Musical Playlist When You’re on Your Period

Act 1 (the “im in love” part): Hopelessly Devoted to you-Grease, The Next Ten Minutes- The Last Five Years, Younger Than Springtime- South Pacific, People Will Say We’re in Love-Oklahoma!, Something to Believe in- Newsies, You’re the One that I Want-Grease, All I Ask of You- Phantom of the Opera, Ten Minutes Ago- Cinderella, Something Good- The Sound of Music, Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?- Cinderella, I’ll Cover You- Rent, Goodnight my Someone- The Music Man, It’s Delovely-Anything Goes

Act 2 (Where it all turns to shit): On my Own- Les Miserables, I’ll Cover You (reprise)- Rent, Falling Slowly (reprise)- Once, I Could Never Rescue You- The Last Five Years, Memory- Cats, Finale-  Phantom of the Opera, A Little Fall of Rain- Les Miserables, My Man- Funny Girl, See I’m Smiling- The Last Five Years, Sleeping- Once, 525,600 Minutes- Rent, Drink With Me- Les Miserables, The Hill- Once, For Good- WIcked, Losing my Mind- Follies

Act 3  (Self Acceptance and Excitement): Being Alive- Company, Carrying the Banner- Newsies, Defying Gravity- Wicked, Moving Too Fast- The Last Five Years,  Another Day- Rent, Seize the Day- Newsies, Another Hundred People- Company, Sunday- Sunday in the Park with George,Something’s Coming- West Side Story

i don’t normally do these but I was tagged by @amandadalton33 so

A- Age: 16, 17 in august.

B- Biggest fear: the ocean or heights.

C- Current time: 10:48 pm.

D-Drink you last had: Cola

E-Everyday starts with: music or my cats waking me up

F- Favorite songs: Only angel by harry styles, wolves by one direction, and hotel California by the eagles, thats just a few.

G- Ghost, are they real?: yeah

H- Hometown: I was born in Oklahoma city.

I- In Love With: no one really

J-Jealous of: ??? i dont know

K- Killed someone: nope

L-Last time you cried: few weeks ago.

M- Middle Name(s): belle.

N- Number of siblings: 7.

O- One wish: world peace.

P- person you last called: my brother

Q- Questions often asked: about my sexuality. 

R- Reason to smile: animals

S- song you last sang: Kiwi by harry styles.

T- Time you woke up: 11:57am.

U- underwear color: black.

V- Vacation destination: California or South Carolina.

W- Worst habit(s): I bite/lick my lips and pick at my nails.

X- X-rays you’ve had: On my chest and teeth

Y- your favorite food: pizza or chili

Z- Zodiac Sign: Leo

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You don’t have to do it, but if you choose to, good luck! and if anyone else wants to feel free to.

The Tag Game!

I was tagged by the lovely @loraliah (thanks friends!) to do this lil game so let’s get right into it! This seems fun! (Sorry if I answered it kinda late I was working.)

A-age: 17

B-biggest fears: Death and abandonment and the unknown

C-current time: 7:31 pm

D-Drink you last had: root beer float

E-everyday starts out with: A smile! Or me waking up on the floor in a cold sweat questioning my existence.

F-Favorite song: As of recently probably redbone. I really love the 70s based vibe.

G-ghosts, are they real?- the scientific side of me says no but the other side believes in the idea of lost and wandering souls because it’s a deep root in both of my cultures.

H-Hometown: Owasso Oklahoma

I-in love with: considerate people, geeky people, kind and sympathetic people, the underdog, and people who are undeniably themselves. I also love video games and would totally love someone who would be down to play games and cosplay with me.

J-jealous of: probably people who can draw or have a good figure but now I realize I shouldn’t be zealous of that I should be proud of them!

K-killed someone: that seems like a personal question.

L-last time you cried: probably last week. I was remembering an old friend who’s sadly long gone now. A good man in a bad place. I’ll always miss you buddy and I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you.

M-middle name: Noah

N-number if siblings: 1

O-one wish: a wish for a better future rid of my past. I don’t wanna have to see any more pain or suffering I’ve had my fair share of that.

P-Person you called or texted last: my sister. She moved and I wanted to check in on her and make sure she felt safe in her college.

Q-questions you are always asked: are you ok?, How are you doing?!, can you do this for me?, why do you have trouble remembering?!, I need a job done can you help me?, what type of man are you?

R-reasons to smile: the sun can always shine better tommorow morning sometimes you just gotta fight through the dark, you gotta fight through the midnight. There is great promise in you and you are all so wonderfully promising in your own beautiful way!

S-song last sang: I have a couple that I like to sing so here they are: William, hard edges, Nothing on me, won’t back down, man in black,
Through the valley, the best thing, it ain’t easy being me. I like old country it’s pretty harmonious to me.

T-time you last woke up: 7:00 I think.

U-underwear color: well if you really wanna know…. Light grey

V-Vacation destination: I’ve heard Scotland and Iceland are beautiful.

W-Worst habit: comparing my life to others.

X-any x-rays: yea when I broke my nose and my arm in a little scuffle. Shoulda seen the other guy though.

Y-your favorite food: shrimp quesadillas (if they’re done right)

Z-Zodiac: Virgo

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15 year old queer girl from Oklahoma, loves music, old things (I volunteer at a history museum but I also just like the vintage aesthetic lol), good lgbt representation in media, writing, nature, and just being a nerd. Looking for friends mostly!



For when your Broadway-loving self meets that special someone.

as long as you’re mine - wicked / the world of your body - spring awakening / the next ten minutes - the last 5 years / lay all your love on me - mamma mia! / in a little while - once upon a mattress / without love - hairspray / take it like a man - legally blonde / tonight - west side story / in my life/a heart full of love - les miserables / all i ask of you - the phantom of the opera / seventeen - heathers: the musical / it takes two - into the woods / people will say we’re in love - oklahoma! / suddenly seymour - little shop of horrors / song on the sand - la cage aux folles / dammit, janet! - the rocky horror picture show / come to a party - dogfight / the last night of the world - miss saigon / do you love me? - fiddler on the roof / you’re the one that i want - grease / anything you can do - annie get your gun / that face - the producers / you and i - bare / small world - gypsy / perfect for you - next to normal / i’ll cover you - rent