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hello appblr world!! I recently graduated high school (c/o 2015), and I will be attending Duke University in the fall, hoping to pursue a double major in English and Political Science with a minor in either Psychology or Neuroscience :’) 

applying to colleges was one of the most stressful experiences of my life, so I really want to help out anyone who is now currently feeling those tidal waves of anxiety and panic. my intention is to help and hopefully alleviate any nerves about applying to college (in America)

the summer before my senior year, every time I read the word ‘college’, my heart rate spiked & I started internally freaking out. for me, the whole process was super overwhelming, and my distaste for the education system (specifically, the american education system) quadrupled. I remember feeling incredibly confused and alone because I didn’t know where to start, so here is a lil guide thingy!!! 


  • make sure and finish all your summer assignments – I know that college applications are a strong focus, but get what you’re supposed to do out of the way first + you will feel less overwhelmed and more productive
  • start making a list of colleges that you want to apply for – my best suggestion is to categorize them into safety schools, match schools, and reach schools
    • ref: generally people look at a school’s admitted profile (on the school website) and compare stats, which means gpa, rank, test scores, etc. if you can, it’s also helpful to read into their supplementary essay prompts and examples to give you a general idea of what a college is looking for (ex. UChicago is notoriously known for their quirky supplementary essay prompts; famous past prompts include: Find X, Where’s Waldo?, Why are you here?, What’s so odd about odd numbers?) 
  • do lots of research on schools you’re interested in – ok now I know that reading these long paragraphs on school websites can get really tiring, so try watching some youtube videos or looking the school up on reddit, and be sure to talk to current students to get a first-hand account
    • look at location, diversity, the programs offered in relation to what you’re interested in, size, public vs private institutions, sports, social scene, political affiliations, financial aid offered, study abroad, etc)
  • try and figure out a general field of what you’re interested in – you do NOT need to know what you want to major in, but when you’re applying for colleges, you will most likely need to select an intended major; if not, you will apply as undeclared, which has its advantages and disadvantages!! but even with an intended major, most colleges don’t make you officially select a major until sophomore, sometimes even junior year, so it is okay to not know what you wanna do when you’re 16/17/18!!! but explore and reflect and try and figure out a general field of what you’re interested in. do NOT use your grades as a sole factor in deciding; if you are good at math and have really high grades, that does not necessarily mean that you should be a math major - pursue your passions!! if you know that you like writing and reading, then consider a major in english or literature. if you think you’d like to work with computer software, then consider a major in computer science or computer engineering. ALSO know that there are so many potential majors + even the option to create your own at some universities!! and also know that many people change majors, and that is totally ok :) 
  • in august, common app will open, which is what many colleges use for the application process. certain schools will have specific websites themselves (i.e. MIT, University of California schools, etc) – if you make an account BEFORE august, it will be deleted by then, so be careful!! now, when you make ur account, you can add schools and you can look at their supplements and stuff. be sure and note deadlines!! 


  • keep up with your school work – senioritis is REAL AND ALIVE, my friends. you will think it’s really bad first semester, but then it just explodes into a frenzy of apathy and indifference second semester + you basically don’t care about anything; this is normal, but still try and focus. colleges can rescind their acceptances, altho it’s not likely unless you suddenly fail everything, but overall, it’s just important to still try
  • keep good relations with your teachers (both current teachers and past teachers) & decide on which to ask for a rec – for many schools, they will require at least one teacher recommendation, so you must decide between which teachers you wanna ask. I would advise picking the teachers you’ve always had good relations with, and in a subject where you’re really passionate about learning the material. when asking, be respectful of deadlines (aka don’t ask them to write you a rec two days before the deadline. they are people too), and be sure and say thank you. if you can, make them a card or make/buy them a little gift; I promise you, they’ll appreciate it!! 
    • if the school you’re applying to requires multiple teacher recs: many people advise asking teachers of different subjects to emphasize your well-roundedness – you can do that or you can ask teachers of one subject that you’re really interested in; weigh your options and politely ask. asking teachers can be really scary sometimes, especially if you’re very shy, but they’re there to help you and it’ll all work out :)
  • write a common app essay (if applicable) – common app has 4 prompts that you can choose from, and then you’ll submit that to all the colleges ur applying to thru common app. this is very important. if you’re not a good writer, do not fret!! most of the time, the subject of these essays are very personal. a lot of people write about some trying time in their lives, but plenty of other people write creatively about something small, but important. remember that essays are a way for admission directors to get to know the real you :’) that sounds super cliche, but keep in mind that you are more than ur gpa and ur sat/act score. prove that to them by writing about something you care about
    • if you are ok with it (and it’s totally ok to not be ok with it), ask someone you trust to read over it and edit it. a lot of people ask their language arts teachers just bc they’ll help with grammar and structure, but asking other trusted adults and peers will be helpful too!! keep in mind the potential of bias from parents + friends though 
    • you will most likely write your common app essay multiple times. you will have lots of drafts & it can be really stressful, but patience. you will be so happy when you finally finish 
  • finalize your college list and start writing supplementary essays – many colleges will have supplementary parts to the application on top of common app. this can range from totally separate essays to lil short-answer questions, so be prepared and give yourself plenty of time to write!! just as with your common app essay, getting feedback can be super helpful
    • also remember that many colleges accept arts supplements (this range depends on the college, but I’ve seen colleges accept writing, dance, music, visual art, etc) & these fall under a different deadline, usually. if you want to submit in an art supplement, you may have to submit in your essays and everything earlier 
    • OH ALSO some colleges will have an early decision or early application deadline – this is basically an earlier deadline for ur app in exchange for an earlier decision. be careful on the difference between EA and ED!!! ED is BINDING, which means that if you get in, you have to go (you can get out of it for financial reasons tho), and EA is NONBINDING, which means that even if you get in, you can decide to go to another school
  • submit in your transcript and any test scores you need – different schools have different policies, but most fall under either the SAT + SAT 2 scores OR ACT + writing scores; I would suggest contacting the counseling office asap, but be super nice!! counselors are there to help you through this process, but it can be really overwhelming for them too
    • pay close attention to whether or not ur college requires a counseling rec or not
  • double check everything for small details – some colleges accept peer recs, but sometimes they don’t publicize that detail very much so just be observant! same with priority deadlines for interviews; you may have to submit in your app earlier if you want priority for an interview
  • accept ur interview opportunities – meet with an alumni or go on campus if you can and give an interview!! they’re really helpful sometimes bc it provides the school with a look into who you are as a person, not just as a student. also, from my experience, the alumni are super nice and really interested + it’s nice to just talk and nerd out about the school you like :’) 
  • submit ur apps (hehehe of course!) 
  • apply for scholarships – this is something that I wish I had taken more seriously, but really, college is expensive and scholarships can make all the difference. talk to your counselors if you don’t know where to start & literally just google for them!! be careful you are eligible for the ones you’re interested in and make sure you submit everything in by the deadline too 


  • distract yourself like crazy – the wait is horrible and the anticipation is killer, if you’re anything like me at least. hang out with your friends and just enjoy your senior year!! this is the last of high school & i promise you that as much as you may hate it (if you do hate it), you will feel bittersweet by the end of the year. so make memories and make the best out of the time you have left in high school 
  • check your email – colleges oftentimes send you emails if they need you to send them anything more, or they’ll update you about things. they’ll usually also email you with where you need to go to check your decision
  • don’t let the senioritis take over ur soul 


  • acceptances – YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!! be proud of yourself and know that you deserve it 100000%, wholeheartedly. they did not make a mistake, and you ARE that amazing. celebrate your accomplishment, but also be humble. it’s likely that you have a friend that either got waitlisted or denied, so be careful what you say 
  • rejections – i’m sorry, my dear!! but you are not meant to be at that school, and that is okay. even if it is your dream school. this does not reflect ur self-worth & this def does not mean that you aren’t good enough. this simply means you aren’t a good fit for the school!! most people have to deal with rejections, so take some time for yourself. eat some comfort food and watch some tv. read a book if that relaxes you. take a bath with lots of bubbles. do whatever is necessary to cleanse yourself of any negative thoughts you may have, and then realize that you can accomplish SO much wherever you end up!! UR A BRILLIANT SHINING STAR & I HAVE FAITH IN YOU :’)
  • waitlisted – being waitlisted (or deferred during EA/ED, which basically pushed you back to the regular decision time) sucks so much bc you just want to know; take a deep breath and consider all your options. make backup plans. if you’re really interested in the school, email them and tell them that!! make sure if you want to be on the waitlist, that you notify them of that (usually via mail or online somehow). if you don’t wanna be on the waitlist, make sure you take yourself off so you give everyone else a better chance :) 
  • weigh your options through careful, careful consideration – there are so many factors that may come into play when finally deciding on which college to go to
    • money is usually a huge factor, and sometimes you won’t be able to go to a great school even though you got in bc it’s too expensive. but do not be sad about this. give yourself time to feel sad, but don’t let it dictate your life!! you need to stay logical and rational. think long-term. sit down with your guardians and discuss the option of taking out loans and so forth. if you’re planning on pursuing grad school afterwards, you need to keep that in the picture as well 
    • talk to current-students and compare important things – if you’re really big on community service, ask the current students at different schools how it is there. this applies for everything!! first-hand accounts are incredibly helpful. you can also consider emailing professors of departments you’re interested in for a more professional and academic perspective 
    • look into their programs and try and avoid putting too much emphasis on rankings - be specific and read up on the department that you’re interested and compare them with different schools. don’t blindly let an overall ranking mislead you!! (i.e. Duke is ranked higher overall than Georgia Tech, but Georgia Tech is ranked MUCH higher in many of its engineering programs) 
    • talk to people – talk to your parents. talk to your counselors, your teachers, your peers. basically everyone is talking about college your senior year, so take advantage of it. talk with other people and get second, third, fourth, fifth opinions. expand your mind and consider everything!! 

senior year is this giant conglomeration of sweat and tears and happiness and anger and jealous and confusion, so do not worry if you are feeling overwhelmed!! it is normal, and i promise that everyone has felt scared about the future at some point. but with that, be confident in yourself. you’re absolutely lovely + you will go far in life!! 

ok 1) I apologize for how absurdly long this post is and 2) I am here to help if ANYONE has ANY questions about anything!! literally I would love giving advice, so feel free to msg me anytime (my main account is @naiveety though, so whichever works) 

ALSO if anyone is interested in Duke, please please please come to me & I will help!!!


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what are the most important topics to know for act math?

Note: I’m not the best at maths, and I didn’t take the ACT, so I asked my friend Danielle who is both a maths genius and an ACT veteran to write this :D

Hey! Here’s some tips on how to get a stellar score on the ACT Math section.

First: REMAIN CALM.  It is going to be ok. No matter the score you get, life will go on. As my Calc teacher told us, what is the worst that could happen? You get a bad score and then what? It is just a piece of paper, your score does not define you or your future.

Now, let’s talk math.

  • The questions get more difficult as you go, so try to finish the first 30 in less than 30 minutes
  • No matter what, keep moving. I you get stuck, pick an answer and keep going. It is better to spend time on questions you might actually get right than ones you definitely do not know how to answer
  • For example, if they are asking some word problem about a teenager’s age, and you get 72, you probably did something wrong.
  • All problems, however, can be solved without a calculator, and oftentimes it is easier if you refrain from using your calculator.
  • I am attaching a picture of formulas I think would be relevant to know
  • If you are very concerned about not having a formula sheet, look over mine (or your own right before the test and write them at the top once the test starts)
  • On the ACT (and SAT actually) no points are deducted for wrong answers so guess!
  • Try to make reasonable assumptions though! Going back to the example of a teenager, if the answers are a) 3 b) 12 c) 13 d) 17 e) 72 you can safely disclose a and e because teens are not 3 or 72 years old.

Here are some key topics you should consider reviewing:

  • Factoring
  • Parallel/perpendicular
  • Point-slope form
  • Midpoints/distance formula
  • Volume, Surface Area, properties of circles/triangles
  • Sin, cos, tan

The best advice I can give you is to sit down for an hour and take a practice test. The more comfortable you are with the test/the timing the better off you will be. Here are a couple of practices tests:

If you want me to go through particular ACT math questions or review a certain topic, let me know!

And the formulas mentioned above are below the cut:

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Excited rant about Run BTS! 19

- Oh my Gawd it’s a bowling episode. Finally, Jungkook can shine. Obviously BTS thinks this, too, wondering if they’re there for maknae to show off.

- as a punishment they will need to bow to Jungkook, Namjoon’s not happy but Jungkook has this muffled smirk on his face („HEHEHE JIMIN-HYUNG WILL DIE BECAUSE OF THIS.“).

- Taehyung has his glasses on. Taehyung. Has. His. GLASSES ON.

- Jin is also not happy about bowing to Jungkook. We see that lil’ shitseagull’s smirk more prominent this time. He’s so ready for this.

- Pls someone explain to me why is Jungkook suddenly writing lyrics to Spring Day with his butt in the air. How? How he even came to this idea? More importantly, how it went when he showed it for the first time? Was he like: “Hey hyungs, guess what song’s lyrics are these,” and they were like “Obviously, it’s Spring Day, bogoshipda!” or did he tell them from the beginning and they still approved? I need answers.

- “JK, buy us dinner.” After this request we learn that Jungkook’s favorite eating places are convenience store and Gimbap Paradise (something that’s not too luxury-like). I find this very cute and hilarious. JK is protecting his pride; he would never buy hyungs food from some cheap place. *I scream*

- Tae is afraid of JK’s bare arms. Poor Taehyung must’ve been scared through all game because Jungkook had his sleeves up most of the time.

- Us humans play bowling. (Well, not me, I played it once and repeatedly threw the ball like a basketball. Also did you know that the balls are not only different colors, but different weight, too? DID YOU? Probably yes. I didn’t.) Anyway, BTS are not playing bowling! They roll a heavy ball. To hit pins. See the difference?

- Finally. This is Jungkook’s moment. Vivaldi plays in the background in Jungkook’s mind. He still acts all shy and modest, BUT HE’S NOT. Remember the way Jin rocked the DDR few weeks ago (I’m still convinced he played it when he was younger)? THIS IS THE SAME SITUATION. IT’S JUST MORE TREMENDOUS SINCE IT’S JUNGKOOK.

- “I just started learning.” Lies Jungkook. Members say nothing as they know he wasn’t even being serious. Plus even if he started learning yesterday, he would still be good at it. This kid.

- Justin Seagull is on it. Pro posture, almost ballerina-like. BAM. He clears all of them in two moves. He looks very smug about it. Members are excited. Wow, Jungkook is so good! They don’t know that amongst them are some very pro players, yet. Soon they’ll find out. “He looks so cocky,” says Taehyung. I agree. I see you Seagull, you can pretend all you want.

- Evil Jin knows this ain’t no DDR now, so he will at least interrupt Jungkook. Jimin finds it very funny. How teasing. (JIMIN IS SO CUTE WHEN HE HAS HIS HOODIE ON). “PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE”, Kim Seokjin, about friendly match at bowling with his bros, 2017.

- Ok hyungs, that would be enough. “Should we start now?” Jungkook just can’t wait. He starts and members start with their “warfare”. Scared Tae tries to convince Jungkook to not show his abs. He fails. Ok, so all BTS has bare arms now. Am I complaining? (Am not.)

- Suga’s turn. His posture is literally what I did when I went to bowling that one time. But the difference is, it works for him.

- Meanwhile Jungkook has one chance to beat Suga’s score. Yoongi is a supportive hyung and blabber words of courage to Jungkook like: Bad move. Bad. Move. …but Jungkook is still like a boss.

- Tae’s turn. Once again BTS proves to us they are the best commercial partners for Puma. Very extra. For some reason Jimin destroyed my heart at this moment with the cutest laughing voice, stating that “Tae threw the ball with strength.” I don’t see the joke in that, but that doesn’t matter since I’m dead.

- Jungkook’s not going well in this turn, we see that typical Seagull disappointment. Who’s not disappointed is Jin, yelling at Jungkook in the voice of 72 years old grandpa, his encouragement really similar to Yoongi’s. “Not a good move.”

- Jimin’s turn. I was dead already and I tried to crawl outta my grave. JIMIN-HYUNG USED TO PLAY WITH ME!!!!!! SAYS JUNGKOOK IN CUTE VOICE AND I’M DYING AGAIN.

- God of Destruction’s turn now. Jungkook laughs evily – same way as he did when he parted Jimin’s hair back at Season’s Greeting 2016, pls tell me you know what I mean :D . Anyway Namjoon hits full, zero pins. But that’s just the beginning.

- Jin holds the ball weirdly. Jin laughs in windshield laugh. Jin hits the same amount of pins as Namjoon. Just Namjin things.

- “I will throw without trying,” says Jungkook. Your face says something else. Don’t forget I’m watching you, Justin. AAAAAND it’s strike. As an expert, JK states “Hobi hyung will be good, once he’ll learn.” He sounds like he’s in bowling businessu ever since 1997. J-Hope grabs watermelon and hits 6 pins! Next move and he hits all. Yoonseok is strong in this Run, Yoongi jumps to high-five Hobi.

- Taehyung literally throws the ball 3 meters away. I feel you Tae, I did that too. Repeatedly. Not because my fingers got stuck. Just because I’m a bowling noob.

- All BTS connect their powers to sort out the Po-in dilemma. Do we need to stand like it? How do you even spell it? Jin turns with this problem to V, who spell it like a pro. Still no one’s sure if it’s right. Is it an English word? Doesn’t have to be, wonders Namjoon, philosophy major. Members join him. It can be Japanese or Chinese. They are having fun while Jungkook tries to ignore them, but he fails. Namjoon is very happy about their “psychological warfare” working.

- Wondering about words continues. Is bowling made of “bowl” and “linga ling”? Ringa Linga Ringa Linga. Jungkook gives in. He’s starting to be so done with hyungs. Why won’t they leave him alone? HE EVEN TRIED WITHOUT TRYING BUT STILL KNOCKED THE PINS DOWN EARLIER, WHAT ELSE HE HAS TO DO?

- J-Hope smashes it again. Suga’s complimenting on his skills. Huehuehue. Anyway, Jungkook wins despite psychological warfare. That look on his face when he demands his bow is hilarious. Yoongi calls him “big brother”, one would believe him. For a second. But still.

- They all bow to Jungkook. As they’re doing that, HOBI PUTS HIS HAND DOWN ON YOONGI’S BACK. Yeah, you might think I won’t see you J-Hope. But I’m a JiKook shipper. I see everything. Detective mode 24/7.  Hobi also grabs Suga’s hand and does that wave. So. Awesome.

- New Puma accessories in this game. BTS shows us the flexibility of that piece, I have no idea what it even is. But it can be used as a belt, headband, wristband and basically anything. Just Puma things™.

- Jin + V + JK vs JM + NJ + YG + JH. How will this end? We don’t know, but Jimin misses the pins and cheers with enemies. After that he’s serious and clears all the pins. His team is astonished.

- Watermelon farmer is on it again. He’s really good. Jungkook, a.k.a ‘been in bowling business since 1997’ might be right. Next is Tae, effortlessly dope.

- Yoongi cleans the ball. I know, I’ve said it like 5565 times already, but Yoonseok game in this one is strong. Hobi starts singing: “Suga’s hand is a good hand.” (His back is good too, right? >:) )

- Yoongi cheers on Namjoon and Rap Mon really hits almost all of the pins. Suga continues his psychological warfare and screams: “Jungkook practiced for MONTHS BUT HE’S NOT TOO DIFFERENT.” They laugh about it and Jungkook laughs, too. It’s Eomma Jin who, now in Jungkook’s team, looks shockingly pissed. Sthob it. No more fun. Jin takes down just 2 pins. Disappointment on his face intensifies.

- Jimin precisely avoids all the pins. Tae takes off his glasses and suddenly is a bowling star. Stabbing Jungkook in his heart with mocking his bowling abilities continues. J-Farmer is on it again. Philosophy major Namjoon wonders again: Is it watermelon? What about zucchini? Hobi knocks down 9 pins. Yoongi loses his damn mind.

- JK’s turn. One of my favorite parts is the way Taehyung casually stands up and goes sit next to Jin instead of between Jin and Jimin, making space for Jungkook. To sit next to Jimin. Ehehe. Suga scores the same as Jungkook. I really wonder what Jungkookie did to piss Yoongi of at this point, because he continues to insult JK’s bowling abilities. “NO NEED TO PRACTICE. HAHA.”

- Namjoon strikes. World is over. Time stopped. Fireworks. Jin looks out of it, like he can’t believe it but at the same time he feels proud at the leader. Oh, all the confusion. J-Hope is looking the best when he’s celebrating his or his team’s victories. Every. Single. Time. I love you Hobi.

- Seagull’s team is losing. J-Farmer’s team decide that Namjoon will be their last player. “No pressure.” His own team’s biggest fan and Seagull’s hater Yoongi says in very serious manner: “I won’t look at you, if it’s pressuring!” And he, indeed, turns his back to Namjoon. Now it’s a tie. One pin is separating them from the grand victory. J-Farmer will finish it. His biggest fan is cleaning the ball for him (ahahaha how does that even sound? :D)

- THEY DID IT AND EVERYTHING EXPLODES INCLUDING ME, IN MY GRAVE. Jungkook is clapping as a madman, he’s so happy the other team won, like… what are you doing Jungkook, you just lost!

- Suga throws his last ball. He didn’t even want to mock Jungkook. But he strikes. So who is the real pro here? Yoongi or Jungkook? I’m so confused.

- It’s bowing and spanking time! Hoseok smashes Tae’s poor butt, he needs to sit to silent the pain :D Jimin praises Jin’s humor, it’s a sly move: sweet talk before the unavoidable pain. The last is Suga and Bowling Master. Despite mocking him through all game, Yoongi smacks his butt with much less force than other two.

- Jungkook states that Yoongi’s bowling was “cute”. Everyone was good in his eyes and I trust him. After all, he’s into bowling businessu since 1997.

- This episode is over just like this rant. I’m so sorry it was this long, but I was overly excited once again. Now I’m gonna try and glue the pieces of me together and come back to life. K, bye.

Drought- Aaron Ekblad

Originally posted by laurastacey

Ok so seriously Aaron Ekblad has no right looking like that ok? I don’t know what is going on in Florida, but I apparently need some of that water. Anyway! I like how this one turned out and I really hope you guys do too! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions teen pregnancy

Anon Request: One with your son , the 1st nhl draft pick, is having a goal drought and he is really depressed about it and his dad Aaron ekblad helps him out?


              You winced as the door slammed shut behind your son.

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A Couple Questions- Scott McCall Imagine

Requested! (LIKE FOREVER AGO) “Can you do a Scott McCall imagine and the reader and him are dating and she’s a youtuber and they do all different types of challenges like the yoga challenge and the boyfriend girlfriend tag?

Sorry it took FOREVER and I know it’s awful, but I hope you at least enjoy it  a bit!

Originally posted by tweenw

“Oh my gosh Scott, the video of us doing the yoga challenge has already reached over 200 thousand views” you exclaim. Your vlog has taken off over the past few months and now has over 500 thousand followers. Three days ago you and Scott uploaded a video together doing a yoga challenge in which both of you did insanely hard yoga tricks together. There were some that you must admit, that were considerably easier for the two of you to do because of Scott’s several werewolf abilities.

“Babe that’s so awesome! You’re practically famous” he jokes.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you.” You grab your laptop and walk over to Scott and show him numerous comments left by your followers. “And it looks like I have an idea for my next vlog, but I’ll need your help.”

“Depends on what it is” he says.

“It’s called the boyfriend tag and in it I’ll ask you questions about our relationship sent in by fans.”

“Sounds fun, but what happens if I get one wrong” he questions.

“Well technically we don’t have to do anything, it could all just be for fun… but knowing us we wouldn’t enjoy that. So let’s think of something” you say a bit mischievously.

“I don’t like the sound of this” Scott says hesitantly.


“Come on Scott, let’s start filming” you call for your boyfriend. You hear a soft groan emerge as Scott enters your living room. “Oh come on mister grumpy pants, you agreed to this.”

“I know, I know. I just don’t know if I’m a big fan of what could happen if I answer too many wrong” he grumbles.

“Well then, I guess you should try to get them alright then” you smirk at him. “You ready?”

Scott gives a small nod of the head and sits down next to you on the couch.  “Let’s do this.”

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel” you start the video. “Today I have a very special vlog for you guys. If you don’t recognize this weirdo sitting next to me, it’s my boyfriend Scott.”

“Hang on, weirdo?” he interjects.

“My cute weirdo” you joke.

“I’ll take it.”

“Anyways, today we are doing a highly requested video and that is, Drum roll please, the boyfriend tag! You all sent in numerous questions that Scott is going to answer about our relationship, and right now he is shaking, hoping that he’ll get them all correct. Do you want to tell them why Scott?” You send him a devilish smirk in which he responds with an eye roll and a laugh.

“Well, if I get more than 5 questions wrong, (Y/N) gets to choose a new tattoo for me to get” he says with fake enthusiasm.

“Alright babe, are you ready?”

“Born ready” he says confidently.

“Okay Scott we will start off with some easy questions. Where did we first meet?”

A giant smile spreads across his face as you ask the first question. “Easy. You were at my first lacrosse game of the season. You were new to beacon hills, I thought you were cute, and so I knew I had to impress you. So in that game I scored 5 goals and hoped that you would talk to me after.”

“Awwwe Scott, you remember all that! I was just waiting for you to be lame and say ‘we met at school’” a large blush spreads on your cheeks as Scott relays memories from the start of your relationship. “Alright, you got the first one but there is still many more to go.”

“Bring it on” he says with a smirk. “I have no worries now.”

“Ok next question, what does my typical Friday night consist of doing?”

“Besides me—owe!” he exclaims as you hit him with a pillow for him inappropriate comment. “I was only joking! But usually we are umm…”

“Uhh oh he doesn’t know it guys!” you tease.

“Well usually on a Friday we will be with our other friends just uhhh hanging out I guess” he stumbles. The moment he mentions your friends, you could see why this question would be hard for him to answer. That is because a typical Friday night is spent with the pack trying to take down whatever evil is threatening beacon hills.

“I’ll accept that answer. But I won’t be so lenient with the rest.” A laugh escapes both of you. Personally, you would love to choose a new tattoo for Scott to get, but you won’t get your hopes up. “So now here’s the third question, what is my favorite food?”

“You can’t be serious” he sighs. “There can’t just be one answer to that though right. I know you and I know what you can eat.”

“Don’t worry, there isn’t one specific correct answer. But you can’t just say any type of food either. So choose carefully” you warn.

“Alright well although I know you love stuff like pizza and tacos, but I’m going to go for something other than those. My answer is…. Chinese food” he answers with uncertainty.

“Well you should have just left it at pizza or tacos, that’s one wrong” you tease.

           You went through 10 more questions and Scott managed to get 3 wrong out of those. His forehead grew sweaty as his nerves started kicking in. Before each question you made things worse by reminding him how many more strikes he had before he lost. He was a little upset with himself when he couldn’t quite recall the location of your first kiss or when he couldn’t remember what your old dogs name was. However, you weren’t too surprised he didn’t reall either of those, especially because your first kiss was during a full moon in order to keep him human.

“Alright Scott, are you ready for your final question?”

“Bring it on babe” he says with fake confidence.

“What instrument did I play in middle school?”

“You played an instrument” he mumbles. “Crap…”  His eyes darted all around your room looking for signs or an answer but none came.

“Think very very carefully, you don’t want to get this one wrong.”

“Was it… the violin” he says cautiously. You give him a look that he is unable to read. You can feel his nerves pulsating out of his body.

“Scott, I’m afraid…. You are correct! Ding ding, we have a winner” you exclaim. His face lights up in excitement as he realizes you don’t have to choose a tattoo for him. “Thank you so much guys for tuning in to our boyfriend tag video. Leave your comments down below and let me know what you’d like to see next, Bye!!”

You click off the camera to stop recording and look to Scott who has a giant smirk on his face. “Told you I would get enough right” he mocks.

“Actually… it was the flute” you say as you walk out of the room.

“Wait what?” he asks confused.

“I played the flute, I was just feeling nice” you sass with a light laugh. “You’re welcome.”

Meanwhile Scott is still just sitting on the couch with the most surprised look on his face. He could have sworn he would have won…

The GANG is BACK (Part 2)

(2nd round of truth or dare. You can read part 1 HERE: http://nitorirp.tumblr.com/post/163915602470/the-gang-is-back )


MAKOTO: Ok! I’m gonna be super mean then! Momo-kun, truth or…?

MOMO: Truth! Truth!

MAKOTO: When was the last time you saw somebody naked?

MOMO: …Easy. This morning I took a shower…And I shower naked.

[Everybody laughed.]

MOMO: My turn!!! Gou-san…Truth or dare?

GOU: Truth. No doubt about it.

MOMO: Okaaay…If you could date anybody in this room…Who would you choose?

GOU: Mmmmm…Let me think…Well, it’s actually pretty easy. I’d pick Sousuke.

[Sousuke choked on his drink. Nitori and Rin looked at each other with his eyes wide open]


SOUSUKE: *clearing his throat* Can I have more juice, please?

NITORI: Su-Sure! Gimme your glass.

NAGISA: …Why Sou-chan?

GOU: …Most of you are taken anyway.

[Now both Nitori and Rin looked disappointed]

GOU: …But also we’ve been close since we were little…We know each other pretty well…And also…Muscles.


MOMO: I have muscles too.

GOU: Ok…My turn now. Brother in law, truth or dare?

NITORI: EEEH??? Me?? Ok…Truth, I guess.

GOU: Who has the best muscles in this room?

RIN: Do you even have to ask?

NITORI: Yeah. I’m offended. Of course, my Rin does.

[Nitori was so proud, at first he didn’t even realize what he had just said…]

MOMO: Get a room you two!!!

NITORI: I mean…[The realization came suddenly and he turned red fast]

RIN: …S-Shut up. You gave a good and accurate answer.

NITORI: O-Ok!!! SO NOW…Rin-senpai…Truth or dare?

RIN: …Dare.

[The sexual tension filled the air immediately]

GOU: …Oh my…

MAKOTO: …If you want, we can leave…It’s getting late actually. Ha…Ha…haha…


REI: Nagisa…

RIN: Actually, let it be truth. We’re making our guests uncomfortable.

NITORI: …Ooookay…Ahem…Then…If you could change one thing about me…What would you change?

RIN: That you’re still messy as fuck. The house is always a mess because of you…And you know that…

NITORI: …Yeah…

RIN: Other than that, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

[There was a sweet silence]

GOU: Damn, I’m so jealous…

RIN: My turn now? Ok. Nagisa…

NAGISA: YAY!!! Truth! And be extra mean!!!

RIN: Ai, give me ideas from your blog…Your followers ask you wild stuff sometimes.

[Nitori whispered something into Rin’s ear after cheking his smart phone]

RIN: Oi…That’s too…


RIN: As you wish…On a scale of 1 to 10…How good is Megane in bed?
[There was an uproar in the living room mixed with laughter. Nagisa didn’t even flinch]

REI: Hey!

NAGISA: Etto…Let me think…Maybe…An 8?

REI: I don’t think that kind of…WHAT??? AN 8??? Preposterous! Please, reconsider…

NAGISA: …8 is a pretty high score though…MY TURN! Ai-chan! Let me borrow your smartphone! I like that blog of yours. I’ll pick another from there.

MAKOTO: …I’m scared.

GOU: This is so much fun!!

NAGISA: Ok…This follower asked something for Ai-chan…I’m asking Rin-chan.

RIN: You’re not even giving me an option now???

NAGISA: It’s called revenge, Rin Rin.

RIN: You’re the one who wanted it in the first place!

NAGISA: Hehehehe…Did you and Ai-chan have sex in the dorms?


SOUSUKE: They were fucking rabbits.


RIN: Sousuke, dude…My sister is…

MOMO: Sometimes they didn’t even wait for me to fall asleep…

RIN: …Don’t be a liar! We did wait.


NAGISA: Do you have less sex now that you’re living together?

RIN: DUDE…That’s cheating…You’re asking two questions in a row!?

[Everybody was laughing. Even Haru cracked a little]

RIN: Haru is laughing because nobody even asked him a fucking thing! And it’s my turn so I ask you the same. Do YOU have less sex now that you’re living together?

[Haru and Makoto looked at each other. The latter was more visibly embarrassed]

HARU: Now we live alone…No family around…So it’s actually easier…


RIN: [Grinned] Same…


NITORI: We…We’re gonna have to! The neighbours are going to complain because of all the noise we’re making…

MOMO: It wouldn’t be the first time…

NITORI: Momo-kun, jeez!

[Again, everybody laughed]

SOUSUKE: Let’s make a toast.

NAGISA: Good idea! Cheers for Rin-chan and Ai-chan and their new house…!

REI: I wish you all the happiness together…

RIN&NITORI: Thank you…

GOU: And also cheers for Makoto and Haru! Some of us couldn’t be in their housewarming…

MAKOTO: Cheers! And let’s hope we’ll have another housewarming soon?

NAGISA: Who knows…Mako-chan…Who knows…

[Nagisa winked. Sousuke stole a glance at Gou]



REI: …Not until you reconsider that 8 though.

I think OP blocked me so I’ll take this opportunity to thank @tardis-in-a-moonbeam for this great find.

1) I’m just calling straight up bullshit on that statistic You pulled that out of your ass. And even if it were true if you have to use the word “rather” to justify shoplifting, you are an incredibly entitled individual that has no grounds to preach to others. If it’s that much of a necessity, they can steal low-grade makeup just so they can have something. They can get what they pay for, so to speak.

2) I would love to see some sort of citation for that law, because as far as I know nothing like that exists (though there should be some sort of protection IMO). Also, the second half is irrelevant to whether one should or shouldn’t be against shoplifting. It’s still wrong for workers to steal from their employers, and it still hurts the existing workers as well.

My main problem with this overall is actually this: Why are you bragging about shoplifting? People who need to steal aren’t the ones posting about it on the internet. They’re keeping a low profile, because in their minds, that’s the only option left to them and God forbid they should get caught or go to jail, especially if they’re stealing to take care of their family. These people know what they’re doing is wrong and have decided to carry that sin with them. I have no problem with these people, because they accept the immorality of their actions and are doing it because they have no other options.

But as for you and everyone else on this blue hellhole of a website, if it’s really such a necessity, there’s no reason to dedicate entire blogs to showing off your haul and totalling up how much you stole so you can brag about it like getting #1 on the criminal high score board validates your actions. Why steal the most expensive things instead of just what you need to get by? Don’t kid yourselves, you’re not doing this because you have to. You’re doing it because you think you deserve it. “The system” has cheated you, so you’re cheating the system.

I’m telling you right now that you’re nothing but a bunch of entitled and spoiled brats preaching from the very dregs of the Internet like you have some sort of enlightened moral high ground by “realizing” that stealing is actually ok. You can attempt to justify it all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t be taking what isn’t yours.

Bowling- Josh Anderson

Originally posted by thatchydemko

Ok so in honor of CBJ pulling themselves together and saving the world… here’s a Josh Anderson one for you… I believe he scored too? Sorry I didn’t watch! Anyway! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None!

Anon Request: Love your writing!!! Was wondering if requests are open? If so I would like to request one for CBJ’s puppy, Josh Anderson!!! And I would like to include a date at a bowling alley. If it’s possible because I do know you are really busy!! Thanks!


              You hadn’t been bowling since your 13th birthday.

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The system is fucked

Ok so here in Australia a lot of things are trying to kill you and ATAR is one of them. ATAR is like SATs but Australian. Basically I just realised the system is designed to make you fail. Coz with ATAR out scores are ranked in all of Australia and that determines what universities we can attend. So if you have a 70 ATAR score you are in the top 30%, 80 ATAR then you are in the top 20% and so on… now in Western Australia the minimum you can get to be offered a place in the universities is a 70 ATAR. that means you have to be better than 70% of the rest of everyone. Which means only 30% can attend uni. It doesn’t matter what overall grade you got (this is what annoys me) it only matters how many people you are better than. This means you could achieve a great grade but because you aren’t in the top 30% means you can’t be offered a Uni course. And this shits me. Like the course is made so 70% of hardworking students who have sacrificed 5 years of “the best times of their lives” for nothing. Like there are courses to help you get into you uni if you fall short but not all unis have them. But unlike the students who chose to do a trade or hone their talents in an area those who chose to do ATAR don’t have a lot to fall back on. Like this all makes no sense…sorry for the grammatically incorrect rant. It’s ok now. It’s over

SpUk One shot post 1/?

This was a one shot I made on Q a while ago so here it is to kick of EngSpa Week

Author: me, @some-spicy-spuk

fandom: Hetalia

Ship: SpUk, EngSpa. Spain x England

Sum: England sucks at Just Dnce

Not So Dirty Dancing

The blonde haired Brit gasped, sweat dripping down his flushed face as he panted heavily. Just Dance was getting to him, it was hard, he was out of shape, and his boyfriend was so much better than him. Damn Spaniard and his amazing dancing.
“ Aaahh That was good fun!” Antonio cheered out happily, putting the WII remote down before glancing at his lover, on the floor looking miserably at the score board. Arthur had lost, again, for the 6th time that day.
“ This is not fair!” Arthur complained and put his hands over his face “ I don’t dance to flipping Shakira everyday screaming about my dam hips”
“ Ok that happened once. ” The brunette mumbled, a blush crossing  his tanned face “ now c'mon, one more, its my favorite ”
“ and what will I get out of it?” Arthur asked in an almost annoyed tone of voice, he didn’t want to loose again to Antonio, his ego would not allow it.
“ A kiss maybe?” Antonio said with a grin while Arthur snorted
“ and you are sleeping on the couch tonight Espoona ” The Brit said, pronouncing the nations name wrong just to annoy him. Antonio shook his head t the silly name and kneeled down next to him, placing a small kiss on his jaw.
“ Please?”
Cheek kiss.
“ For me?”
Neck kiss.
“ because you love me?”
“ God! Fine fine” Arthur exclaims, swatting Antonio’s affectionate kisses away from him “ so what song are we doing?”
“ Well… you know… Living La Vida Loca” Antonio exclaims with a  as the Blonde who was still on the floor groaned again and got up.
“ Well lets get this over with.”
The couple started to dance again and before long, both were screeching along to the music and dancing  as fast as they possibly could, trying to out do the other. Arthur was doing well though, maybe it was because of just the fun h was having, or maybe it was Antonio’s voice as he sang along to the lyrics happily, his emerald eyes shining with happiness. It was a catchy song and easy to move to. The blonde was trying his absolute hardest on this one, he would beat Antonio at this and he would do well. Soon, in a final flourish of music and lyrics,  they finished in their final pose, both panting from it before Arthur fell back onto the couch, exhausted by it all.
“ Hey… cariño.” Antonio started before turning to Arthur with a happy smile stretched across his features “ you… you still lost but I love you and I want to give you kisses anyways” the brunette grinned before pouncing onto Arthur who was on the couch and brought his lips into a passionate kiss of love. Arthur happily kissed him back, tangling his fingers in the Spaniards soft and fluffy hair to pull him closer. Soon the kiss broke as both needed air but they pressed their foreheads together and nuzzles one and other.
“ I love you… always know that” Arthur smiled. While the other male laughed softly.
“ I know.. I know and as I love you too” he says before swooping Arthur up into his arms. “ now I would say we are both quite dirty from that work out… so… bath?” he asks
“ together? ” Arthur asks in a hopeful tone.
“ well of course, no hush or else I might just have to kiss you again”
“ well then I wont ever shut up”
The brunette grinned before putting him down just to kiss him again happily. God how he loved his Arthur and God how Arthur loved his Antonio.


oh-hai-senpai  asked:

Yay, you're back~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ May I request Kise, Kagami, Imayoshi, Hanamiya and Midorima's reacting to getting a massage from their S/O after playing/winning a game? Thank you very much! ♥

I’m so sorry for taking so long omg I’m terrible. But I’m a slowwwwww writer and I wasn’t in my best writing mood. But! Here i have your ask!

Kagami: “So! There were 15 seconds for the match to end, and we managed to score four points, and with that we won! You know! You know [Name] how intense that was! I want to repeat!”
“Okay Taiga, calm down and sit here”.
[Name] took Kagami’s shoulders and forced him to sit on his couch. “I’ll give you a massage now, for you to relax.”
“A w-what?!” The boy got even more nervous, but just until he felt the magical hands of his partner squeezing his shoulders lightly.
“Taiga, you’re really tense, are you ok?”
Kagami tried to breathe deeply a couple times while he became a flustered tomato.
And he let them massage him while he relaxed the muscles of his back.

Kise: “[Name]cchi!! I’m so sore! Give me a massage please!!” They meet at their house after Ryouta ended the match. Kise thought that the team they were playing against wasn’t going to be that strong, and it ended up being harder than usual. Still, they won tho.
His partner had been studying until he arrived, already showered and perfumed. He sat on their couch, waiting for them to do the same. Both of they loved pamper the other one, so [Name] didn’t care giving Kise a massage when he was in pain. The boy picked up a pillow from the sofa and put it on his partner’s lap, for then bury his face on it. He waited for [Name] to caress him.
“How I’m supposed to give you a massage if you are lying like this, silly? Besides, where are you sore? Your leg?” Kise only let out a plaintive sigh, so [Name] chuckled and with one hand caressed his neck and with the other, stroked his hair. He didn’t took long to fall asleep.

Midorima: Both of them were sitting around the kotatsu, warming up their legs and having a snack (a healthy one, of course). Midorima was telling them how the match went, and he looked really exhausted. So, when he sighed and tried to stretch a little bit his back muscles, [Name] stood up and went behind him, kneeling in the process.
“What are you doing!?” He seemed really nervous, raising his arms to prevent [Name] to touch him.
“Don’t worry, I’ve washed my hands before” they smiled and grabbed his wrists to leave them again on the table. “Relax”.
The boy was even more tense, and his muscles became more stiff.
“Which part of ‘relax’ you didn’t understand?” And that was when [Name] pressed that point in his back that hurt more than the others. Then he relaxed a bit, letting out a painful groan.
“You know what you’re doing? You’re not a chiropractor nor a physical therapist, I’m not sure if you should be doing this.”
“Midorima shut up.” His partner pecked him on his nape and he was already lost.

Imayoshi: They were hanging out after the game. Imayoshi was acting like always, despite how tired he was. Just when he massaged his shoulder, [Name] was already caressing his shoulder blade, right under where his hand was.
“Does it hurt?”
“Aaah, [Name]-chan you are so attentive…” Imayoshi gave them one of his grim smiles.
“You want me to give you a massage when we get home?”
“Sure”, the captain took them by their wrist and bent down to be at their height “I can’t wait for you to take care of me”.
The way he said that, his voice tone, how he slightly opened his eyes, [Name] was sure that that statement was obscene.

Hanamiya: “It hurts, give me a massage.”
The boy did the same a cat would do, he threw everything that was in front of them and lay down on what was left of their things.
“Makoto, we’ve talked about this, how you should ask?”
“It’s an order.”
[Name] started fondling their hands on the painful area, until they found one that looked particularly painful for him. Resentful, they pressed their hand as hard as they could. Hanamiya jumped and looked at them furious. “You motherfucker, what do you think you’re doing?”
“Next time ask properly.”

Fireflies/You Are My Light
Trevor Morris
Fireflies/You Are My Light

Fireflies, and/or You Are My Light (because I’m a tad indecisive); thescore that plays in the very last scene of 2x04, when Francis has Japanese lanterns launched for Mary in the aftermath of the miscarriage.

Also, very sorry about the very obvious spoken dialogue that can be heard. I really, really tried to reduce it as much as I could but it was being difficult ugh and yeah, it upset me a lot, too. Release the official scores, pls and thank!

anonymous asked:

zoë i'm filling out college applications and i withdrew from classes sophomore year bc of anxiety (i did a couple semesters online and i'm ok now) and i'm afraid my transcript looks bad and i'm stressed and i'm so scared i won't get into the school i want to cause my gpa is lower than i'd like but my act sat scores are good and i don't know what to do

hi friendo!!! but youre finally doing it!! focus on what you are doing not what you aren’t you are going back!! college is chill and no one will know any different youve waited until ready and youre ready NOW

anonymous asked:

Ney scoring teams is nice but why you all so impressed? this team is tragic, its not just his talent which is great ofc course, but it really like hes playing with second league kinda cringy to watch, at times its like they don't even try... is this what we will be praising him for now? you ppl see nothing wring with that lol?

Ok, so what should I praise Neymar for then?

His looks? His abs? His ability to always cut his sides way too short when he gets a haircut? His pretty smile, hands, legs or hilarious laugh. Him being problematic 90% of the year and testing my patience always?

Or should I just praise him for what he is: a damn football player who is doing a good job in the league he’s playing ATM.

Immediately. Not having a hard time with the burden of being the most expensive player ever on his shoulder in a new league, with new teammates. No, he’s immediately doing good. No time for adjustments.

You can say he’s playing against lesser teams and that’s ok (I’ve said what I wanted to say about Ligue 1 and that’s in the past now) but that second goal of him was a fucking beauty. And that’s it.

That corner assist was also fucking beautiful and shows how he and his PSG teammates already have a great connection.

The first 20 min of the second half were dull, but after that they got their spark again. But of course PSG has to easily win the league with these type of players. But we all know what the main goal is for this team. Of course there is room for improvement - the defense 😒 - but the front is ok.

I need to see more matches to give an objective opinion on the team, because after 2 matches it would be a bit to soon to give one huh? The league itself I will get to know more by seeing the matches. I know some dutchies and Brazilians play in some of the teams so I’m already excited to see some of them. *cough* LILLE *cough*


passion & danger {listen}
  a delena playlist.                             

Akiko’s Room with Yuzuru Hanyu

Host: Welcome to this show where we have a nice chat with the skaters at the the Kiss & Cry corner in the venue. This year’s personality is Akiko Suzuki, the champion of 2011 NHK Trophy and two times Olympians. Since Akiko you are the personality of this show, the name of the show is “Akiko’s room”.
Akiko: I don’t know if I should be the personality of this show that many senpai skaters had hosted before, but I will try my very best.
Host: You have been at this show many times during your competitive career. Please ask the skaters some questions that only figure skater will know.
Akiko: I will try my best to ask them.

[Domo kun camera footages]

Yuzuru: *Laugh at coach Nobuo’s video*

Host: Here is our first guest Yuzuru Hanyu, who just laughed at the footage of coach Nobuo [from the Domo kun camera]. Congratulations. [Yuzuru: Thank you] Last two days were amazing. [Y: Thank you.]
Akiko: We are so happy to be able to witness this historical moments. Right, everyone?
Host: How do you feel after a day? I know you were very excited yesterday, how about now?
Yuzuru: I couldn’t quite fall asleep last night. My brain is basically liquid now. My body feels like I have been doing my free skate the whole time. I couldn’t sleep, yeah.
Host: You scored more than 300 points…322.40. [Yuzuru: Thank you very much.] Is it hard to imagine [getting over 300 points]?
Yuzuru: Um… yeah I didn’t picture myself [getting that score.] I didn’t expect that but the score is the score. I just humbly and sincerely received the score and I know I have to work even harder now.

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