'Stockpile' water now: Prince Albert may close treatment plant over oil spill
Water containing oil from Husky Energy spill could reach Prince Albert on Sunday

People in Prince Albert, Sask., are being told to stockpile as much water as they can in anticipation of the closure of the city’s water treatment plant.

Officials say oil on the North Saskatchewan River could reach their plant’s intake system on Sunday.

“The City of Prince Albert is advising residents to stock up a water supply in their homes over the next 24 hours by filling bathtubs, water jugs, etc.,” the city said in a statement Friday.

The city said it was “highly likely” they will close the water treatment plant’s intake from the North Saskatchewan River on Sunday, as a precautionary measure.

The move is related to a plume from an upstream oil spill. Husky Energy reported a pipeline leak Thursday that led to some 200,000 litres of heavy oil and a product called diluent entering the river.

Officials with the city said Prince Albert’s reservoirs will be filled to capacity with potable water until a shut down is necessary. That will provide potable water for two days.

They said a contingency plan was being formulated if a longer interruption of the water supply was necessary.

The city added that the Kinsmen Water Park and the city’s spray parks will be temporarily closed over the weekend, as part of the effort to conserve water.

Irrigation at the Cooke Municipal Golf Course and various other parks in the city will also be suspended.

Suncor pipeline spill under investigation by Alberta Energy Regulator
Pipeline leaked thousands of litres of an oil product Friday morning

The Alberta Energy Regulator is investigating a pipeline spill early Friday morning at a Suncor oilsands facility north of Fort McMurray.

Suncor spokesperson Erin Rees said the company’s leak detection system sent out a notification about 3 a.m. Friday about a pipeline at the oilsands base camp.

Rees said the company shut down the pipeline as soon as it could, and temporarily closed a bridge.

Energy regulator spokesperson Jordan Fitzgerald said the spill involved diluent, a petroleum product used to dilute crude bitumen for easier pipeline transport.

Suncor told the AER that 20 cubic metres of diluent — equivalent to 20,000 litres — leaked from the pipeline, Fitzgerald said. The site is about 26 km north of Fort McMurray.

“Suncor activated its emergency response plan and has shut in and isolated the pipeline,” said Fitzgerald. “The release has been contained to Suncor’s lease site and cleanup is underway.

"The release caused an unknown amount of diluent to spray on grass, leaves and brush located on Suncor’s lease site.”

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july232016 by Hiroshi Matsumoto
Via Flickr:
Oil on canvas 9 cm x 9 cm © 2016 Hiroshi Matsumoto www.hiroshimatsumoto.com


Ethereal Japanese Oil Paintings of Women Enraptured by Nature

Japanese artist Miho Hirano composes stunning delicate oil paintings with an enchanting sensibility, which is connected to nature. Hiram’s ethereal subjects are submerged with the blossoming beauty of nature in every stroke. They’re connected to a range of beautiful flowers and dainty creatures.

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