Thor: Ragnarok

welcome to another movie masterpost by me, and holy SHIT where do i begin. Let it be known that Loki has me fucking WHIPPED and Tom Hiddleston is a terrific actor

  • when he kept turning in the opening scene 
  • when he drops Mjölnir into that fire things’ mouth (i feel like that technique should’ve been used more often)
  • the music???? amazing
    • im really glad marvel is sorta going back to old classic rock songs and bright colors for their movies like it’s really great
  • Matthew fucking Damon???? Luke fucking Hemsworth???? amazing
  • I love how Thor just fuckin yeets his hammer to prove it’s Loki like how Extra
  • “You had one job. Just the one!”
  • their outfits when they get to earth are amazing those were some Looks™ 
  • “I’m not a witch.”   “Oh, really? Then why did you dress like one?”
  • I love Stephen Strange with all my heart
  • the way he fell out of the portal
  • the way Loki looks at Odin when he says “my sons” and “i love you” like  f u c k  i am capital d Dying
  • when they change their outfits 
  • Hela is amazing 
    • her outfit was dope
    • but get her out of those lil heels i still see that (i’m just salty about superwomen having heels)
  • the way she just fuckin shatters Mjölnir with so little effort 
  • “I’m just a janitor”
  • the way Hela like fell/flipped into the tomb thing was so dope
  • Fenris is a lorge boy but a good boy nontheless 
  • those arm gun things that Valkyrie had were pretty cool
  • Jeff Goldblum is an amazing actor and the Grandmaster is such a cool character
  • “Trash.”    “Were you just waiting to call her that? That doesn’t even start with a B.”
    • pretty much every interaction btw the Grandmaster and Topaz was hilarious
  • how excited Thor was when he saw Loki in the grandmaster’s place
  • “I pardon you….from life.”
  • That little shimmy the grandmaster does when he’s eyeballing Loki
  • i know i overexaggerate everything that i say both in real life and on this site but literally everything that came out of Korg’s mouth made me laugh my fucking ass off including:
    • “Oh yeah, it’s like a circle…but like, a freaky circle.”
    • “Piss off, ghost!”
    • “Hey man.”
    • “Oh my god, the hammer pulled you off?”
    • “Guys can we please clean the weapons off after your fight?”
  • i found out that the movie did like a Make-a-Wish thing and this kid was chillin with Chris Hemsworth and was like “Yeah it’d be funny if when you saw Hulk you were like ‘he’s a friend from work’” and Chris was like damn good idea bro and just went with it
  • Heimdall is a badass and him fighting was crazy cool to watch
  • I love Valkyrie’s relationship with Hulk 
  • when Thor throws the ball thing at the window and it comes back and hits him, then he jumps up and does that little punch
  • the Loki/Valkyrie fight scene
  • the flashback to when Hela and the valkyries fought was so fucking awesome i got chills when they all came riding in
  • “Welcome, strongest Avenger.”    “hh, what?”
  • i really love @markruffalo and his acting so im gonna tag him in it so he can maybe see this and know that i love him
  • “the sun is going down, it’s getting low, the sun is low,”
  • “Tony wears his pants so…tight.”
  • the way Loki says “surpriiise.”
  • the whole story where Loki turns into a snake to scare and then stab Thor was so fucking funny
    • i also found out that there were so many iterations of that story like im pretty sure Chris Hemsworth changed it every time he did that scene
    • im also like 60% sure that Tom Hiddlestone’s laugh in that scene was real and they just left it in
  • man just that whole elevator scene, like Loki just really loves his bro (also great acting on Chris and Tom’s part)
  • “We’re not doing get help.”     …     “Get help!”
    • alternatively: this bitch empty YEET
  • the biggest sigh left my body when Loki tried to turn Thor in like binch,,,,give it a rest just be kind to ur bro
  • the way Bruce fell out of the ship
  • that absolute power walk by Valkyrie oh my god 
  • as soon as Thor landed on the bridge with his lightning powers i nutted
  • Loki fighting will always be fucking A1 spectacular like wow
  • there’s a meme somewhere on tumblr that’s like “me when i see Loki looking at the Tesseract” and then its that pic of Michael Scott with the “[softly]: don’t” caption and bitch if that ain’t me
  • i was robbed of that hug scene:
    • Thor: “If you were here i might actually hug you.” 
    • Loki: *catches the thing*
    • Loki: “I’m here.”
    • Me: “HUG HIM
  • Thor’s dorky little wave to the Asgardians at the end

wow that was really long but i just rly like this movie and will probably see it 8 more times

so,,, i heard it was mermay. consider shark siren!yuri messing with humans by the shore (maybe not.. dragging them to the seafloor but scaring the shit out of them) but one day a human completely ignores his song. people aren’t supposed to be able resist siren calls? ? ?? how dare he disrespect him like this unbelievable

not pictured: “oh hey man didn’t see you there. nice costume. wanna listen to my mixta– why are you swimming away”

  • Frank: I think it's weird in stories when someone has amnesia and they wake up in the hospital. A lot of times they'll be surrounded by friends and family but when they open their eyes, they go, "WHO ARE YOU?!"
  • Frank: Because that's not how you act when you don't recognize someone. That's very rude. It would be chaos out there if every time you saw someone you didn't recognize, you went, "WHO ARE YOU?!"
  • Frank: I always try to be really polite in life, so like, if I had amnesia, you'd never know it. They'd be like,
  • Frank: "Frank, we're so happy you're alive!" and I'd be like,
  • Frank: "Oh, hey... man... how's it going...?"
  • Frank: "Oh hey... dude... Nice to see you again?"
  • Frank: Because that's how you act when you can tell that someone recognizes you, and you have no fucking clue who they are.
  • Yoosung: I think its weird in stories when someone has amnesia and they wake up in a hospital. A lot of times they'll be surrounded by friends and family but when they open their eyes and go, "WHO ARE YOU"
  • Yoosung: Because that's not how you act when you don't recognize someone. That's very rude. It would be chaos if every time you didn't recognize someone you screamed, "WHO ARE YOU"
  • Yoosung: I always try to be polite in life, so like, if I had amnesia, you'd never know it. They'd be like,
  • Yoosung: "Yoosung! You're alive"
  • Yoosung: "Oh...hey...man..how's it going...."
  • Yoosung: "Oh hey....dude....nice to see you again..?"
  • Yoosung: Because that's how you act when you don't recognize someone and you have no fucking clue who they are.

ok so as i said regarding this excerpt from the winter soldier novel, i have realized that Official Movie Novelizer is my true calling and would like to apply for that position immediately. to prove i am prepared for this responsibility, i have used the passage in question as a jumping off point and written the rest of the scene. as u know, the official novelization goes like this:

Then Steve decided to open up as well. “I grew up with a guy. We grew up together.”

Sam knew by the tone in Steve’s voice it was someone who had served with him. “He make it back?” Sam asked.

Steve sighed and looked to the floor, pain in his eyes. “Killed in action.” There was a silence between them for a few seconds before Steve continued, “I’ve been through a lot of changes. I don’t know if anything hit me as hard as losing Bucky.”

“We fight for our guys, ya know?” Sam said.

now i have not actually read this book but i am reasonably sure that the next few paragraphs should go like this:

“I do know,” said Steve, looking deep into Sam’s eyes. “Nothing’s ever been more important to me than my guys.”

“Right?” Sam was getting a certain vibe from Steve but he didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Maybe this was just the way guys acted back in 1943. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. “Like if I had a guy right now, I would definitely treat him right.”

Steve looked in both directions like he was making sure they were alone and stepped closer to Sam. “This is amazing. No one I’ve met since I woke up understands me the way you do.”

Sam was sad to think of Steve alienated and suffering. “Oh, hey man…I’m here for you.”

Steve’s face lit up. “Really? Do you wanna leave your fulfilling and socially useful job to risk your life defying the American government at my side?”

Sam wanted to explain to this hot sweet hunk of dumbass that you can’t be so open and trusting with someone you basically met five minutes ago. On the other hand, Steve had assessed him correctly. Sam knew himself to be intrepid and loyal, a brilliant fighter with a built-in skepticism about the American government’s commitment to civil liberties. Plus, Steve looked so excited and happy Sam didn’t have the heart to say no. There was just one potential problem.

“Steve, what if your guy turns up alive with a bunch of assault rifles and starts shooting everybody?”

Steve bit his lip, clearly giving the matter some thought. Then he put his hand on Sam’s arm. “That wouldn’t be a problem for us, Sam. Of course I’d still love him…but I have so much love to give.”

Sam felt ambivalent about the possibility of having to share Steve with a brainwashed cyborg assassin, but after all it was only a hypothetical. “Okay,” he said at last.

“So you’ll do it?” Steve dropped to one knee, overcome with joy. “Really, Sam?”

“Yes, Steve,” Sam said, taking Steve’s hand. “I’ll marry you.”

marvel pls contact me for an interview at your earliest convenience

Wings!Alpha!Tony Fic

So…. I did a thing. No promises as to when this will be updated since I’m still editing Spideypool and am about 8000 words into ThunderIronFrost… but here you go anyway lol. Doesnt take place in MCU timelines.

Obviously I dont have a title yet, so if you guys come up with a good one Ill take it.

“Easy.” Steve murmured and wrapped an arm around Bucky, who hadn’t stopped shaking since the plane had landed in New York. “I promise everything’s going to be fine, alright? The team can’t wait to meet you. They were very excited when I called to say I was bringing you home.”

Bucky swallowed nervously and ducked his head, fear,anxiety,nervous bleeding from him, his wings folded as tight to his body as he could get them. “I dunno, Stevie.” He whispered and Steve extended his wings, settling one over Bucky’s hunched shoulders.

“Trust me. Have I ever led you wrong?”

Bucky shrugged beneath the heavy weight of Steve’s wings, and the blond frowned, his heart breaking all over again for his best friend.

It had been almost an accident, finding Bucky. Sure, Steve had been searching for him for years, but he had been positive that The Winter Soldier had left Hungary after the debacle that was a botched assassination. Instead, as Steve had been doing one last check on the last known hiding place of the Soldier, he had found him.

It had taken weeks of careful therapy, of visits from special doctors, of Steve talking almost non-stop about their past and who they were to each other, trying to break through the Soldiers conditioning. But finally finally one day the Soldiers eyes had opened and it was Bucky staring back at him.

Steve hadn’t wasted anytime calling New York, letting Tony and the rest of the team know that he was bringing Bucky home. Tony had sent a plane for them yesterday and now here they were, the elevator to the Avengers tower shooting towards the top floors where the team lived.

“Everyone’s going to love you.” He promised. “Most of us are Betas and Omegas so don’t worry about walking into a bunch of Alpha pheromones okay? Natasha’s the scariest, but she’s a Beta, and nicer than you think. She was helping me find you.”

Bucky just nodded, and tried to hide further beneath Steve’s wings.

He hardly ever talked at all anymore, and hadn’t opened his mouth more than five times since they had left Germany sometime last night. It was just another thing that made Steve sad– to see Bucky so different from how he used to be. There were no wise cracks or jokes or snappy one liners. No teasing glances and flirty comments, because even though they were both Omegas, back in the day they had spent lots of time in bed together. Of course Bucky had been the big one back then, carefully holding a fragile Steve close to his chest, wrapping his black wings around Steve’s smaller golden ones. It had been special between them, a bond that war and time and life had all but destroyed.

It was all so different now.

Bucky was bigger now, sure, but he was so fragile. Quiet and unsure of everything, hanging his head and hiding his eyes behind his hair. Never spoke unless spoken to first, and his voice had lost that easy Brooklyn accent, now it was just low and soft and hesitant.

His beautiful black wings had silver tips now, razor thin metal sharpened to lethal points on the ends of his primaries. Not to mention the piece of machinery that had replaced his left arm.

No Bucky was barely Bucky anymore, and it made Steve’s heart hurt.

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Family Dispute


requests are open up again? woohoo! can i please get one where you’re both from the marvel and dc universe and the avengers and justice league fight over you because all of them both love you equally?        

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Y/N.

Thor: Greetings! Banner and Stark are inquiring if you shall be joining us for dinner tonight? The team shall be going to a new restaurant.

You: Tonight? Awww no, sorry Thor! The JL and I already have plans. Next time <3

Thor: I did not realize they had returned to our universe. That is a shame… A real, sad… disappointing shame.

Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: Whoa, whoa… WHOA.

Bruce: I thought we agreed that when you’re on this universe, you spend time with us. They’re breaching our agreement over our nonexistent custody of you.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: What Bruce said!!!

Tony: This is OUR time with you. Not theirs. We don’t waltz into their universe and impose on their time with you.


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  • Wendy: I think it's weird in stories when someone has amnesia and they wake up in the hospital. A lot of times they'll be surrounded by friends and family but when they open their eyes, they go, "WHO ARE YOU?!"
  • Wendy: Because that's not how you act when you don't recognize someone. That's very rude. It would be chaos out there if every time you saw someone you didn't recognize, you went, "WHO ARE YOU?!"
  • Wendy: I always try to be really polite in life, so like, if I had amnesia, you'd never know it. They'd be like,
  • Wendy: "Wendy, we're so happy you're alive!" and I'd be like,
  • Wendy: "Oh, hey... man... how's it going...?"
  • Wendy: "Oh hey... dude... Nice to see you again?"
  • Wendy: Because that's how you act when you can tell that someone recognizes you, and you have no fucking clue who they are.

Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: Steve and Reader pick Bucky from the hospital after his accident 
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings. Emily wrote this chapter while travelling mind you and she did so beautifully. All praise should be directed my lovely co-writer! Please tell us what you think!
Word count : 1,754

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Chapter 6

You had decided to take it in shifts to visit Bucky as he recuperated in hospital. There wasn’t a day where either you or Steve weren’t with Bucky. If you had it your way you both would have been there for him every day, but there had to be at least one person to run Brooklyn Blooms.

It had been two weeks since Bucky’s crash, he slowly regained his cheeky, charming self. But there was an underlying thought in all your minds…why were there two sets of tyre tracks that night? 

“Well Mr Barnes, I’m confident enough that you’ll recover quite well at home and that you’ll be well looked after” the doctor nods to you and Steve. It was a Sunday and your day off, Bucky gave his trademark knee-buckling smile at you and Steve.

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nighthowl3  asked:

So basically no matter what Ink sees he's going to be like "Oh man. Hey how are you doing? I don't care that you're mean or evil. Let's talk."


  • Peggy: (walks into the house with the hose from outside, standing directly in front of Laf)
  • Lafayette: (wakes up) Hey. Oh, man, I fell asleep again.
  • Peggy: Laf, you have to stay up and get on a regular schedule.
  • Lafayette: ... Were you about to spray me with the hose inside the house?
  • Peggy: Yeah.
  • Lafayette: I kinda want you to do it now.
  • Peggy: Okay. (sprays him)
  • Lafayette: (screams, running away)
  • Peggy: (chases him around, spraying him)
Circus au

Part 3:

Keith felt his heart try to break its way out of his chest.
Lance was just hanging there with only the strength in a single hand making the difference between holding on and falling to the ground far below him.
The crowd was quietly muttering and Lance stayed exactly where he was for almost a minuet, Keith half expected to get the signal to lower him because something had gone wrong.
Then the music started.
It was deep and haughtily beautiful like a heart broken woman in a underwater cave singing to the waves.
Lance suddenly started moving. His free hand grabbing the silk and pulling himself up, spinning upwards wrapping himself up until he was right at the top.
He let go with one hand and brought his legs up so he was now upside down.
Keith could almost imagine him winking at him as if to say ‘suck it mullet.’
Then Lance let go and Keith had to use every fibre of his being not to run to catch him.
However as he rolled down the silk the audience all gasped some woman even screamed.
Then right before he was going to fall, he wrapped his ankle around the bottom of the silk and hunk there smiling and waving at the crowd.
Keith’s heart was beating so fast he was certain it would never return to normal speed.
Lance bent upwards one leg pointed upwards and a hand on the silk.
The crowd was cheering loudly and Lance was blowing kisses, getting faster and faster with every kiss.
“That’s your signal!” Pidge hissed popping up from nowhere.
Keith was confused for a moment before realising what he meant.
“Oh yeah.”
Keith flicked the switch and the winch was rapidly unwinding and Lance dropped to the ground the crowds screaming.
Keith tried to stop it but it kept breaking from his hold.
Lance was so close to the ground that Keith panicked and was about to jam his arm into the winch to try and stop lance from hitting the floor.
Before he could though a large tanned hand grabbed the handle and stopped the decent annoying easily.
“Whoa there, that was close” he chuckled as he finished lowering Lance slowly to the ground.
Keith looked up annoyed and ready to pick a fight. That stopped when he saw the gentle smile on his face and that fact that he was easily twice his size.
“I can’t believe Pidge would have you do this, I told them I would do it.”
Keith frowned “I had it handled”
“What the hell was that?” Lance asked stomping back stage glaring until he saw the taller man.
“Oh hey Hunk what happened?” He asked draping himself over the other mans arm.
“Sorry dude just problems with this old thing.” Hunk shrugged hugging him. “Your ok right?”
Keith stared, didn’t they know that kind of thing could get them arrested?
“Yeah, not the first time the winch dropped me I’m fine.” Lance shrugged. He glanced at Keith “but if your sticking around here Mullet I would prefer the strong man handling it then you.”
“Wait… you don’t want me fired?” Keith asked confused.
Lance Laughed “cause not, no one gets brought in by Shiro unless they really need a chance, he gave me one so who am I to deny the same shot to you.” He winked “plus your kinda cute.”
Keith stared at him knowing that he was in trouble because not only had he accidentally joined the circus, but he was falling for the resident play boy yet again.

Sunday (M)

Summary: you were a busy person! Sundays were usually your day off but when your friend asked you out for coffee you were sure you knew exactly why. Sex. You had your regular boys throughout the week, kind of making a schedule for each boy, let’s see if Sunday boy can keep up. 

Words: 7,419 

Genre: Smut 

Warnings: uggghhh thigh riding, fem dom, switch play, orgasm denial, dirty talk lol alla dat n more probably

 A/n: So here it is! The start of my new series fic where the reader respectfully hoes around with a new bangtan member each day! I’ll try uploading each one a week apart from each other on the members coordinating day but I might mess that up bc I can’t control when inspo comes and goes😓 anyway, please enjoy Sunday boy- jungkook💖((( also ps. I changed up the formatting pls let me know if you like this style better😣💖))

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