gerickmpb  asked:

The room was eerily quiet save for the quiet hum of the monitor that sat before her. On the screen sat the pixelated image of a certain spellslinger, his record fully on display. However it wasn't the picture that caught the judge’s attention but what was written below in the additional notes. “Despite being of Cassian birth he has proven himself ti...”

Generally, identifying one’s self as an Exile was a relatively easy process.



Gerick’s file had dating, and notations.

She honestly hadn’t known the true purpose of her sudden digging on the man, save that niddering sense that she wasn’t necessarily seeing the whole picture to him. What was then left before her to be seen, had the Judge lost in a certain wave of—

What did she even feel?

Defected, it said. 

Previous suspicions lessened.

How many years of laying low did it take before you felt like you could act, though?

Silas pushed to her feet, swiping a hand to tack off the display as she grabbed her coat and headed out. 

She needed to see for herself.

Had she been letting a snake curl around her ankle?