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Okay one rant I just wanted to get out: okay so I spent basically the past couple hours fangirling over Dan’s last video and since I love fangirling so much I decided to go on tumblr and Instagram. About half of the posts that I found were about the “wtf is your sexuality” thing and the other half were about the video being just a joke and how phannies should over react. My opinion on this is that I got very excited because Dan joked about his sexuality. It’s a huge improvement from a couple years ago and I’m super proud of him for feeling comfortable enough to joke about it. He was basically trolling the people who put labels on him, which I find amazing. Another thing was that people on Instagram were freaking out that Dan “denied” phan by making a joke about it. I disagree. He was basically roasting the shippers and himself for why he’s popular, saying that he’s only popular bc people ship him and Phil. And since the whole video was a joke, ppl. shouldn’t freak out over it. I’m just in shock from the video and the rhymes were surprisingly good. Okay that’s all I have to say, continue scrolling.

Rich Youth | Chapter 1

chapters: 1 | 2

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point (if you guys like this enough for me to continue)

warnings: slight smut, language

word count: 2,823

“Stop being so dramatic; I’ll be joining you in two weeks. My new step-bitch wants to take me shopping in Dubai so we can ‘bond’ but I know it’s just a massive excuse to convince my dad to give her his credit card so she can fulfil her gold-digging fantasies”, Hayi’s voice echoed through the loudspeaker of my phone as I finished packing my bags. I walked over to my bed, falling back onto it and turning my head so that I was facing the phone I had laid on my pillow.

“I’m sorry, Hayi. If it makes you feel any better, while you’re splashing the cash in Dubai, I’ll be suffering a slow and painful death at the country club. God knows why my dad and Jessica insist on spending all summer there when there are so many other places to visit and so many other things to do that don’t involve making forced conversation with a bunch of rich, sexist men, their trophy wives and their spoilt children!” I sulked. I lifted my head as I heard Hayi giggling on the other line.

“Did you just describe your own family, Y/N?” she laughed. As the realisation hit me, I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

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Barisi Update (the apology edition)

*laughs awkwardly*

So, guys, my Barisi finale episode tag is taking a little longer than I anticipated. On a totally unrelated note, it’s okay if it ends up being, like ~40K, right?

*goes back to writing*

*seriously suspects the story will end up even longer than 40K*

guys i’m sorry! take comfort in the fact i’m not stalling, i’m actually “editing” i.e. adding thousands of words to the story, as is my wont. you’ll have sooooo much to read soon :D


I got a wonderful ask, an elaborate question I’d love to answer right now, but all my free time is spent writing these days, and I want to get to it properly, so I’ll respond after I’ve finished and posted my tag. Thank you so much to the anon who sent it <3

Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better! I got tagged by @bubblehamu (thank youu and i love your gifs too btw!! <3)

Name: Miriam

Nicknames: I don’t really have any

Star sign: Libra

Height: 173 cm according to my ID but i’m still insisting that i’m 170 ahah

Age: 18

Hogwarts House: I’m not really sure but probably Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

Fav colour(s): I don’t really have a fav one but maybe purple? The only thing i know is that i don’t like green at all ahaha

Time right now: 10 pm

Avg hours of sleep: It depends on the day, sometimes i sleep 2 hours sometimes i sleep 12 hours…

Lucky number: i’m gonna say 7 even tho i don’t know when it gave me any luck but oh well

Fav fictional characters: a lot of them!! that i can’t remember rn well, Shion from no.6 is my baby !!, and for some reason i really like Light Yagami from death note ahah

Blankets I sleep with: 1 in summer and like 7 of them in winter and i’m not even exaggerating

Fav bands/ artists: I like a lot of them !! Up10tion, BTS, Exo, Shinee, Monsta X and Seventeen are some of my favs right now ^-^

Dream trip: I don’t really have one but probably backpacking somewhere nice ^-^

Dream job: I don’t really have one..

What I’m wearing: my pajamas! …i’m not sure this shirt is pajamas but yea

When did you make this blog: 6th September 2012, but I had another one before…

Follower count: 993 (thank you so much!! <3)

Posts: 15,057

What do i post about: Mostly kpop. Lots of Up10tion, BTS, Shinee and Exo. Sometimes other things like anime, funny things… and dogs, i’m obsessed with dogs

When did your blog reach its peak: I don’t even know, when I started making gifs maybe

Why did you get tumblr: Someone had a tumblr and i thought the posts were funny …..and now here i am trapped forever, save me

Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope…

Why did you choose your url: tbh I don’t even remember when and why I changed my url ?? but i like it because all my biases are squishy rays of sunshine ;_; 

Now tagging! i don’t really know who to tag but I tag anyone who wants to do this and @7teenwarriors @50shadesofspiderhyuk @snowtruth @wando-tomato @minsooil @wonwoogyu @henseumyehet @shim-kung @nomoredream @booyah-coups @maknaesman @w-ooshine @up98tion 

(only if you want to do it of course!! ^^)

fxria replied to your post:fxria replied to your post:// Notices a Squall…

Babe, I could spend days talking about why Seifer is one of my all time favorite FF male characters. I mean…no one in FF8 is especially a saint. Squall and the squad keep cutting throats left and right too smfh.

[ Don’t mind me… I’m just over here, screaming at what you wrote … because I agree 1000000000%

OMG we need to dialogue over this. Srs. ]

So done with people calling dogs omnivores. DOGS. ARE. CARNIVORES.

“Well but they can process some plant matter and absorb enough nutrients to survive.”

THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM OMNIVORES. They are still carnivores. They CAN NOT thrive on a mostly or gods forbid all plant diet.

“Okay but there are only three classifications here and-”

STOP. Yes, but there are really five- facultative and obligate have to be factored in for both carnivores and herbivores. Almost everyone in this stupid debate knows obligate means that they can not process the opposite of whatever side they are on. Facultative is defined as “capable of but not restricted to a particular function or mode of life”.

“But if they’re not restricted to it that means that they can do the other and be perfectly fine right?”

WRONG AGAIN. What this really means is that they can survive on other sources of food for a time or as a supplement when their primary source of nutrition is scarce. So, facultative carnivores can supplement with plant matter or scrape by on it if absolutely necessary, and facultative herbivores can supplement with meat or scrape by on it if absolutely necessary, but facultative carnivores CAN NOT THRIVE on an all plant diet and facultative herbivores CAN NOT THRIVE on an all meat diet.

I think most of this “debate” is because no one actually knows these classifications and what they mean. Do you know how an omnivore is defined? Basics is that they eat both plant and animal matter, right? Kind of. The real defining point here is that the digestive systems of true omnivores are not especially adapted for either animal or plant matter as their primary source of nutrition. They kind of suck at processing meat, and they kind of suck at processing plants, but if they eat both they can get all of the nutrients they need.

Can dogs survive for a time with a diet that is partly or all plant matter? Yes. Because they are not OBLIGATE carnivores like cats are. This is an evolutionary advantage for most if not all canids [no idea if any canids are actually obligate carnivores but I don’t think so?] because when prey is scarce, they can get by on plant matter until they can get back on the proper food source because they are FACULTATIVE carnivores. They are physiologically designed to process meat with the ability to supplement with plant matter or scrape by on it when prey is scarce.

Do you see anyone trying to classify deer as omnivores because there are recorded cases of them eating carrion when their regular food supply is scarce? No? They’re… they’re still an herbivore, even though it appears they could get by on meat? Because they aren’t physiologically designed for a heavy meat diet…? STOP FUCKING DOING IT TO DOGS THEN!





Yes, I said it. If you feed your carnivore a vegetarian/vegan diet, you are starving it to death, which is a form of torture. It’s just slower with facultative carnivores, which is, in my opinion, much worse because seriously wtf you are literally dragging out a painful existence with nutrient deficiencies for years. If you don’t have a problem with that… don’t have pets. Ever. Please.

Felix was about to walk to the showers, but as he walked past Zach’s space, he saw the other man shaking and sweating in his bed. He quickly dropped everything and was at the side of his bed in a second, pushing Zach’s hair, wet from the perspiration, out of his face. He was burning up and he couldn’t stop shaking. Felix knew exactly what is was, though. Zach wasn’t ill at all. “Are you okay?” he asked, mind racing. “Do you need some water? Is there anything I can get you from commissary? What do you need?” He felt like a concerned mother, but while he used to be his own number one priority, Zach had started to take that place.


@flowerboyscouts tagged me in a random fact thing

(1) I have the body of a 7th grader (13yr old basically for anyone outside the us) but my face looks more my age (try to guess how old I am). I feel like my maturity level (maybe just compared to my friends) is even older though and I wonder if it confuses people

(2) I only have one irl friend who’s older than me so at school I feel old but on the internet I feel like a fetus

(3) I got my 10yr old sister into bts and it’s honestly made my life so much better bc I can vent to her about stuff and she takes it with an open mind and shares some of my opinions and I just?? Feel so blessed?? A few months ago she thought kpop was weird but right before their last comeback I showed her more stuff and now she almost knows all the members??

(4) this isn’t about me but my sister’s bias is Namjoon and her bias wrecker is Yoongi. ((I feel so accomplished and blessed that this is really a thing))((too bad my brothers are assholes))

(5) I used to be really into book fandoms (mainly pjo/hoo and hp) but I kinda drifted from that ((and then the kpop train ran me over and now I’m always on my computer whoops))

(6) when I was typing the number of this fact I accidentally put a 7 first instead of 6

(7) nobody really approaches me at school because I have resting bitch face and when I’m thin in deeply or concentrated then my eyebrows tend to furrow and I look mad ((but if I was actually mad, that’s a /whole/ other sight))

(8) I’ve never been asked out before

(9) All of my friends say i don’t, but I swear to god I probably smell spicy 90% of the time

(10) I could totally just stop writing this now bc there wasn’t any guideline to how many facts, but idk I feel like writing more

(11) I’m starting a club with my friend for kpop next school year because I’m just that trashy

(12) whenever a conversation ends, I always feel like it’ll start up again from the other person saying hi, but they don’t usually, so I think I’m gonna have to start doing it myself

(13) I followed an irl friend when I first made this blog and she asked me one time if this blog was mine but I was like “why would you ask me something like that” “what does that have to do with me” and she just kinda left it so I think I convinced her it’s not me bc she never said anything else haha

(14) at first I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell her abt my account or just be totally apart from everyone irl, but the other day I got the idea that I should make something for her for her birthday and post it here as a surprise so if that’s gonna happen I /have/ to keep this a secret until that moment (which is why I’m not mentioning her url and I never tag her in anything)

(15) it’s occurred to me that if I decide to post art here, I should have an art tag. I couldn’t tell you why, but honestly the idea for the tag that sticks out the most is “artsy or fartsy”/“arts or farts”. I don’t even know how I came up with it. It’s so stupid and makes me sound 12 but honestly I can’t think of anything else unless I decide to go with something having to do with trash to match my url like “trash is art” or some stupid shit

(16) for like at least a week I’ve been trying to find a theme for my blog but I’ve looked at /so many/ and I haven’t decided yet. Some of them have such nice designs but there’s an element or two missing from it that id prefer to have on it. Or it has all my ‘requirements’ but doesn’t look as nice. It’s so frustrating

(17) I have a shit ton of pens (colored pens are so fucking nice I just) but I never use them because I make a lot of mistakes and need an eraser so I just use pencil whoops

(18) I can read Hangul (I learned in like an hour by accident whoops) and I’m thinking I wanna learn some Korean but who knows if that’ll happen

(19) I need to sleep

(20) I got to 19 facts and decided that I might as well just make it even so here’s the 20th ((god I’m so dumb))

Okay I think I’m gonna stop rambling now
I appreciate everyone who actually read all of that hah

I’ll tag:
@sakurachue @jiminniejimin @taetaetown @cinnamin-suga @infinitizedstarlight

You guys just have to put random facts, and I don’t think there’s a required number so have fun (unless you don’t wanna do it)(then you can ignore this)

So the teacher isn’t going to do anything; he’s just an a**hole is all.
And now he should know that he’s been unclear since no one did the work.. I wonder why..

okay so i went through my fic tag and i have nine pages worth of drabbles???? so like, would anybody be interested in me being a total sheep and compiling them into one ao3 fic?? because i’m all one for organisation and i thnk that would just make everything neat and tied up <33

judiejodia  asked:

are you KIDDING me (about your tags) I CANNOT get over your style okay. The way you draw mrs. Agreste's hair had me in tears and your Adrien's expressions are so on point! And the way you manage to draw movement and mannerism and just actual living humans instead of colour pupppets I just. ugh.

eeeeeeeeeeeee wow i’m so flattered!! (sorry this is a bit late A LOT OF THINGS GOT LOST IN THE ASK VOID WHEN I POSTED THE GEM AU) you’re too kind??? i’m ecstatic that you think these things because adrien and mama agreste are two of the most difficult people to draw for me (they’re too pretty my hand can’t “hand”le it) i think the reason behind the movement in my art is i’m a very….very animated person so some of that kind of translates into my drawings haha, but honestly your art is BEAUTIFUL you deserve so much praise for it! just look at your icon, that’s some good shit! i’m sure you can draw living humans wonderfully, we’re always harder on ourselves than we are everyone else. even if it does need improving, that’s completely possible! i believe in you and your wonderful art, don’t put yourself down, ok. there’s always someone out there looking up to you, even if it doesn’t seem that way. ;) so keep at it!

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au-specific verse to-do list:

  • pers/ona (prob 5-centric bc nice)
  • walk/ing de/ad obvs
  • li/fe is str/ange
  • un/til da/wn
  • w/e happ/y f/ew
  • 30 da/ys of nig/ht
  • le/ft 4 de/ad
  • si/lent h/ill
  • bor/derlands
  • dang/anronp/a
  • biosh/ock ( rapture & columbia variants )
  • fal/lout

no1 can stop me from having 85 verses & living my dreams okay leave me alone