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An Oklahoma felon got a longer prison sentence because he loves basketball legend Larry Bird. When lawyers reached a 30-year sentence plea agreement for Eric James Torpy, he requested that it be extended to 33 years so he could match Bird’s jersey number. The judge was happy to accommodate him. Source

Wilson Roberts, an elder member of the Choctaw Nation


In the US, members of the Choctaw nation fight to reclaim their relationship with the land in a world without seasons.

Emily Crane Linn - June 13, 2016

Durant, Oklahoma - It’s nearly June. Every day, the Earth brings Darryl “Grey Eagle” Brown closer to the Sun, to heaven, to the Creator. That means it’s nearly time for the Eagle Sun Dance ceremony, a 12-day communal gathering of fasting, thanksgiving and prayer that takes place around the summer solstice, when the Creator is especially near.

Fifty-six-year-old Brown is a member of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma and a spiritual leader for a band of tribal members seeking to practise their indigenous religion. He learned the Sun Dance from another Choctaw elder who learned it from a tribe in the northern Great Plains. It is a pan-Indian dance - a blend of traditions and historic knowledge passed between the tribes of the Great Plains.

Brown has held this ceremony on his family’s land outside Durant, Oklahoma, each summer for 20 years. Every year, it seems to get hotter, he says, and the weather less predictable. Some years, they dance on parched ground under a cloudless sky. At other times, they’re nearly blown away by hot, angry winds. Last year, they were drenched in torrential floods. But regardless of what the weather holds, Brown must dance anyway because he feels the Choctaw - and the earth - needs him to.

Brown believes that both his people and the earth they inhabit are deeply out of balance, damaging one another as a result. “Man’s pollution has altered the earth,” he says. “The earth is speaking now, but man won’t listen.”

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Oklahoma noose display not meant to be racist.

Old White Racist: *makes a racist display featuring nooses*

Public:  We are outraged at this racist display!

Old White Racist:  Oh it’s not meant to be racist, just a warning against thieves.


MOUNDS, Okla. - A display of nooses shocked motorists along an Oklahoma highway.

CBS Tulsa affiliate KOTV reports the display was up for only a short time, and had been placed there because the homeowner was trying to deter thieves.

The nooses were hung in a tree with a sign that read: “It’s best not to be hanging around this area after dark.”

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice told KOTV the homeowner removed the signs voluntarily after a day or so because of the negative attention on social media and possible danger of people stopping on the highway to look at it. Rice said the display was not illegal.

KJRH-TV reports that the owner of the display, Merle Martindale, says it was not meant to be racist, just merely a warning to any potential thief.


So apparently, you can just take a widely recognized symbol of historical bigotry and completely ignore all of the negative connotations.

*paints sign featuring a swastika that says “I better NAZI you round here after dark”*
Oh, I’m not anti-Semitic.  I just don’t want trespassers.

*burns some crosses on Black neighbor’s yard*
Oh, I don’t hate ni- Blacks, it was just cold and I thought they’d like a campfire.

If you are a bigot and you are bold enough to put your bigotry on display then own the fuck up to your bigotry.  I’m so tired of weak ass shadow racists who act like they didn’t know whatever they did was hella offensive.  You DID it because you WANTED people to be offended.  Why are you backing down?

And I’m especially surprised at this fool’s behavior during this our great season of Donald Trump’s America.  Aren’t the racists supposed to be bout that life currently?  Aren’t they Making America White again and to hell with anyone who gets in their way?  C’mon, Merle, you gon’ hafta do a lil bit better than this if you want to be invited to the next White Supremacist Rally and Inbreeding Showcase.

Assume que me quer, para com esses joguinhos, eu tô cansando, não sei se vou mais conseguir insistir. Eu sei o que eu quero, e o que eu quero é você, mas tu não deixa claro se também me quer ou se quer algo, e isso me mata, entende? Me mata porque eu faço tudo por você, tudo por nós, tudo pra dar certo, tudo por algo que nem sei se vai sair do meu querer. Droga, assume que me quer ou para com tudo isso.
—  Oklahoma e Alcaide

Extended #video of the Katie, #Oklahoma #ef4 #tornado from May 9, 2016. This is approximately when this #twister was near its peak in intensity. #weather #sky #storms #stormy #nature #natureza #atmosphere #mothernature #skylovers #instaweather #instaweatherpro #clouds #cloud #storms #fb #stormyweather #badweather #lightningstrike #nakedplanet #earthpix #oklahomasky #oklahomaweather #myoklahoma

tloced  asked:

I absolutely love Wilde Life, i read the entire thing today and went through the entirety of the tag. I was born and raised in green country and i love that you have set this comic here in Oklahoma and actually represented native american legends. You don't see that often in media and i want my culture represented (I'm Cherokee). AAaaaGGghhhh i don't know how to express how much i love this comic, you're art is wonderful and the plot is interesting. I can't wait for the next update!

Thank you! That makes me really happy. I’m so glad you found the comic!

Noose display shocks drivers on Okmulgee County highway

“MOUNDS, Okla. — A display of nooses has shocked motorists along an Oklahoma highway.

Tulsa television station KJRH reports that the owner of the display, Merle Martindale, says he’s been a victim of crime in the past. Martindale says the display is not meant to be racist, just merely a warning to any potential thief.

But driver Terrance Reed Sr. says a noose in America represents what used to happen to African Americans. Reed says he considers the display to be an attack on his heritage.

Driver Dennis Varner says the display also bothered him. Varner says the display is discrimination and America shouldn’t put up with it.

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice says Martindale isn’t breaking any law by having the display.

Martindale’s wife said Sunday the display had been removed.”