Oil Transfer


Somebody called my wips of this painting “Jewel flowers” and I think that’s super cute!!! 🐣🐣 The Jewel Flowers have finished blooming!!! Hello and say welcome to spring!!!!!! 🐣🐣 I’m new to oil painting so shout/sing out some handy dandy tips my way!!!! It’s so soft and smooth and glides like blades on ice! I used some tiny oil paint samples, along with some oil paints I got from Costco to make this! I think I shall head out to buy water-soluble oil paints one of these days when they’re on sale, I like how they feel :’> !!!! 

Saint Mary Magdalene, fragment (c.1522-1524). Workshop of Luca Signorelli (Italian, c.1445-1523). Oil on panel transferred to canvas.

Signorelli’s drawings bear a close analogy to the method of Michelangelo. He aimed at powerful truth rather than nobility of form. He had a vast influence over the painters of his workshop, some of whom would have completed this work.

Annunciation with St Emidius (1486). Carlo Crivelli (Italian, 1430/35-1495). Oil on wood transferred to canvas. National Gallery, London.

The painting was executed for the Annunciation Church at Ascoli Piceno. Saint Emidius was the patron saint of the city; in his hands the model of the church can be seen. The city received some liberty rights from the Pope in 1482; this explains the inscription “Libertas Ecclesiastica” at the bottom of the painting.

Alright everyone LISTEN UP. This is yet another example of why you don’t touch a lamp with your bare hands. The oil on your fingers transfers to the glass, get really fucking hot and then can make the lamp explode. Now this particular example is a minor explosion but please note, this explosion can hold a lot of energy and can seriously hurt someone. Either way the lamp WILL blow and this was the THIRD lamp of the day that blew because someone put their grimy fingers all over the lamp when replacing it. This is extremely annoying because a) these fuckers are expensive and, in this case, b) the theatre I’m working in has shit-pore access to the lights and it takes a MINIMUM of five minutes to access and change a lamp when they die. We are in tech right now so we had to stop three times for a least five minutes each to change lamps that had exploded because someone didn’t know what they were doing. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but for the love of god if you’re not sure about something or don’t know how to do something PLEASE ASK! Doing something wrong can cause someone else a lot of time to fix it, and in some cases, a body part (thankfully that didn’t happen today, but I’ve heard the horror stories). And for those of you who see someone doing something wrong, SAY SOMETHING! At worst you’ll embarrass yourself a little if you’re wrong and learn something new, and at best you’ll save others, and possibly yourself, trouble down the road.

This has been your ranty PSA of the night. 


Summary: Anonymous Request-  What about a fic where Reader is a hunter who’s been hunting with the boys for a while, and they just found out about her obsession with painting, so Cas gets her a ridiculous amount of paint stuff when she gets home to the bunker?

Characters: Castiel x Reader 

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 443

A/N: It is always fun to get to use my major in these things 

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