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Sorry if this is too much but I can you do something to show what could have been if Burr talked a bit more instead of waiting? If he took his shot earlier instead of hesitating? He needs more love 😭

this is totally not what u had in mind….. probably……………..

based off of @raythrill and @huitality‘s opposite ham au lmao 

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so, skippy and I found that shippuden episode 431 was a disaster and that karin’s infinite tsukuyomi makes 100x more sense if 431 was an elaborate sob story that karin fabricated in order to manipulate those konoha interrogators

After an eternity, me and @ketlingr finally found the time for another round of our little prompt game! And well, since @ketlingr suggested using a song as inspiration this time, I immediately thought of Fading by William Bolton (which is 100% @hello-shellhead‘s fault by the way) and now here we are. 

It was surprisingly hard to write and didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to but it is what it is I guess. Which Tony working through the events of CW. More or less. 

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felt so good when i closed that door”–Fading by William Bolton

Eventually, inevitably, the former Avengers are reunited.


Tony would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it. This. Every time he had reread Steve’s letter. Every time he had woken up at night, sweaty and shaking, throat hoarse from screaming. Every time the oh so innocent looking phone had rung.

Every time he hadn’t answered it.

There had been hatred in the beginning. And rage. A lot of angry words he had screamed at the walls. More drinks than Tony cared to remember. Countless glasses smashed. Because the hurt was too much to be kept inside, needed to be spread. Needed to hurt someone, something else.

Eventually the fury had faded. Tony had tried to hold on to it, tried to keep the hot flames alive in his heart, because as destructive as the fire was, anything was better than the cold. But anger required energy. And energy was hard enough to come by as it was, these days.

It didn’t dissipate exactly. Because Tony–a better man, maybe, could have let it go, but Tony was never going to be that man. He couldn’t.

He just–focused on other things. Less hurtful, less tiring, more important things. Preparing Earth for a threat it wasn’t willing to acknowledge, for example.

The time and distance–helped. For the most part.

Sometimes a stray thought or a throw-away comment would bring Steve to Tony’s mind again. Made him recall the last time they didn’t talk–because they had never, in all their years of working together, found a way to truly talk with each other–the last fight where everything had gone wrong–

Except that wasn’t quite true, was it? Things had been wrong long before they ever entered that abandoned bunker. Long before the Accords had ever become a reality. 

Sometimes Tony still thinks about seeing Steve again. About bashing his skull in with his own fucking shield. About throwing insults and unwelcome truths until he’s hurting just as much. Like maybe it will soothe the burn of Tony’s own wounds. 

(It won’t. He knows that.)

Sometimes Tony thinks about shaking Steve’s hand. About hugging him. About walking side by side.

(Those times he hates the most.)

Of all the things that happened in those messed-up days–Rhodey’s fall, Spiderman’s quip, his mother’s last moments alive–it’s Steve’s face that really stands out.

His expression when he looked at Tony.

‘He’s my friend.’

Tony rubs at the phantom ache in his chest. As though he can erase it, if only he puts enough pressure on. But. Unlike the rage, the bitter taste of betrayal, of dashed dreams and disappointed expectations, never faded.

It’s not as all-consuming anymore, but it’s still there, lingering in the back of his mind. Present.

Tony thinks less and less often about it. But.

It doesn’t fade.

“Tony,” Steve says. Hesitation, discomfort, wariness, hope flashing across his face in dizzying succession.

And Tony. Tony remembers drunk evenings and tears he couldn’t bring himself to cry. Remembers jokes and claps on the shoulder, and hits that hurt even when they missed their intended target.

Tony has lost a lot of himself in the past year. For Steve. Because of Steve. For reasons utterly unrelated to Steve. But he hasn’t forgotten how good they were together. He hasn’t forgotten how easily they fell apart. And letting go of the pain, the bitterness, the ugly spite–Tony has never been that good a man.

“Captain Rogers.”

No fury. No accusation. No insults. No welcome.

No inflection at all.

(Some things fade. Some things remain.)

For those of you who don’t know the song, give it a shot! It’s really good and reminds me very much of Tony post CW. Despite it being the prompt though this ficlet is only vaguely inspired by it, I’m afraid. 

Don’t, please

Oh woops, it’s another Jason thing that I am posting! Thank you so much for sending in this prompt. It’s seriously short because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted this to go so it ended just like this. 

The moment the manor gets blown up, Jason’s first instinct had been to run towards it but because he had been standing close by, he had been pushed back by the sheer force. He struggles to get up and when he sees the manor burning up in flames and debris are here and there, Jason does not hesitate to run towards the manor.

His heart is racing a mile a minute but all he can think about at that moment had been you. His sister. Jason knows for sure you were in the manor – Bruce and Alfred had conveniently been in the cave because that was where Jason had been too before he decided to go out for a walk – because you had told him you were going to be concentrating on catching up with your school assignments.

As soon as he reaches the manor, Jason begins to call out your name as he frantically searches for any sign of you. “Y/N!” He shouts your name a couple more time as he heads toward the general direction of your bedroom. When he sees you, Jason feels his blood draining from his face, his breathing is becoming shorter and he can hear the sound of his heartbeat ringing in his ears. “Y/N!” Jason runs to you as fast as he cans, jumping over several debris and he lands beside you.

You are currently trapped under fallen debris but thankfully your head is miraculously saved from the entire ceiling – your body on the other hand is something he does not know the state of. He looks around but can’t seem to see Bruce or Alfred so he does what he thinks is best. “Y/N, don’t you dare die on me!”

You are the sister Jason never thought he would ever want but somehow, growing up, he has always respected you and looked up to you. You also have always been by his side – for most of the time – and Jason knows whenever he gets in trouble, you are always there to help him to the best of your abilities and so you grew from just his family to being someone Jason really cherishes a lot. You became his sister and one of his closest best friend.

Your head feels like you are still falling, spiraling down and your body feels like it has been thrashed against the wall multiple times. Tears are welling in your eyes as you try to figure out where you currently are. Your ears are ringing – you feel like someone is calling your name but you can’t be too sure because you can’t open one of your eyes and the other one is squinting as hard as it can to figure out what had just happened. You let out a groan of pain when you feel whatever that has been on top of you removed and that’s when you notice that your ribs are most likely broken too, given how difficult it is for you to breathe.

“Y/N,” Jason’s voice cracks when he spots the extent of your injuries. You are seriously lucky you are even breathing right now. “Bruce! Alfred!” Jason shouts as loud as he can. How does one even react to anything like this? Jason shouts once more, as loud as he can, for Bruce and Alfred.

“Jason!” Bruce reaches him and Jason can hear his steps stopping abruptly. “Alfred, call the ambulance, now!” Jason knows it would not be good for him to move you because he still cannot assess just how many injuries you have obtained due to the blast and all Jason can do right at that moment is just stare at you, kneeling very close to you just so you would know that he is here for you just as how you have been there for him.