Hmm? My my, giving your teacher chocolate on Valentine’s Day hmm? Is this your way of trying to get with me? Know that it isn’t gonna work but maybe I should kiss you as a reward- NO WAIT DON’T WALK AWAY COME BACK


Gakushuu: I appreciate the fact that you decided to give me something today but so have 156 other students at this school by far regardless of gender. I will accept it if you would still want to give it to me but know that I will not be able eat this immediately. Thank you, I suppose.

Ren: Ah, my dear… Giving me chocolate on Valentine’s Day… Does this mean you have something you want to tell me? How much you admire me? How much you love me? Hmm…

Seo: Heh? Chocolate for me? Pft, as if it’ll be any good compared to those from abroad! But… Alright alright, I’ll accept it since it seems to be made with a lot of effort

Araki: Are you trying to stuff me up even more? Haha just kidding! I can’t say for certain whether or not I’ll really like it but thanks!

Koyama: Chocolate made with a certain recipe… Did you memorize the recipe? Do you know all the ingredients and the procedure? Show me to prove your chocolates worth!

Gakuhou: Generic. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is generic. To be given chocolate on this day is nothing new, especially to me. However, if you expect me to accept a gift on this day, it must have importance. I am the Chairman of this school nonetheless and chocolates are… too plain. What did you expect from giving me this? Extreme gratitude? Praise? This chocolate must be extremely delicious and pique my taste then. If it is not, then how do you expect me to give you praise? It has to be atleast moderately good. If it cannot even be the least bit delicious then what was the point-

Assassination Classroom Yearbook Quotes
  • Gakushuu: They say nobody perfect but here I am.
  • Karma: Yeah, I'll take an order of 'This was shit'
  • Nagisa: How did I survive?
  • Kayano: My wife and I better not have to live in this economy.
  • Nakamura: My mum should've swallowed me.
  • Itona: I may be short but you're still beneath me.
  • Okuda: This wasn't like High School Musical at all.
  • Maehara: 'Maehara stole my girl- Everyone'
  • Isogai: Can you believe I led a brigade of gay children? I can't.
  • Kanzaki: I started school with straight a's and now I'm not even straight.
  • Sugino: If you like water, you already like 72% of me.
  • Kataoka: It's not my fault I help girls realise they're lesbians.
  • Hayami: No, I dont want a quote under my picture.
  • Chiba: I wore heelies to escape my feelies and now I'm emo.
  • Ren: I spent 113,880 hours of my life for a handshake.
  • Kurahashi: Is this the Krusty Krab?
  • Yada: No, this is Patrick

anonymous asked:

Hey Karma, if you could go back to your battle with Nagisa what would you do?

Panic? Stare in confusion? Pass out due to shock? So many things…

class 3-e + fights
  • Doesn't take part in fights bc that is rUDE: Isogai, Nagisa, Okuda
  • Doesn't start them but if you pick one with them, OH BOI ARE YOU DEAD: Maehara, Kayano, Itona, Nakamura, Korosensei
  • Members of fight club: Karma, Terasaka, Chiba, Hayami, Karasuma, Irina