This Year's Model
Dennis is a fifteen-year-old boy with a drawer full of stolen makeup. Mac is the only person he can manage to talk into a makeover. It's funny, the things you learn about someone when you're sharing lipstick.
By Organization for Transformative Works

“So? What’s the next step?”

“Oh.” Dennis pulls his eyes away, looking down at his makeup bag. “It’s foundation, but…”

He looks back at Mac, at the clear slopes of his cheeks and his forehead.


“But you don’t really need it,” Dennis says. He reaches out, traces Mac’s cheekbone with his thumb. “You have, like, beautiful skin, dude.”

i should really learn not to post things at one o’clock in the morning but anyway here is high-school au fic where dennis FINALLY gets to put his talents as a makeup artist to work by giving mac a makeover