Oh the Places you will go


“I still think he’s going to freak out and shoot someone. I’m not sure that surprising Dean, of all people, is going to go over smoothly,” Sam said from his place beside you. “Definitely no hiding and jumping out. Someone will end up dead.”

You laughed and waved him off. “It’ll be fine, Sam. Stop worrying so–Oh. Shit. He’s calling me. Hold on.” You answered the phone after a breath. “Hey Dean. How’s it–”

“Where the hell are you? Are you okay?”

“What? Yeah I’m fine! What are you–”

Jesus. You were supposed to meet me back at the bunker at 2:00 to help me move all those cars. Where the hell are you?”

You held the phone away and covered the mic with your hand, giving Sam a strained look. “Shit…” you murmured under your breath. “Uhh, Dean, I’m so sorry. I got caught up looking into a new case…”

You scared the crap out of me! I called you like four times. I thought something was wrong. Why didn’t you answer?”

Sam was giving you a worried look and you rubbed a hand over your forehead, pushing some strands of hair out of your eyes at the same time. “I didn’t have service where I was picking up some documents. I’m headed back to the bunker right now,” you said, nudging Sam so he knew to quicken the pace along with you. You felt horrible that you had forgotten about helping Dean with the cars… but you and Sam had been making some final arrangements for his surprise party.

Dean sighed heavily on the other end of the line. “Don’t do that to me, Y/N. You know my brain automatically goes to the worse case scenario.” He sounded very genuinely worried and since everything was fine, you couldn’t help but smile at his concern for you.

“I’m so sorry. I’m headed back now. I‘ll see you soon, okay?”

If you’re not here in twenty minutes I’m calling Sam.”

You looked over at his brother beside you and smiled again. “Fair enough.”


The Corkery (Part 3)

Let’s see… what do I need? *whispers*

You’re not thinking in cooking for me again, right?

Uhmm… Yes? Don’t you like what I make?

Of course I do! I love it very much! But I would like to make something for you… I might know a thing or two…

Oh! That’s sweet… okay. So how can I help then? *smirks*

Mmm… Grab some vegetables from there… and we’ll see on the go.


Oh, I remember this place has a lovely wine collection… *lowers his voice*

Go nuts! I don’t know about that, pick the best for us… but, remember… budget!

Okay okay!.


Poses by dearkims & juoo9082, here.

Basically Hunt & the MC's whole relatioship is like :

Hunt : I don’t know who you are but I secretly feel like I know you because you’re sure not my student and I love you and I want to kiss you- wait what you seduced me into this- THIS NEVER HAPPEND- Oh shit I regret what I said- I uh come follow me so we could talk in a place that could really possibly get locked after we get it inside- Great we’re stuck and its your fault- No I don’t have feelings for your- Dammit yes I do- remind me again why did I join this charity event and why two of my students are biding over me?- I’LL TWICE THE BID SO I DONT GO WITH MC- fuck I made her sad- fuck I almost kissed her- FUCK I KISSED HER- but she’s my weakness so yolo- OKAY Class there will be a dinner party where I placed MC’s name into just to ignore her all the damn time and probably act like a jerk for the sake of my job and make her jealous by chatting up nicely with one of my ex girlfriends, I repeat “Nicely” & “Ex girlfriend” - you know what? MC’s my problem and I want her to stay away from me- Great I made her cry- Wait what is she doing in my room and did she just pull me by jacket into my room- Fuck that’s a turn on- Focus Hunt you’re supposed to hate her for your job- now she’s making me feel guilty- wait she’s serious about this shit- fuck no- YOU KNOW WHAT FINE I’LL KISS YOU FINE I’LL DATE YOU BUT YOU BETTER KEEP THIS SHIT A SECRET.

MC : I just came to say hello…


You’ve got:

* BEEF, OH MY GOD, HOW? First you escape Vechs and Nebris, of all people, and then Team Chill decides to let you go, and you just run around on one heart for the rest of the episode, leaping over lava and finding gold. You’re the child of MC and Anderz.

* Avidya being Avidya by means of both letting Beef go (nothing to gain from that) and dropping Swedish Zen all over the place

* Every team with their own advantage: Team Dyslexic with the incredible resources, Arkas & Baj being decently loaded as well, Team Chill with the infinity bow, Team Girl Scouts with the insane dungeon luck, Team Redshirts is… Team Redshirts, and Vechs and Nebris are Vechs and Nebris.

* Pyro’s almost set on just going solo and causing shit to go down. Like Vechs S17 or Zisteau S11.

* Pak and Beef are perfect for each other right now: Pak is loaded and if he can heal Beef, Beef can back him up in PvP.

* Vechs and Nebris are dropping hints left and right about what’s going to happen. Letting Beef go was mostly Nebris’ mistake, but it wasn’t a big one, and Vechs’ thumbnails are hinting towards some other disaster.

* Nice fight between the two Nether teams.

So excited for the next episode, wow.

The War of Class E: The Climax is Upon Us

And oh boy is it a doozy. 

As many of us already figured, Nagisa was most likely going to appear towards the end of the war as he wasn’t present at all in the previous chapter and Isogai had let him loose. Now, I, along with the majority of you, was hoping that the war would get dragged on a bit longer than it did, but considering the pace I figured that the actual war would end quickly so the final duel can take place. But before I get into that, I’m gonna list a few notes of mine.

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After all the kids were in bed, the adults sat down to have talk.

“What did you want to talk about Red?”
“I’ve been thinking about some stuff recently.. and, well, I think it’s time to move. It’s been on my mind for a while and I can’t shake the idea.”
“Move? Hmm. I mean, can we wait until after the babies are-”
“Of course! I don’t mean right NOW, after these last kids have grown up.”
“Oh, okay. Good. Well.. wait, what do you mean by move? Where to? Do you mean all of us or…”
“Me, and Lance, and… the next family heir..”
“Wait what? You want me to go too?”
“Of course!”
“Wait wait wait, hold on a second. You want to take one of my babies away to some place I don’t even know, away from the family-”
“AFTER they grow up. Look, Dee I know how you feel, but it’s how this works. Mama trusted me to look after this family and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m just thinking ahead. I’m not saying definitely, I’m saying maybe.”
“I don’t know..”

i lowkey get a little pissed off when people leave comments like “you’re so lucky” on my travel pics. for one, i don’t believe in luck. everything is written imo, i believe in the will of Allah and how things happen to us/for us because He wills it so, not because of luck or some other random coincidence.

secondly, saying i’m lucky to be able to do what i do takes away from the fact that i’ve worked so hard for everything that i have and every place i go. this shit isn’t random. i don’t just wake up one morning and decide “oh i’m going india” and just book a flight for that same week. and yeah sure, people only see what you let them see…but just because i don’t post pics of all the late night shifts or freelance work that i’ve done, it doesn’t mean that i haven’t worked my ass off. i’m 24 yrs old, eldest of 5 kids and the daughter of a single mother who happens to be ill. luck has nothing to do with my life, it never has. i make things happen for myself. if my hard work eventually pays off and i get to do the things i want to do, then it was written. and for that i’m blessed, not lucky.

also using things like luck to describe other peoples achievements etc is rude and most of the time acts as a cushion for those who don’t necessarily work as hard. believing in “luck” really prevents some people from going out there and chasing whatever goals they have. i have a friend who never gets to do the things she wants to do because she thinks it’s not the right time or luck will bring her whatever she wants when it is the right time. that’s a really harmful and negative mentality to have and i really hope that she along everyone else who thinks like that manages to get rid of it.

*okay rant over*

“Do you think he crashed the car on purpose?” I asked almost in a hushed tone when I saw the Impala wrapped around a tree. I couldn’t help but think that this was all my fault. I was the reason why he ran out in the first place.

Sam broke his gaze from the crashed car and down at me.

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you think he crashed it because of me? I mean, you saw how he left. Maybe… maybe he didn’t want to be with me anymore.” My hand found its way to my stomach where a new life was growing.

“Oh, Y/N, he wouldn’t do that. He would have told you if he didn’t want to be with you and he wouldn’t go to such extremes. He wouldn’t hurt his car.”

“But…” But it would make sense. When I told him the news he didn’t even speak to me. He just grabbed the keys to his baby and left.

“Y/N, he would never just disappear to get you out of his life. Something happened. Something bad.”

We both looked back at the wrecked frame of the Impala. If he wasn’t going to leave me then what the hell happened?

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neighbour!michael who just broke up with his girlfriend so you find him in tears at your hiding place, which just so happens to be your tree house that you built when you were little and now it's just filled with posters of your favourite bands+

and since he “went missing” you knew exactly where to find him so you just text luke a quick “found him” and then you go talk to him but when he’s about to scream at you to leave he just bursts into tears and you hold him and AW

oh my god :-( and he would want you to hold him and he would lay his head on your lap and you’d run your fingers through his hair just like when you were kids

neighbor!5sos night with quiffedluke and assholelukey! feel free to send in reqs or your own blurbs!

I’m a bit late, but I just wanted to announce that I hit more than 200 followers!!! I know that may not seem like a lot to you magnificent people, but I had maybe 12 followers in March when I first began writing Cullrian. To get this many this quickly, it’s absolutely amazing to me. I love this community SO much.

And I love all you guys!!! My wonderful followers who put up with me spamming the Cullrian tag and following me only to find out that I’m a dork and you probably shouldn’t have followed me in the first place but you’re too nice to unfollow me. So thank you for sticking with me!

I seriously love you guys. If you’re sitting there going like ‘Oh, we never talk, she doesn’t love me’, that’s not true! I love each and every one of you, no matter if we’ve never talked, only talked that one time, or talk all the time.


Hartley: Relax, Cisquito, I’m friendlier with you in a lot more ways than I am with Plebe! In fact, I’m going to get very friendly with you in your lab in an hour. 

Cisco: *Cheeks redden* Hartley!

Barry: I could have gone without knowing that, Hart. Ever.

Hartley: And I could have gone on living without knowing what 4chan was, but, oh well … On another note, don’t call me Hart. 

Barry: Quit calling me ‘Plebe’ then. 

Takes place after this

After the Rogues forced Barry (the Flash, unbeknownst to them) and Len to have a date together in a restaurant that was cleared out just for them to dine undisturbed, Hartley and Barry become bros. 

Barry notices that Hartley has the social competence of, well, Barry exactly and the two stick together when Iris invites Team Flash over to Joe’s for her and Eddie’s engagement party. So the two hang out in corner, talking about stuff. Barry tells him about his past attraction to Iris. Hartley tells him about his past attraction to Eobard. And then they start talking about Pokemon of all things (Hartley’s a closeted fan) and just when Barry is about to show the rare Pikachu stuffed toy he has upstairs in his room, Cisco comes up and suddenly all of Hartley’s attention is on him. Barry goes outside to text Len when he gets text from him. A few minutes later, when Barry comes back in, he sees Hartley sitting on Cisco’s lap, smirking at him, and Cisco’s arms around his waist. 

(And really, did Barry have to walk into his room the day Iris and Eddie got married and see Hartley and Cisco naked under his bed sheets? Gets kinda NSFW in the following convo …

Barry: Oh MY GOD! What are–you know what, I just–I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TWO! DOES IT HAVE TO BE MY BED?!

Hartley: No, it also could have be–Ah!

Cisco: Crap! I didn’t mean to–

Barry: Scarred for life now. I am so leaving. *Barry slams the door behind him*)

At a heist, Hartley thinks he’s going to have a health problem from groaning and rolling his eyes too making times because of the Flash and Captain Cold’s blatant flirting. And Hartley says, ‘Cold, don’t you have a loving boyfriend back home? I’m quite sure he wouldn’t approve of this.’ To which Barry says, ‘Don’t you have somebody’s bed to defile?’


OMG. Not only am I Coldflash trash, but now I’m HARTMON trash. well, it’s not like I had a life in the first place. I think I can wreak havoc if I had graphics tablet … Oh well. 

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OMG HI UH May I request a Hoseok scenario where he got too excited to go to the beach and got sunburned real bad? HAHAHA so now you have to take care of him lmfao

“Ow! God, that hurts.”

“Stop moving around!”

“I wouldn’t move around so much if you weren’t inflicting pain upon literally every single part of my body right now.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic. It’s your fault you’re in this mess in the first place.”

“Hmph,” Hoseok grunted, leaning himself back into the pillows.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was supposed to be a nice, relaxing day in the comfort of your air-conditioned bedroom.

You were supposed to get caught up in the book you had been wanting to read. You were supposed to stay in bed, maybe with a nice glass of iced tea, as you ignored literally everything around you.

But instead, your overly-excited boyfriend had somehow managed to drag you to the beach.

And that was when everything went wrong.


“Let’s go to the beach.”


“Come onnnnn,” your boyfriend let out, in his whiniest voice imaginable.

“I don’t want to.”

“Pleeeeaaase?” Hoseok begged, making sure his eyes looked as wide as possible. “I really want to go to the beach with you. Don’t you want to spend some time with me?” He was bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, unable to hide his excitement.

“Fine,” you groaned after a few tense minutes of staring each other down. There wasn’t much you could say no to when Hoseok was giving you that look.

And that was how you found yourself in a comfortable spot on the sand, book in one hand and an icy cold water bottle in the other. Hoseok had taken off as soon as you had arrived, and you could make out his figure splashing around in the distance.

So much for spending some time together.

Though your boyfriend had basically ditched you, for the ocean nonetheless, you couldn’t be angry. He looked way too cute when he was that excited.

After about an hour, Hoseok had come back to join you, plopping down next to you rather ungracefully, kicking a gracious amount of sand in your direction.

And with you being so caught up in your book, you didn’t even realize that he had fallen asleep next to you. It was only when he began to stir did you realize that he’d spent the last hour and a half or so knocked out.

Under the sun.

And when you looked over at him, you couldn’t help but gasp.

Hoseok was beet red. All over.


“Do you want to head back home now?” he asked, rubbing his eyes, not comprehending the look of horror you were sending him. “It’s gotten really hot.” He fanned himself a little.

“Umm… Hoseok. Did you put on sunscreen when we got here?”

“What?” He looked extremely dazed, as if the concept of sun protection was completely foreign to him. You couldn’t tell if it was because he was still groggy from his nap, or if he was beginning to feel the pain of the burn. He lifted his arm up. “Hey, my arm is really red. Oh, this one is too—wait—”

Dammit, Hoseok!”


So now you were sitting here on your bed, rubbing aloe vera onto your forgetful boyfriend’s arms and legs when you could be doing something a lot more productive with your time.

Like finishing your book. You didn’t even want to go to the beach in the first place.

It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if your boyfriend wasn’t such a big, blubbering man-child.

“What kind of grown man doesn’t put on sunscreen?” You grumbled as you tried to soothe his hot skin.

“You should have reminded me!” he snapped back.

“I’m your girlfriend, Hoseok, not your babysitter!” you emphasized your statement by giving him a not-so-gentle pat on the leg.

When you saw his face grimace in what looked like actual pain, you felt yourself softening a little. 

But only a little.

“Does it really hurt?”

Hoseok groaned, nodding his head. He flung his arms back to cover his eyes in a dramatic fashion, only to wince when he was forced to remember the awful sunburn on his skin.

“I feel like a potato,” he mumbled.

You could only stare at him.


“A fried potato. A fry. A french fry.”

“Are you sure you’re not running a fever, too?” you questioned, lifting a hand to feel his forehead. He was definitely warm, but not fever warm. “Do you want to go to the doctor?”

“A potato that’s been burned to a crisp and can’t legally be served in a restaurant.”

“All right, I think that’s enough. Let’s try to get some sleep,” you lifted him up slightly to give his pillow a small fluff, then pushed him back down lightly.

After killing the lights, you took your spot next to him on the bed. He instantly scooted closer to you, finding comfort in the crook of your neck as you ran your fingers through his hair in an effort to lull to sleep.

“The sun is evil,” he huffed. He sounded incredibly out of it, and you knew he would be succumbing to the drowsiness soon.

“I know,” you responded, trying hard to fight the grin that was threatening to appear on your face.

“No, really,” he mumbled. “I hate it. Why do we even need it, anyway?”

You didn’t respond, not finding it necessary to tell him that we do in fact need it to survive, only letting him continue his rant as you lazily carded your fingers through his hair.

After another five minutes of Hoseok uselessly cursing the sun, he finally fell asleep, though you could still hear him mumbling something along the lines of “stupid giant star” into his pillow. Sometime during those five minutes he had turned over and flopped onto his stomach, and though you knew he was going to be feeling it in the morning, you didn’t have the energy to try and flip him back over.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Stretching out, you took the opportunity to turn on your bedside lamp and finally crack open your book again, picking up where you left off. Just as you were getting back into the story, however, a loud snore erupted from the boy beside you.

You should’ve known. 

Being in relationship with Hoseok guaranteed just about anything but quiet time.

Sighing, you closed your book, placing it on your nightstand before turning around to face your sleeping boyfriend.

The room was dark, but there was still enough light to make out his flushed cheeks. You wanted to be angry at him for being so forgetful and basically ruining your day, but his red skin prevented you from feeling too upset.

It really did look painful.

You brushed the fringe away from his forehead, wincing a little as you took note of the redness on his nose and cheeks.

Sighing yet again, you got up and trudged to the kitchen, filling up a glass of water. You walked back and put the glass on Hoseok’s nightstand, knowing he was going to be searching for it in the middle of the night.

Hoseok was the kind of person who required extra attention he wasn’t feeling well.

You knew that when he woke up, he was going to be whining for something to soothe the pain. He would also probably beg you to make him breakfast as well, because “Oh my god, I can’t feel my arms and legs, you’re going to have to live for me” and “Look at my skin, I look like a lobster! Lobsters can’t cook their own breakfast.

You knew you should probably set an alarm so you could get up before him to make it. That way your boyfriend could maybe save at least a little of his dignity.

But because you were such a caring and loving girlfriend, you decided against the alarm, falling back onto your pillow with a satisfied grin on your face.

He could afford to beg a little.  


I loved this request! I figured since it’s the 4th here in the US, it would be a good time to post something like this. 

To those of you celebrating here today, have fun! and please don’t forget to keep your pets in a safe environment, out of the heat and away from fireworks!

Also, I reached a (small) follower mark last night, and I just want to say thanks for sticking around and reading this awful blog. I’m just doing this for fun, and as a way to keep my writing in check while I’m not doing journalism, so it’s really cool to see you guys are reading. 

Only one more request left! After that, I probably won’t be opening again until after The Red Bullet. 


Afterglow.” His lips pursed, he wasn’t excited about getting punched in the face if he said what he was thinking. Thank God he didn’t know a telepath.

“Right. Okay. Where are we going to fire it from? I think Coulson would murder us if we blew an accidental hole in the roof of the Playground. Is there a park nearby?”

Rolling her eyes, Skye was tempted to punch him in the shoulder but she stopped herself.

“Oh, I can’t tell you that. It’s classified.” Skye replied sarcastically. She kept up her expression for a minute before an amused smile broke out. “Yeah, I know of a place. Figured we could get some drinks and set this thing off.” 

Chapter 5

“Oh fuck no.”

Those are the first words to come out of Miyuki’s mouth, and I already know I’m in for it.

“Yo, just listen for a-“

“Shut the fuck up! I asked you to fix a problem that you made in the first place, and then you’re just gonna go fuck my girl, in my room!” He’s livid, he’s breathing heavier than we were moments ago.

“I’m not your girl Miyuki, so stop screaming at him.” Kairi has finally stepped in the ring.

“What the fuck are you doing with this guy, he’s a loser first year that you literally just met yesterday, you’re such a-“ I cut in before he has the chance to say what I knew was coming next. Girls always get the bad side of this even though the guy is just as equal in blame.

“Yo, it’s my fault, don’t take it out on her we’ll just leave.”

As I start to walk out the door, Miyuki grabs my arm and pulls me back.

“No you are staying, she is leaving.” He’s staring at me intensely and for some reason I can’t argue with him.

“I turn towards Kairi “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

She looks as if she wants to say something but decides against it and leaves.

I look back towards Miyuki whose breathing has returned to normal. I don’t really know what to say to him, what I did was incredibly fucked up, even though they aren’t technically dating they still had something.


“No, like what the fuck man you just met her.”

“I know I’m sorry, we got caught up in the moment, and then one thing just led to another-“

“Spare me the fucking details, I don’t need them trust me.” He seems strangely calm, I mean he’s still pissed, but not as much as I thought he’d be. There’s definitely something up, he should be way angrier at me.  

His head is dropped, and he seems to be thinking but I don’t know what about. I reach my hand out to touch his shoulder and he flinches. What? Is he scared of me?

“Miyuki what’s the problem?”

“Nothing.” He says, with an obvious unsteadiness in his voice.

“Just tell me what’s wrong so we can get past this situation. I’m sorry I got with your girl-“

“That’s not why I’m mad, I’m not mad that it was her, I’m mad that it was anyone in general.”

Wait what is that supposed to mean?

“What’re you talking about, bro?”

He finally looks up at, hesitation clear on his face, but then he finally speaks.

“When you pitched to me today, and don’t fucking laugh when I say this, I felt something.”

Okay now I’m confused. Is he saying what I think he’s saying? No way.

“Miyuki do you like-“

“Yes I fucking like you.” And with that he grabs the back of my neck and slams his mouth onto mine.


Denver, CO-based artists Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, collectively known as Hari & Deepti (previously featured here), have created a brand new series of their fantastically-themed and exquisitely detailed paper light box sculptures. Entitled “Oh, The Places You Will Go!”, these pieces are currently being shown as part of an exhibition at the Black Book Gallery in Denver.

“The artist couple were inspired by recent travels through Moab, Utah and Yellowstone, Wyoming, and transformed elements of their adventures into delicately hand-cut paper sculptures infused with mythology and science fiction. Each piece is lit from behind or below with LED strips and the boxes are exhibited in dark rooms to enhance the effect.”

Hari & Deepti will also be showing work this December at Art Basel Miami 2014 for the Scope International Contemporary Art Show.

To check out more of Hari & Deepti’s wonderful creations visit the Black Book Gallery website and keep up with their latest work on Instagram

[via Colossal]