I read some stuff on my dash and the ever-ongoing issue of ‘you r homophobic if u don’t ship a gay ship’ and ‘Cana and Freed r canonically gay stop shipping them with a guy/gal’ is annoying me.

Just for the record, Fraxus is my OTP of OTPs and I personally think of Freed as bisexual with pref for men. Let me also say that Laxus is the only man I ship Freed with and I have many beautiful Freed x female ships, one of them being Mirafreed.

Now I’m still told I’m homophobic? That’s a bit ridiculous.

Neither Cana or Freed’s sexuality have been confirmed in canon. If you refer to the gay boob grabs or the Trimens panel in Freed’s case, that wasn’t even in the main story and just one single panel and nothing ever clearly confirmed that he couldn’t have interest in women. It would be the safest and most correct to say that both are bisexual for sure.

But even if he or Cana were canonically gay, that wouldn’t mean that they could never fall in love with the opposite sex. There are many cases in which straight people fell in love with sb of the same sex, or homosexual people who at some point fell in love with somebody of the opposite sex.

It’s homophobic not to ship something purely because it’s gay. Yea, that’s really homophobic. It’s also shitty to belitte possbilities or say oh nooo they HAVE to only be friends even though a same sex ship has legit a beautiful bond, many interactions, etc etc.

But let people ship what they want and no sexuality has ever been 100% clear in FT (apart form maybe Bob or maybe Sugar boy, I think he flirted with Gray?) and sexualities are labels only anyway. So please.

fanfiction should be taken a lot more seriously as literature. True, some of it isn’t really excellent writing and some is just smut but let me tell you i have read some fics that are beautifully well done and turned my life upside down and legitimately gave me feelings for days and if that’s not real literature then what is

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"who in got7 havent kissed thats the question" R.I.P ME

listeN YoU mIGhTY sQUirR eL

everyone has kissed bambam like twice

jackson kissed youngjae along with mark and jinyoung

and has kissed mark more times eh and jaebum that one time

and was kissed by jinyoung

there have been like twenty seven jackgyeom kisses and that one time they actually actually kissed at the 9:36 mark

and at least twenty eight jackbam kisses

lets see… mark and jinyoung kissed a shit ton of times

mark kissed youngjae

OH and the two times jjp got freaky

lol the technical yugjae kiss along with that one cute one

the kinda jingyeom

and actual markgyeom kiss

and the time jaebum got freaky with bambam feat. jinyoung who was not as freaky


mark and jaebum haven’t kissed

jaebum and youngjae haven’t

neither have yugyeom and jaebum

jinyoung and youngjae

OR MAYBE THEY HAVE idk if you have anything ive missed tell me lol


gonestagrams (part 5.25)

ih av e too m any shipss

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I'm not sure if you've done it yet, but what are you're feeling on Freya x Lucien?

No, I haven’t! Thanks for the ask :)

A / B (I love it / It’s really cute)

I stopped watching TO circa mid-season 2 but those two totally sent me on a YT binge of their scenes! I feel like Freya’s character got better developed than what we’ve seen in season 2 and Lucien was like a breath of snarky fresh air.

And THE sass!

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*walks away singing: we could’ve had it alllllll*

Send me a ship and I will grade it

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You said Olicity is easy peasy and I agree. What ships have you shipped that's not easy peasy? I shipped Mulder/Scully and they exhausted me for the most part of the 90s, yet I stayed. So for these kids to complain at every single thing that they don't like about Olicity and I'm sitting here and say you have no idea what shipping really is.

Oh gee, so, so many, Nonnie!

In no particular order: 

Quinn and Wade - Sliders

Annie and Jeff - Community

EJ and Sami - Days of our Lives (that was the biggest nightmare of any of my ships, you have no idea. People say MG is a crap writer, I just want to laugh hysterically in their faces - they have NO IDEA what a crap writer is!!!)

Archie and Katrina - Monarch of the Glen

Mulder and Scully - XFiles

Angel and Buffy - Buffy

Xander and Willow - Buffy

Clare and Drew - Degrassi Junior High

Ragnar and Lagertha - Vikings

Dexter and Deb - Dexter (don’t judge me - they weren’t blood related siblings!)

Michael and Julia - Strike Back

Daryl and Carol - The Walking Dead

And the list goes on and on. lol 

So, that’s why Olicity is such a gift to me. The writers are openly on board with the pairing and vocal about how excited they are to tell us their story. I’ve missed out on so many ships, we all have, and this one is being handed to us on a golden platter. Who cares if it’s a round platter or a square one,  it’s still a freakin’ golden platter! :D 

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you ship captain swan? Why?? You seem to like so many healthy and cute ships. Oh shit I'll have to unfollow you. That ship triggers me really bad, sorry, I'll miss your blog

Feel free to unfollow if I post anything that triggers you, we all come here to enjoy stuff not to get triggered.

But that’s literally why I tag everything, so you could blacklist. I have no intentions of triggering anyone, I’m sorry.

I post them like once in a blue moon tbh I don’t really ship them much but they had some cute moments that I liked. I used to ship them but not anymore. The only actual ships I have from that show are Brave Warrior, Sleeping Warrior, Red Warrior, Red Beatuy and Red Kansas. I also thought that Outlaw Queen were cute but then Robin became an asshole and I was like bye fuck that.

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Hi there can I get a ship please? I'm 5'4 with long brown hair and brown eyes and average weight I guess. like I work out but I don't have abs or anything. I love any kind of sweets and have a weakness for french fries. I'm huge movie nerd who's favorite thing to do is sleep in. I can have a pretty inappropriate/dark sense of humor and love having people to laugh with and not take life too seriously. Oh and I have freckles. So many freckles.

I ship you with Keith, if you prefer guys, and Pidge, if you prefer girls!