These awesome ladies are taking Japan by storm. They’re KBG84, a one-of-a-kind Japanese girl band comprised of 33 singing, dancing grandmothers. The name of the band is a play on the name of different Japanese girl band called AKB48. The ‘48′ refers to the number of girls in that band, whereas the ‘84′ refers to the average age of the members of KBG84. However the oldest member, Haru Yamashiro, is 97 years old!

KBG84 is from the remote island of Kohama in Okinawa and their first single, “Come on and Dance, Kohama Island”, has reached the top of the Japanese music charts. And they’ve just finished a completely sold out country-wide tour. These grannies are unstoppable!

“When I first heard someone calling us ‘idols’ I thought an idol meant someone who has lived a long life and was at the gates of heaven,” said 92-year-old diva Tomi Menaka. “But in Tokyo they told me it was an entertainer – which was a relief because I thought it meant I was on my way to heaven.”

“We felt like stars in Tokyo,” added 86-year-old Hideko Kedamori. “Everyone in the audience had a big smile, which gave us the energy to sing our hearts out. We’re blessed to have been born in Kohama. Our lyrics are about the island and nature – whales in the sea spouting or dolphins doing somersaults.”

Check out this music video for KBG84′s new hit single:

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Akira Asakura aka Akira ASKR 魔子 (Japanese, Naha, Okinawa, Japan) - 1: ホワイトキッチン (White Kichen) Kin, Okinawa, 2016  2: Launderette, Koza, Okinawa, 2015  3: 沖縄市 Koza, Okinawa, 2016  4: サロンきく Saloon Chrysanthemum, Orion St., Okinawa, 2016  5: カフェーおとひめ Nago, Okinawa, 2016  6: サロン順子 Orion St. Yonabaru, Okinawa, 2016  7: 月代や Orion Street, Yonabaru, Okinawa, 2016  8: Grace Hotel, Koza, Okinawa, 2015  9: Koza, Okinawa 沖縄市中央, 2014  10: 姉妹 Sisters, Nago, Okinawa, 2015  Photography, Color