Does anyone else get that feeling when they’re feeling feelings, but they don’t know exactly what those feelings are..?

Rebecca Elizabeth Sauerbrunn is a national treasure and the 8th Wonder of the World.

SVT reacting to memes of themselves
  • S.Coups:They spelled "thick" wrong who raised these kids.
  • Jeonghan:*saw that we used to a bad pic of him and left*
  • Joshua:I've only mentioned church like twice in four years what the what guys.
  • Hoshi:Why didn't I think of these???
  • Wonwoo:Why are they calling me "emo"? Do they mean Elmo? I like Elmo.
  • Woozi:Listen you lil shits
  • DK:I do have volume control! I just don't use it.
  • Mingyu:My parents sent me hand sanitizer for my birthday because of this.
  • Minghao:I was literally seven leave me alone.
  • Vernon:My childhood adventures weren't meant to be used this way.
  • Dino:We don't go to that hair stylist anymore okay now stop this.

Please consider nerd!Dean being shy around popular jock!Cas -

That is until they have history class together and get assigned their first group project. When the teacher lets them talk to choose their partners Cas gets up and makes a beeline for Dean - which Dean doesn’t get, because he’s good at computers and physics and drama too, but not history. But then Cas is hanging on his every word as they discuss the project, even when Dean starts talking to himself about how to do a computer thing for their presentation. As they work on their project together Dean notices that Cas gets a weird look on his face whenever Dean gets excited or off on a rant, but it’s a good look (he’s pretty sure).

After they present Cas keeps sitting with him in class, and a few weeks later he frustratedly pushes Dean against the wall by the changerooms and slams their mouths together, pining Dean’s arms at his sides as he sucks the air out of Dean’s lungs (ノ◠‿◠)ノ

Today's Memory (8/?)

Idea from the prompt by missyousofaar to the Captain Swan Network. 

During the Spell of Shattered Sight Emma and Elsa defeat the Snow Queen but are turned into children in the process. How does the town deal with two magically gifted little girls, especially when one develops a crush on a certain pirate?  

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Rated K+ for fluff and shenanigans! 


Killian was tired. He had not slept well the night before, too busy worrying about Emma and Elsa’s predicament, and had spent the morning with the very energetic citizens of Arendelle. He had thought to spend a pleasant morning in the ice cream shop sampling flavors and encouraging Elsa to learn how to make ice cream. Instead Elsa quickly mastered the skill and Anna and Kristoff only tried one flavor (Anna preferred the chocolate, while Kristoff devoured the carrot sherbet). Anna had suggested exploring the town and since Elsa agreed Killian had no choice but to follow. After going into dozens of shops and speaking to more people than Killian even knew existed in Storybrooke Anna announced that she was hungry and they headed back towards Granny’s. 

As they walked into the small diner they heard a high pitched squeal. 

“Killian! Elsa! Over here!” Emma was bouncing in her seat at a booth with her parents and baby brother. Killian felt a wide grin lighting up his face as they made their way over. There was a moment of confusion as a table was moved to create enough room for everyone to eat together. But then Ruby arrived with menus and a smile. 

“That’s LIttle Red Riding Hood!” Emma exclaimed to a round of chuckles. Killian didn’t know what story Emma was referring to but found her excitement endearing.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: andriel and who cooks the best? love your blog!

ty so much <3 <3

  • all in all the short answer is: andrew
  • does he usually want to cook? no
  • do they usually eat takeout or something easy like microwave dinners? yes
  • has andrew solely had a tub of ice cream for dinner before and neil just three apples and half a banana? yes 
  • (did neil only eat half of the banana bc “reasons”? yes.)
  • andrew is the only who actually knows how to cook and has somewhat the patience for it
  • he’s not the kind to pull out measuring cups to be perfect, he’s more of a guesstimate person and tbh the only other person eating his food is fucking neil and neil is used to eating beans out of a can or smthn plus andrew made it so it’s obvs that he has no room to complain (not that he would) and usually is making heart eyes over his helpings to care abt what it’s supposed to taste like
  • neil on the other hand has only perfected one dish: buttered noodles
  • omg.. can you imagine neil being like “andrew, i’m cooking dinner tonight, leave me alone so i wont be tempted to make out with you” 
  • and andrew rolls his eyes so hard neil is kinda scared they’ll fly out of his head but he follows his orders after scooping a cat up in each arm to go sit on the couch
  • and neil is making such a racket in the kitchen and andrew is like ??? wtf?? is he doing?? why did he just turn on the garbage disposal?? wait that’s not the garbage disposal.. that’s him making that noise???
  • bc neil is S T R E S S E D bc its gotta be perfect!!
  • and so after nearly 30 mins of grunting and pulling out all their pans bc he was unsure of which noodles would cook best in what pot shape (neil.. smh u need to chill) he finally calls out “it’s ready”
  • and andrew is trying to be chill but he’s curious about what neil was so worked up about
  • imagine.. andrew walking into the kitchen prepared to see something crazy complicated.. something spectacular.. something that could make neil sound like the fucking garbage disposal.. just to see two plates heaped high with fucking.. buttered noodles..
  • and neil.. fucking neil.. is literally vibrating with excitement and andrew sits down so frigidly bc.. fucking.. buttered noodles and NEIL OMG GRABS THE SALK SHAKER AND IS LIKE “TELL ME WHEN”
  • andrew is so exasperated.. so angry.. but he eats every noodle without a complaint bc.. fucking neil.. 
  • i’m so sorry.. that’s all i have.. im crying though neil what a nerd

Summary: Ronan marvels at waking up next to Adam.

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Written for Pynch Week 2016 :
Day 2: Sun kissed skin // Prom night // Morning after

When Ronan opened his eyes, his first thought was of light. His body felt soft and deliciously languid, the tiredness there a content sort he wouldn’t mind experiencing over and over again. He blinked once, twice, and then turned his head to stare at the boy sleeping next to him. In the half-light sneaking through the window, Adam’s freckled shoulder and part of his back were illuminated while the rest of him was thrown in delicate shadows. His hair caught some of the light and morphed into a crown, his face soft with sleep and a contentedness that wouldn’t have found its way to Adam Parrish’s face even less than a year ago.

Ronan stared at Adam, as he often did, and thought of miracles of nature, of art and old Gods. 

Adam’s hand was curled around Ronan’s left bicep, his arm stretched across Ronan’s chest, and his head tucked against Ronan’s shoulder. The warm weight of Adam’s body pressing Ronan down made his heart ache with pleasure. They were both naked under the sheets and the fact only served to remind Ronan of the night before; of bodies moving together, the heat of sweat slick skin, and the sound of names whispered out like prayers.

Adam had been sleeping in Ronan’s bed for a month now, but things never progressed further than sleep and a few make-out sessions. Sometimes they’d have hushed conversations in the middle of the night, other times there would be searching lips and roaming hands that never went too far, and on nights where neither of them could fall asleep they’d exchange secrets like kids trading cards on the playground.

Ronan cherished every moment Adam chose to spend with him, every word and thought that Adam shared or analyzed while Ronan listened. They were both creatures of actions, and words –especially for Ronan- were sometimes hard to come by, but they were both learning the good and unlearning the bad together. Ronan took none of it for granted. 

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Rebholz’s most astonishing creation, though, is the amalgam of vines, moss and branches that seem to have attached themselves to the incomparable Murphy. The costume – and Murphy’s adroit use of it – often makes it seem as if the crone had literally (and ominously) grown from the woodchips that scatter the stage surface.

But even more impressive than her physical performance in the costume is the rich comic spirit, decidedly touching humanity, and ominous bitterness that are adroitly part of her portrayal of the crone. All of these traits combine gloriously toward the end of the play, as the Witch delivers her farewell to this world with the soaring, almost aria-like “Last Midnight.” As Murphy’s voice soars along with Sondheim’s driving melody, the effect is simply spine-tingling.