Camping With TØP

okay so i was inspired by one imagine i read, but all of it is my ideas except for the very last bit. 

I’ve only written about josh so IM SORRY but i promise to have some with tyler too! at the moment i just feel like its easier to right about josh :) PLEASE SEND ME REQUESTS!

You hop out of the RV when its dark. You slowly walk out to the beach with same thoughts that have been clouding your mind for years. God, you love him so much. You just wished he felt the same towards you. You find your toes starting to get wet as you face the dark blue water so you step back.

The thoughts keep hitting you. Whatever chance you had with him you probably already blew. Man, you suck. You can’t stop them from flooding in. All you wanted was Joshua Dun, and you just couldn’t seem to build up the courage to tell him that. 

You feel a tear run down your face, and you close your eyes. I’ll tell him tomorrow. You think to yourself, but you know that will probably never happen. You feel another tear fall and decide to wrap your arms around yourself. You find yourself shivering in the darkness from how cold it is in only your t shirt and leggings.

All of a sudden you hear light footprints in the sand. You expect it to be Jenna coming to see if you were okay. You don’t turn around, but stay still, shaking from the cold.

The person stops behind you. “Hey,” you hear Josh say. You jump and wipe your damp face as quickly as you can. You still don’t bother turning around knowing that you probably look like a mess. 

“Hey,” you say softly laughing, trying to cover up the shakiness in your voice. Josh gets the message that you’re not going to turn around so he walks in front of you. You look down so he can’t see your face.

“Whats up?” You ask quietly, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. You don’t want him to expect anything, right? Or would that be a good thing?

“Well, uh, I saw you leaving the RV so I, uh, I decided to see what you were doing out here,” he fumbles with his words. You nod, trying not to look up at him because you know if you do you’ll cry. You’ll cry because your not his, and he’s not yours. The thought makes your eyes well up and you feel the tears roll down your face, again.

“Y/N?’ Josh asks softly. You look up and wipe your face with the backs of your hands and sigh. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” You look at the sky and shake your head. 

You inhale and know you have to tell him, even if he doesn’t feel the same way. And if that makes him feel awkward, whatever. You just know there won’t be another chance.

You inhale sharply. “God,” you breathe out. “I thought it would be so obvious Josh. I tried and tried to tell you in different ways but you never figured it out.” You look at him and he looks completely clueless. You feel another tear run down your face and sigh. 

You throw your head back softly and mentally prepare for what you are going to say. “Josh, I-I love you. And I don’t know why that took me so many years to say. And if that makes things awkward between us, I’m sorry.” 

He just stares at you. You know he’ll reject you. That you’re getting your hopes up for nothing. But you wait. You wait for the words to come out like a bullet, hitting you in the heart.

“You- you love me?” He asks softly, staring at you. You just stare at him and nod, without saying anything. 

“I’m sorry, Josh.” You say quietly looking at the ground. You wipe your eyes once more and stare him in the eyes, waiting, hoping for him to say something. 

And the words he said couldn’t have been any better. “I-I love you too.” You’re left speechless. You just stare. Waiting for him to laugh like it was a joke. 

“I’ve loved you since you first walked into band on the first day of school. And I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m sorry I never realized, and I’m sorry i’m literally the reason why you’re crying right now. God, I feel terri-” You stop him from speaking any longer with a kiss. You needed to. You expect him to pull away but he doesn’t. He places his hands on your waist and you cup his face with your hands. You feel yourself lean into him before you pull away. 

You burry your face into his chest, still shivering from the cold. He wraps his arms around you, pressing you tightly to him. “Oh, my God, you’re freezing.” He says looking at you. “Here,” he says taking off his sweatshirt. 

You shake your head. “No, Josh,” you hesitate, but take the warm sweatshirt with gratitude. You pull it over your head and find that it’s quite a bit big for you. You giggle and spread your arms open to show Josh and he laughs. 

“Does this mean we’re dating?” Josh asks you, grabbing your hands, gently. You shrug, looking into his hopeful eyes.

“Do you want to be dating?” You ask him quietly. He nods and pulls you into another hug. 

“Then yes.” You answer his question.

“Im so happy.” Josh tells you. You smile at his sweet words and kiss him again, holding his face gently like you did the first time. 

“We should go back.” You tell him. You don’t know how long you two have been standing out here but you’re still freezing. He nods so you walk up the hill with him holding your hand and back into the RV quietly, so Jenna and Tyler don’t hear you.

 You make your way over to your side before Josh stops you. “Hey, do you wanna sleep with me tonight?” You feel yourself blush slightly as you nod and make your way over to him. You were just grateful it was dark.

“Can I still wear your sweatshirt, Josh?” You whisper. You see him nod as he climbs into bed. 

“hey, um…” Josh trails off. You turn around looking at him rubbing the back of his neck. “Will it make you uncomfortable if I sleep with my shirt off? Because if it does that’s totally fine. I would be more than willing to keep it on.” He asks you nervously while you climb into his bed. 

“Nope.” You climb into bed and Josh flings his shirt into his suitcase. 

“Thank you.” You tell Josh, quietly.

“For what?” he asks.

“For asking me. It means a lot.”

“Oh. Of course. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

You smile at him and he motions his hand to come closer to him. He pulls you towards his body and you press your forehead into his bare chest. And just like that, you feel yourself fall into a sleep.


“Whats happening in here!?” Tyler screams excitedly while he opens the curtain. Hearing his voice unexpectedly makes you jump.

“What the FUCK Tyler?” You throw a pillow at his face. 

“Yeah, what the hell, man?” Josh asks groggily.

“What?” Tyler screeches. “I just wanted to know why you two were laying in the same bed together! Wait. No way. Are you two…. DATING? OH MY GOD JENNA THEY’RE DATING!” 

You and Josh laugh at Tyler’s excitedness and get out of bed. You walk past Tyler and sit by the fire Jenna had started. 

“What time is it?” You quietly ask Jenna. She looks at you and then back at the fire.

“Dunno. But the sun’s been up for a while.”  You nod and hear talking in the RV so you decide to listen in on the conversation quietly. 

“Tell me what happened!” You hear Tyler insist. 

“Dude, we were just both on the beach, and then we talked about how we felt about each other, and then she kissed me.” You hear Josh tell him excitedly.

“Did anything else happen?” He asks suspiciously. 

“Well, I gave her my sweatshirt, because she was cold, um, we kissed again, and then we fell asleep together.” Josh says.

“And, anything else?” Tyler asks once more.

Josh laughs. “Dude, why am I being interrogated?” Tyler laughs at Josh’s comment. 

“Sorry, man. I’m happy for you.” You smile at Tyler’s comment and then decide to walk to the beach. 

“I’m going to the beach.” You tell Jenna to make sure someone knows where you’ll be. 

You hear footsteps from the RV. “Hey, I’ll come too.” You hear Josh say from behind you. He runs up to your side and laces his fingers together with yours. You look at him and smile.

Once you get to the beach you take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sand, staring down at them.

You feel Josh staring at you so you look up. You look into his soft brown eyes and feel as if you’ve melted on the inside with the way he’s looking at you.

“Why are you staring at me?” You ask him, tilting your head to the side.

Josh smiles at you. “Because you’re so beautiful.” 


That night you sit around the campfire while Tyler serenades everyone with his singing and ukulele paying. Mid song, Josh looks over at you. He clears a spot for you in-between his legs and pats the wood, inviting you to sit there. You sit down between his legs and cross your legs. You lean back relaxing into Josh. 

“Do you like my sweatshirt?” You ask Josh in-between songs. 

He laughs, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Yeah! Where’d you get it?” 

You shrug. “My awesome boyfriend gave it to me.”

You hear Josh laugh again and you crane your neck to face him. You peck him with a kiss on the lips and you can feel him smiling. 

“I love you.” You hear Josh whisper into your ear so only you can hear. You smile and turn around to whisper back.

“I love you too, Joshua.”

like it doesn’t even make sense for solas to hate the vashoth??? hating the qun is one thing cos to him it must seem like slavery, but if anyone should love people who break from an oppressive system it should be him, yet hes just ‘yeah you’re all gross savages and the qun is all that keeps you in line’ which is like?????  like its not even The Qun he hates, hes just straight up A Racist

‘you’re not like [ minority minority ], you’re a good [ minority ]!  you don’t do this [ racist stereotype ] like all those other [ minorities ]’ like mmmmm

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HC: Diablo doesnt do PDA, but once Valentines comes around— he'd be romantic AF. He'll go all out with rose petals and candles (of course). Take his girl out to a nice restaurant and slow dance. Buys giant teddy bears and too much chocolate, and no one dares to make fun of him because they'd get burnt to a crisp.

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS YES! On valentines day and their birthday he puts his scary boy persona away and just spoils the shit out of them. Sugar daddy AF. Jewelry, flowers, a fancy dress, and a night out. Whatever she wants. And his boys all smile and compliment her because even if Chato wouldn’t kill them if they didn’t, they love her and love seeing that their boss are not always a hard ass fire demon. 

This is giving me all the feels actually I love it thank you :) 

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Can you write something fluffy about McCree having a SO that plays the piano and sings a little, but is really shy about it?

Oh god that’s so cute! I’ll do my best, my

Jesse has known you for a long time, since before the two of you fell helplessly for each other and started dating, but he swears there’s still something he can’t quite focus on about you, but he has no idea what it is. It’s as if it something you radiate, a sensation you transmit, the vibes you send. To put it in Zenyatta’s perspective.
It’s puzzling him since he could remember, and yet he loves every second of it. Because, c’mon, you’re such a lovely person and something tells him that this mysterious feeling has got to be something just as lovely. But it could simply be your sweet, gentle, shy nature, no?
Well, the answer to this riddle is simply closer than he’d ever imagine.
One morning he’s woken up by the soft, muffled music of a piano playing together with an equally soft humming. Curious and fascinated, Jesse looks silently for the source of this gorgeous music, and there he finds the best view he’s ever seen: he sees you sitting at the majestic piano you have in the living room (which you’ve told him it’s been unused and untouched since your grandparents, who apparently were the owners of the instrument, passed away), playing the sweetest harmony he’s ever heard and singing beautifully to it. And he’s frozen in awe; that’s where he realizes how much in love he is with you, and can’t help but smile.
You only realize your cowboy boyfriend is in the room when you feel someone sitting beside you, making you jump a little and interrupt your performance abruptly. Turning to the side, you see Jesse smiling widely at you and taking your hands in his; you blush and attempt to stutter out some excuses but he just chuckles and leans in, kissing you softly.
“Darlin’, I’d be damned if that wasn’t the best music I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Mind if I join in?”
And so you and Jesse started having fun with the piano at least once a day, with you playing and singing and him joining in as a background singer. He loves it when you allow him to be part of something you love, and is very proud of you for taking over your shiness in front of him.

This is the sweetest thing I’ve written in a while and, while not being the best around, I’m very happy with how it came out ;w;
I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting this sweetie in!

I mean, hey, you know, I like Po as much as the next guy. You know, clearly I have feelings for him, but feelings don’t mean love! You know, I mean, I have loving feelings for Po, yeah! But I have… I have, you know, continuing feelings of love, but that doesn’t mean that… that I’m in love with him. You know? I have… I have sexual feelings for him, but I do love - Oh! Oh my god! Oh my god, Raffin, why didn’t you tell me?
—  Katsa, probably [to Raffin]

tyler joseph: hi
tøp stans: øøøøø H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and this is tyler’s way of telling us that his cat died when he was 8 years old….. BUT I is the 9th letter of the alphabet and that’s tylers way of telling us that his mom got him a new cat when he was 9,,,,,,, and all that is a metaphor for how life gets better eventually even when it doesn’t seem like it will. oh my god tyler is so deep and i love him. stay…….. alive……. frens……. øøøøø

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hello i love your art its so nice and cute and it honestly makes me smile whenever i see it? so nice... also i was wondering because of your nms fanart who is.. your Fav senpai B)

thank you oh my god? that’s really sweet thing to say TTTTT

ahem my fave senpai is touru-pyon aka student council president

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OH MY GOD, i accidentally hovered over your sidebar image for a split second (without realising) before moving away and had to do a double-take because I SWEAR DRACO HAD JUST LOOKED AT ME?? i just sat there questioning my sanity almost daring for him to do it again, lmao. that was wild. either way, love your art! :)

I have no idea what you’re talking about… (∪ ω ∪)

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Oh my goodness I would love to see what you think of my url! Your words are so beautiful

Thank you :)

The day you learn why humans are compared to drugs is the day the sky changes colour, some sort of pink with corruption. His hand is warm when he stretches out his fingers to take yours, to keep you safe, to keep you from getting lost. It’s soft enough to wake the lifeless and it’s all you want because it’s quiet and he’s safe and he keeps smiling with his eyes. The acidity in your blood dissolves morals and you’re fizzing with a self-depreciating hate because the one he belongs to is holding his other hand and you shouldn’t be harbouring this gentle longing. You want to rip your veins out through your finger tips because now you want him to want you back and you wonder if you’re wired wrong. You know that you shouldn’t be this socially disfigured. He asks if your ok but he doesn’t know that the drug he’s giving you, although still held between his fingers, isn’t the type he thinks he’s offering. The drug he gives you is in wanting something you shouldn’t, it’s in wanting something that you can’t have.

Send me an ask, I’ll answer with prose based on what your URL reminds me of.

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modern starkling headcannons and meeting sansa's boyfriends/girlfriends?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love how casual this is oh my god yes: 

  • Rickon is still pretty young so he’s very blunt with her boyfriends and girlfriends. When he first meets Margaery, his eyes go really wide and he whispers that she’s really pretty, and then he shyly hides from her the rest of the night. 
    • He wasn’t shy around Joffrey though. He yelled that he hated him and proceeded to kick him in the knee. Every Starkling had to stifle their laughter. 
    • For other S.O.s he’s still pretty blunt; if he thinks they’re doing something weird he’ll tell them. 
      • He straight up told one person that she and Sansa weren’t good for each other. His exact words were: “You guys should break up.” 
  • Bran is usually just chill around Sansa’s boyfriends and girlfriends. He doesn’t like condemning people as bad or good for her from his first impression, but at the same time if he gets a gross vibe from them he’ll be aware of that and watch them. 
    • He tends to stay out of being upfront about liking/disliking anyone though; he tries to drop hints that he’s not a fan. 
    • However, he did straight up try to break up with Joffrey for Sansa. He had a whole letter drafted and delivered it to Joffrey and told him that it was for the best.
      • Sansa found out and yelled at him, but Bran kept doing it. His attempts became less and less subtle as time goes on - once he just sent a text from Sansa’s phone saying, “It’s not you, it’s m-oh wait, actually, it’s 100% you.” 
      • At the time Sansa wasn’t amused but once they realized Joffrey was a Fuckboy she resolved to listen to Bran’s instincts. 
    • He’s cool with Margaery though. He finds her interesting but she clearly likes Sansa so he’s fine with her.
  • So Jon and Robb get really into the Stereotypical Older Brother role with her and her dates. (Especially Robb oh my god.) 
    • They hated Joffrey and weren’t afraid to express it - but then again, everyone more or less shaded Joffrey at the dinner table so their behavior wasn’t exactly too out there. 
    • Jon will chill out if Sansa gets too irritated with them - “I am my own person thank you, and I can choose who I want for myself.” He agrees with her over that and usually apologizes and backs off. 
    • Robb tries to distance himself as well, but his argument is that as the oldest he vets all of the S.O.’s. He takes this to heart, he’s been protective of everyone from Rickon to Jon (with the exception of Arya, who he was protective of what with her dating Gendry, until Arya told him that if he continued to be weird about this she was going to fight him. And both siblings know that Arya would win). 
      • Sansa only tells him it’s fair when he allows her to interrogate his boyfriends/girlfriends when he has them. Robb agrees that this is only fair, but he’s only really interested in Theon right now so Theon has to deal with 40 minutes of Sansa asking him random questions. 
        • “How do I know Theon Greyjoy is your real name?” “Uh, because we’ve known each other since we were children?” “Mmhmm…sarcastic, insubordinate, won’t directly answer the question.” “Wait, are you writing this down?” 
  • Arya embarrasses the shit out of Sansa. She asks the date a ridiculous amount of questions and will let random facts slip out.
    • “Joffrey? Sansa’s diary said you were cute, you’re not-” “ARYA WHEN DID YOU READ MY DIARY?” 
    • “Willas…that’s a funny name. Sansa keeps saying it in her sleep. Willas. Wiiiillllas. Wil-las-” “Arya - she’s lying, I never said it-” 
    • “Oh, Margaery Tyrell! You’re who Sansa is dating. You know, when I saw ‘Sansa Tyrell’ scribbled in her notebook I thought she meant Loras, but no, cool, this is way bet-” “Arya.” 

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OMFG. So.. I'm the anon that told you it's too late. And... I just gotta tell you. You should try reading "Thrown Amidst Monsters" on archive of our own. I think it'll be to your liking. >=3c

There is Gaster… it’s tagged as non-con… there’s jealousy and violence… it’s a long fanfic… oh mY FUCKING GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO


Gaster is love

Gaster is life

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I've always wondered why no one ever used more things from the show comics to write fanfics. Like, you get some of Artemis' backstory from there but, there's so much more!! Like, I've always been kinda sad that they only showed Arty as the jealous one in the show when there's that panel where she asks Conner to the movies and he clearly doesn't like it, and also the snake thingy one ajuihguhgu my babies

God I know right? The tie-in comics are kinda amazing I love getting to see missions between show missions! I sort of wish we’d seen more non-mission stuff in the comics too though, since we don’t get to see much of that in the actual show, but oh well.

God, yeah, I love jealousy moments in my otps, istg, those fucking losers. Wally’s double-take in the comic fucking cracks me up so hard

Fucking look at him! He just, like, he’s all absorbed in being ridiculous towards Megan not even five seconds prior, like, Artemis isn’t even a blip on his radar because he’s full on Wall-man mode, then suddenly Artemis asks Conner basically on a DATE and Wally just IMMEDIATELY ZEROS IN ON IT and he does NOT like it AT ALL. But I can’t help but cackle and just be like “You totally deserve that Wally I don’t even feel sorry for you! You can’t just flirt with everyone and then get upset when Artemis does it! Either you make a move on that archer babe or she’s gonna get tired of waiting on your sorry ass!”

I just love that whole moment though, they’re both like fucking neon signs of jealousy, look at that fucking face


First they’re all like:

And Robin is like 

And then Wally just fucking scoops Artemis up out of nowhere and it’s just like when he carried her in Bialya and Artemis is freaking the fuck out she was not prepared to be this close to him what the hell is he doing they are definitely not amnesiacs in the desert WHAT IS GOING ON WHY IS HER FACE HOT UNDER THAT MASK

(Dick just doesn’t even fucking care he’s like these two are fucking obvious as shit I’m gonna puke)

And then 

(look at her impressed face omg lmao)




(contrary to popular belief, Miss Thing does NOT mean “bitch” or whatever the fuck the fandom was on about back then (at least, that’s not the ONLY meaning if it is somewhere). “ Miss Thing. a woman who is so attractive, well-groomed, hip and confident as to seem utterly unassailable to critics. Used ironically - in opprobrium - it suggests that the target has let these qualities go to her head, and now is appearing aloof or arrogant.”


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Oh my god I read your tags on that zexion and Riku post and holy shit. That makes so much sense. Oh my god.

I KNOW RIGHT? I kept wondering what made Riku go so “emo” in KH2 and then I realized. What Zexion told him in CoM was some really powerful and destructive shit that made Riku ashamed of himself for a long time since we see his attitude in the beginning of CoM he was all like I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS ANSEM and was resisting the darkness but not once was he ashamed of his darkness before he met Zexion. 

OH YEA i forgot to say earlier i showed my dad pictures of juzo(cause i remember he loves boxing so i wanted him to see the ultimate boxer) and-

‘oh god hes your favoorite character isnt he’

‘damn he looks like hes never happy’

‘is his talent being angry’

‘wait..he’s a boxer..?’

‘ damn boxer guy got some big tiddies’

‘look at those tiddies ‘

‘tig ol bitties’


‘why the fuck is he carrying a fucking chair use your fists boxing man’ 

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i have a perjasico idea for you, ok so jason is doing push-ups, percy is resting on jason's back doing those chest exercises with dumbells, and nico is lying on floor reading a book with his feet resting on percy's abdomen

for some reason i first read this as……..

  • jason doing push ups
  • percy on top of jason doing excercise 
  • nico lying on the floor BELOW jason FACING HIM

and i was like OH MY GOD and i started blushing HAHAHHAHAHHAA THE PERFECT BIG THREE SANDWICH. and then i reread it again.

I AM AN IDIOT. OTL But anyways! I will keep this in mind! 8D Love the other suggestions so far too! 8D