Oh well

To be honest, Kent does not mean to get into a competition with Jack Zimmermann.

The hockey is a given. It’s their job as professional athletes. People are going to compare them. Fine.

But photography, of all things? Kent just wanted to take some nice pictures of Kit Purrson so he buys an expensive camera and a copy of Photography for Dummies. Next thing he knows, people are comparing his photos to Jack’s. The internet is very divided because Jack clearly has more experience and variety in his photographs, but Kent takes so many pictures of cute animals.

Next, it’s the flannel and plaid shirts. Sure, Kent stole the style from Jack years ago, but then websites start publishing Who Wore it Better? articles with pictures of him and Jack wearing similar styles. Kent is not pleased when he sees Jack is currently beating him in the polls when it comes to the red and black flannel.

It doesn’t end there. Everything Kent or Jack does always ends up being in direct competition with each other.

Who has the best pet? Kent thinks Kit is the clear winner even though Jack’s new puppy is adorable.

Who has the best wedding? Jack and Eric have more celebrity guests at their huge wedding whereas Kent and Jeff have a chocolate fondue fountain. They call that one a draw.

Even their kids are pitted against each other, although that one is a private competition.

“Smile,” Kent coos as he snaps a picture of his son in mid-laugh and sends it over to Jack with the caption: my baby is cuter than yours.

Minutes later, Jack sends a video clip back of his own toddler daughter playing in the sprinkler. Pretty sure mine is cutest, he says.

It is on, Kent texts back, because even though he never meant to get into this playful rivalry with Jack, the competitive side of Kent is still itching to win. But, when he looks at his husband who is holding their baby and smiling back at him, he changes his mind.

Kent feels like he’s already won.

I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’m getting another custom Scarecrow plush made and this particular progress photo was just too special not to share.

The artist sent me this shot right before she cut his straw hair down to size. Just look at that mop head! He looks like he’s going through an emo phase~!
🎃 😂 🎃


Yes, I know about the Star Wars Icelandic saga that already exists.

As I said in the tags: I know. I’ve read it. To be perfectly blunt, I don’t like it. As a saga it’s decent (though I have quibbles), but as Star Wars it kind of completely misses the mark.


After getting 60 notes (YAAAAY) here are a few spoilers from Lully fics!

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The Spoilers/Scenes are under cut to respect anyone who decided to not get them :)

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