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my *fake* spoiler for the Smosh Movie

okay so the plot of the movie (according to the articles i’ve read about the movie) is that Anthony is trying to get a girl to like him but there’s an embarrassing clip of him spreading online and he and Ian are trying to get the clip taken down

like, what if the girl was actually the person that uploaded the clip, and Anthony finds out and he’s all heartbroken, and then he just walks back to Ian and slumps. then Ian is all “dude, seriously? forget her! if she could do that to you, then don’t be upset. she’s not worth it”

and then Anthony suddenly realizes that he’s fallen in love with Ian during the entire movie

Soulmates (Michael) Part Three

Here is Part 1 & Part 2 in case you missed it :)

(Beware, it gets pretty sad.) 

“Oh my god! Are you okay?! Miss??” The driver from the car that hit yours rushed out of his, running straight over to where your car had crashed into a nearby tree. Banging on the window to get your attention, but you showed no sign of movement. Your body lifeless, slumped against the broken glass of the driver window. 

“Shit.” He muttered to himself, pulling out his phone from his pocket. His hands shaking, dialed 999. “Please, I need an ambulance. There’s a woman, she’s in her car. There was an accident, she’s not moving, I don’t know what to do. Please help.” He panicked down the phone. Running his fingers through his hair, he felt the blood on his head after hitting his window just as hard. 

Your phone lay on the floor of the car, still lighting up with 5 missed calls from Michael. You were just miles down the road from him, with no idea of the accident. 

Ashton pulled up outside of Michael’s apartment, spotting him leaning against the fence, with his hand on his forehead as the other held tightly onto his phone. “Mikey?” Ashton called, heading towards him. “Where’s Y/N? Did she come here?” He continued. Mikey raised his eyes to Ashton, a smile faltering on his lips. “Yeah. She left about 10 minutes ago..” Ash leaned against the fence beside Michael. “What happened?” Shrugging his shoulders, Mikey looked down the road you took off down. “She told me she loved me. And, I let her leave. Again.” Patting him on the back, Ash remained silent. “I can be stupid at times” Mikey chuckled, hiding the tears. “Nah, mate. You’re not stupid. Just, in love.” Ashton smiled. 

“What’s that?” Mikey looked down the opposite direction, 2 police cars and an ambulance came speeding past with the sirens blasting out. “I don’t know.” Ashton furrowed his brows, looking down the road. “They’re just down there.” He continued, pointing to where they had lined up. “For a minute, I thought maybe something had happened to Y/N. She took off down that direction..” Michael smiled nervously. “Ash?” He continued. With his eyes still glaring down the road, he ignored Michael. “What’s wrong?” Michael asked, puzzled. “What if it is Y/N?” He said. “What? No.. I’m sure she’s okay. Right?” He asked, now letting his nerves make a show. Before Michael could get another word out, Ashton had already began to jog down the street. With Michael hot on his heels, he jogged behind him. Feeling the nerves kick in completely as he neared closer to the collision. 

The paramedics were rushing round, pulling out their trauma kit, rushing back over to your car. “Ash.” Mikey mumbled, the tears now forming in his eyes. Ashton stood inches behind your car, his hands holding his head as his eyes were locked on your car. A policeman was just beside you speaking to the other guy who witnessed the accident. “She was parked, then the next minute my car went straight into hers. She didn’t stop.” He spoke over his sobs. Michael’s eyes shifted from the car to the shattered glass on the ground. His chest rising and falling at an unsteady pace as he felt as though his heart was about to explode in his chest. “Ashton.” He yelled, causing him to turn his attention to Michael. Falling to his knees, Michael held his head in his hands, screaming out your name. The tears streamed down his face, stinging as they poured out. 

The police rushed to Michael’s side, pulling him up. “Sir!” One yelled. “You shouldn’t be here.” He continued. “We know her.” Ashton replied, his voice shaky with every word. Looking back to your car, he shook his head. “We know her.” He repeated quietly. “Okay, but you should wait over there.” The police officer pointed over to the path. Grabbing his arm, Ashton tugged Michael back. Only for him to fight back and start yelling your name again.

“Y/N!! If you can hear me, I love you! Okay! I love you!” He sobbed. 

Pulling on his arm once more, Ashton fought back the tears that were creeping into his eyes. “Michael, come on.” He spoke, with his voice cracking between words. They slumped down to the ground, Ashton held Michael in his arms, rocking him gently as the sobs escaped. Ash watched on as they rolled you out on a stretcher. Your body so still, eyes shut, mouth parted, the blood stained on your skin. 

“You can meet them at the hospital. She’s alive. Just unconscious.” A police officer smiled, receiving a nod from Ashton. “Thank you.” He mumbled. 

The paramedic closed the doors after placing you in the back. The sound echoed around the street, Michael jumped under the noise. His eyes looking up to meet those of the saddened paramedic. Nodding slowly, he hopped into his seat, taking off in the ambulance. 

“We should go.” Ashton whispered. 

Michael stood up, walking over to the damage that had been left behind. The shattered glass on the ground glistened as the sunlight hit it. His tears dripped to the ground, splashing off the tarmac. “Mikey, we’ll go to the hospital. You heard that guy. She’s alive. And right now, she needs you.” “This is my fault.” Michael replied. Turning to look at Ashton, his eyes were swollen and red. “I shouldn’t of let her go.” He held his hand to his mouth, holding it tight to prevent the sobs from escaping once more. “This isn’t your fault. Don’t ever say that.” Ashton snapped. “You didn’t cause this!” He continued. “I let her leave! Don’t you get that? I let her fucking go, I watched her drive off. And now. Now she’s a body, lying on a bed. Yeah. She’s alive, but she’s not there. Her mind, is gone. She’s just a soul in an empty mind.” Michael broke down, falling back to the ground as he held onto his stomach. Ashton’s eyes shut tightly as the tears fell from his eyes, unable to find the words to speak. 

You were wheeled into the hospital, the doctors all rushing beside you as they pulled you in. “Victim of a car collision, she was alive on scene but unconscious. Trauma to the head and a possible fractured arm.” 

Back at the scene, Michael had finally gotten off the ground. His hands were shaking as he looked around at the destruction. “I need to go to her.” He whispered, causing Ashton to look up from the path. “I’ll drive you.” But before Ashton had even gotten the chance to pull out his car keys, Michael had took off down the street. Running as far as his legs could take him.

“Michael!!” Ashton called after him.

Michael kept running, trying to keep up his pace but stumbling every now and then. Tears streamed down the side of his face, but he just kept on going. Images of you lying in the bed alone flashed in his mind, the thought of you scared in the car. The air around him began to thicken. As though it was all be sucked out from his embrace. He stopped, panting for just that grasp of air to come. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He cried out into the quiet street. 


Okay, so here is part threeeee. It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking and I feel terrible about it. But, I’m just building up to something good. So please bare with me.

I hope, hope, hope you like it. Let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Love you. 

We Have a Basement?

I was having this “crisis” where I was unable to write for other people’s OCs for fear of getting their character wrong, so I needed to write something to get me out of that slump, and I wrote a fic about the triplets from the transcendence au (because honestly what else am I going to write for?) finding a hole in the floor. Also, it’s  from Willow’s perspective because I just finished the marvelous Miss Lilly fics. Enjoy?

Willow wasn’t sure what the standard procedure was for finding a mysterious hole in the middle of your hallway, but she was pretty sure it didn’t involve lowering your entire body into it to the point that only your finger tips were holding onto the floorboards and then—because what else is there to do at that point?—letting go. Of course, she didn’t get the chance to say this until Acacia had already done just that.

Willow had heard stories about caves that seemed to go on forever and ever down into the earth, caves that were so deep that if you dropped a stone in the darkness it would take minutes before you heard even the faintest of sounds. Willow wondered for one horrible second if this was somehow one of those caves, but then she heard Acacia’s sneakers slap the ground and she let out her breath.

“Woo!” was Acacia’s cry. “Not dead!”

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The biggest thing I’ve noticed about the slump of my head and any amount of depression I have is that it not only makes really really really simple tasks almost impossible to do during the mental slump, but the feelings and aversion to doing the task are so STRONG that it makes it hard to do the task even when you’re feeling a-okay. I’m doing my laundry now and trying to sort through my room and get things organized in the first time in two months, because even on the weeks that I was feeling amazing, I still had such a strong aversion to doing the things that I needed to do. 

And not doing these things, of course, not only made me feel guilty, but also stressed me out, because my entire room was disorganized (clean, but disorganized- I have three laundry baskets to go through tonight), which just took whatever good mood I had and pushed it a little closer to ‘exhausted’. 

I’m glad I’m bored enough and have enough energy today to do the things I need to, because I REALLY want an organized room. I’ve felt unclean for weeks. 

very-layered-onion  asked:

Hey friend! Things will get better! Try cleaning your house and drinking some water. Get out a good cry if you need to. Just know it's okay to feel sad; you've felt these things before, but they always go away eventually. Do you like dogs? Do you like cats? Watch some funny videos of them. Listen to music that makes you happy! There are so many great things out there waiting for you, don't let one slump get you down. :) much love

Lily do you have something to do with this? I don’t. Did someone do this for me or lily? I’m honestly confused.