Okay I need to get out of this slump

I know tumblr glorifies bing watching tv shows but honestly for me when i got super depressed and into slumps of my life all i did was read harry potter 12 times and start watching every available episodes of doctor who and supernatural and friends. My therapist told me that i got so caught up in these shows because i wanted to escape what was going on in reality. I needed to get out of that loop of never wanted to leave my room because honestly I wasnt okay. I put my self in a very unhealthy routine. To the point where some days i wouldn’t eat and i didn’t even notice. I was always in my room, lights off, some show was on and i was also probably on tumblr. I see this kind of lifestyle glorified a lot on this site. Its not okay or cute to constantly just live like this. Please remind yourself to eat or go to the bathroom. If your mom says shes going to the store maybe ask to go with her. Just get back in touch with reality once in a while. I didnt even notice that i was that depressed until i started getting out more and suddenly i felt much better and i didnt need those things to be my crush anymore.

spasticink asked:

Man... sucks to see you down like this... :/ I hope things turn out okay for you and Michi.. I'm praying for her health rn... Best of luck and don't get too down!!! If you need any kind of music let me know and I'll do my best to help!

Omg. Thank you, man. Like really thank you I’ve just been in this weird major slump lately because of everything happening with being in an abusive environment and Michi’s situation and gdhlgdhgdh;gdh;gd my mental health is in a very bad place, so I’m bouncing between all kinds of different moods. Kind of why I took a semi-hiatus on Tumblr because I’m trying to take care of myself aggressively and I’ve been attending interviews and trying to do other things. 

Thanks a lot though that’s uplifting, I am gonna be hopeful, and of course music is always welcome !!!! 

Thanks asdfghjiyong​ you’re the bomb diggity

“make a 10 song playlist” thing

The ‘Slow (Over a Slump) Songs’ Playlist

  1. BIGBANG/Loser
  2. Zion T./Eat
  3. Jillette Johnson/True North
  4. Tori Kelly/Beautiful Things
  5. Leona Lewis/Run
  6. Tori Kelly/Funny
  7. Joshua Radin/No Envy, No Fear
  8. Standing Egg/Little Star
  9. Airborne Toxic Event/The Graveyard Near the House
  10. Plumb/Blink

Not a lot of Kpop ^^;;; idk but this is my playlist for getting over slumps. This a crying… naturally. I LIKE MAKING PLAYLISTS OKAY. i have a happier version of this playlist. this is like when im really low and i just need to cry. i dont need to feel better yet i just need to let it ALL OUT. (i may or may not have worked on order… my actual playlist of these songs is longer)

Trying to work out of a slump. Did some sketching but it all felt awkward and I still don’t understand muzzles. This is really the only thing I did today that I felt semi-okay about. Still need a lot of work to get the feel of blending down, I think I’m applying some of the colors too thick in the first few layers. I also should’ve gotten the bigger pack of Prismacolors, 24 definitely isn’t enough.