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I’d say the peak of my Pokemon obsession was third grade. More than anything, I wished for Pokemon to be real. I wanted to learn about type matchups in school. I wanted to go around hunting for Pokemon and catch them and become a trainer.

That being said, Pokemon Go is a childhood dream come true for me. But back when I didn’t have a phone and internet connection, I made do with what I had: crayons, glitter pens, colored markers, cardboard, and paper. Oh, and of course, my imagination.

I found this old gem sitting in my closet. It’s back from my third grade days, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

And what was inside?

Hand-drawn, crayon-colored Pokemon cut-outs. I drew and colored most of these–my nanny (who was super good at drawing) and my older cousins were the other contributors. Basically Nanny: Eevee, Marill, Butterfree, Bulbasaur. Cousins: Onix, “Jigglypuff”, Scyther, Arbok, Azurill, the less detailed Chikorita. I’m pretty sure I drew a Mew back then, but it got lost. I’ll get into that in a while, but for now, here are some close-ups of the drawings.

These weren’t done just for the heck of it, mind you. No, third grade Atarah wanted to get as close as she could to being a real Pokemon trainer.

I’d often get my cousins to play with me, and we’d ask an adult (or really, anyone who wasn’t part of the game) to hide the cutouts around the house. They’d tell us when they were done, and we’d go searching for the Pokemon. Finders keepers, basically. And that’s why the precious Mew isn’t in this box anymore–I’m fairly sure it was hidden really well at my cousins’ house and thus we never found it. I think it turned up at some point, but by then, we’d already outgrown this whole thing.

So after we got our Pokemon, we’d go battle. Now, I think we used graphing paper once, and we counted HP by boxes. We had a set HP each, and -3 boxes if the attack is super effective, -2 if it’s normal damage, and -1 if it’s not very effective. I guess we used memory of the video games to think of attacks for the Johto and Hoenn Pokemon. But for the Kanto ones?

We had references, man. And this book was one of my most prized possessions.

And that’s not all! I eventually upgraded the gameplay and added stuff like this

I’m … not quite sure how those worked tho. Either I never figured out a systematic way of using these, or I just forgot.

And that was the origin of Pokemon Go lol jk

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a huge chunk of why Pokemon Go means a lot to me. Childhood never dies <3

oKAY BUT in the beggining of the manga it’s Yona’s birthday right??? and we clearly see Soo-Won giving Yona a present but

what about Hak?

did he not bother getting her a present bc she would like, tease him about it anyways???

did he get her a something that he’d give to her later??? is it somewhere, still hidden, still wrapped???

what could it be?? how does Son Hak choose the present he’ll give to the love of his life on her day?? was it a rare flower or a shiny comb or neckace or… a hairpin?

did he get her a present that he knew he’d never give to her? 

what was their tradition when it came to this? like does Yona refuse to gift him anything on his birthday too bc that’s just how their relationship works??? or doe she actually get him something very thoughtful, throws it over his head every year and then runs away like she doesn’t care?

what’s the exact rythm of Hak’s heart as he opens it and he finds that thing he talked to her about like four and a half months ago???

did i just give myself the feels???

FiddAuthor: From Journal 3

I… I’m completely overwhelmed by these thoughts, and I really would love to share them with the FiddAuthor community. By the time this gets posted, the Journal would have been released by then, but I’ll just mark them as spoilers regardless.

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Madelyn took Aelin inside to sit on the couch. She wasn’t too sure about how she would take this news. 

“I’m pregnant. You are going to have a little brother or sister.”

“Oh my goodness! That’s awesome!”

“You’re happy?”

“Of course, but momma I have question?”

“Yeah, baby?”

More than anything
  • <p><b>MC:</b> I bet Eisuke loves me more than anything!<p/><b>Soryu:</b> Oh really?<p/><b>MC:</b> Of course!<p/><b></b> *Eisuke walks in*<p/><b>Baba:</b> Hey boss! What do you love the most? MC, money, or yourself?<p/><b>Eisuke:</b> ...<p/><b>Eisuke:</b> pass<p/><b>Mamoru:</b> Heh<p/><b>Ota:</b> Burn<p/><b>MC:</b> babe, why?<p/></p>

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Can you explain me about Callie? people say and I'm lost, she did not die?

So here’s what happened.

When you write and film a TV pilot, the pilot is usually the only thing you make.  Then you shop it around to different networks to see who wants to buy it.  So Jason Rothenberg got someone to say “yes! we like your idea! here’s some money, go make a pilot” and then then took that one episode and pitched it to networks.  That can take months or longer.  So by the time The CW said yes - and this happens all the time - actress Kelly Hu, who played Callie, was no longer available because she’d taken a job on a different show.  But the pilot was already written and shot and they couldn’t go back and like delete her.  So they left it in, and then the producers just told everyone on Twitter “oh, Callie got floated offscreen after the pilot.”  Which is of course TERRIBLE because that means we never see Kane react to the death of his girlfriend (and the only potentially float-worthy thing we see her do is stand up for Abby to keep him from executing her, sooooooo, are they saying he was complicit in his girlfriend’s execution for the crime of not wanting her best friend to be executed YOUR STORY IS FULL OF HOLES, PRODUCERS ON TWITTER) or Abby react to the death of her best friend, and we never hear them mention Callie again in the context of their own newly romantic relationship, which is BIZARRE (they at least had Abby bring up Wick once to Raven after Steve Talley was written off to explain what had happened, which was more than Kelly Hu got). 

So I think we’re generally meant to sort of pretend like she never existed, which is a bummer because she was great, and honestly it made my heart feel so many things when Ian said he missed her.  I’d be so interested to ask him or Paige like how they approach it as actors; do they have to sort of pretend like there was no Callie for their current behavior to make sense? do they share my headcanon that Callie was definitely bisexual and definitely in love with Abby? do they have a whole backstory in their heads for why she disappeared and they don’t talk about her? Why did the producers not even bother trying to leave it open for a guest arc? I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT CALLIE CARTWIG

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Hi! You've heard from me before, your "Fallen" series is my favorite Sherlock story, hands down. Anyway, I was wondering if you've seen the new Sherlock trailer (silly question, I know) and what you thought of it. Or if you are avoiding all series 4 spoilers. Thanks!

Oh my yes, of course I’ve seen the trailer. I’m as eager as ever. I can practically feel the heat of excitement rolling off Gatiss and Moffat every time they say something (which amounts to nothing) about this series. I love a good villain, and I think Toby Jones will be deliciously villainous. Mycroft, too, seems to have an enlarged role in this, though it’s hard to judge based on the trailer, and of course I don’t trust it as fair representation because John seemed to be ‘under-featured,’ as it were, and that would be plain unacceptable. But tptb have explained that they can’t really show anything plot-worthy in the interest of hiding their state secrets. So I’m content to just revel in the mystery and imagine to myself the way things will go.

January can’t come soon enough.

Continued thoughts re: that Critical Role SDCC panel that G&S posted this morning: 

As much as I frequently want people to quit asking shipping questions, the answers to the question about shipping NPCs were pretty priceless, even (or especially) when a little tongue in cheek. Sam shipping Vex and Jarrett, for instance. Or Matt shipping Gilmore and happiness. (”He’s had a rough year.”) I want to hug Gilmore now. Oh, Matt.

Of course, I can only feel so sympathetic when this is the same guy joking about Ripley/Percy hatesex. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST WENT THERE. ;)

(He gave a straight-up nod to Kima and Allura, though, so: yes. Just in case anyone was still somehow wondering. That’s a thing.)

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Hello!! Absolutely adore your account btw:)) but I was wondering if you're speculating about stydia in 6x10 or if it's confirmed, cuz if it is OMLL😍

Oh god no no no of course that’s not confirmed! 

I’m just team “I would like to see Stiles and Lydia horizontal in 6x10.” 

SO, Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service.

Wow, this episode’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be! I’m happy they gave Kiki more room to develop and she’s a very relatable character. She actually might be one of my favorite full-human characters (next to Greg and Connie of course).

Oh, and there was some really imaginative animation. And nice homages to Kiki’s Delivery Service and Evangelion

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tell us abt ur day if ur comfortable with it!

oh, of course!
i slept kinda late, hung out with my irl friend, and we walked around a bit. and we went to the library and to tim hortons, then ended up hanging out at their place. it was a pretty good day! i thought i lost my bag with all my ds games in it but turns out i’d left it at home like the foolish bastard i am. so after finding that it was pretty great all around!

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random: 16, 29,33,51,82,110,111, 114

16. Do you always answer your texts?
Usually yes!
29. Do you have a best friend?
I have 4. Each one i have a different relationship with
33. Have you ever kissed someone older than you?
Majority of the guys I’ve kissed have been older than me!
51. Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry?
Lol no that was just a hookup
82. Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush?
Not really. I think only 4 people know about my current crush.
110. If you could kiss anyone who would it be?
It’s a toss up between like 3 people…. Michael Clifford, Dan Howell, and Luke Korns, oh wait 4 Rena Lovelis (and of course only with total consent) 111. Do you know who you’ll kiss next?
Literally I can hope who it will be with next but no
144. Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings?
All the “relationships” I’ve had so far have been flings so I’m ready for a serious one

Thanks for so many!! I love answering these!! If this opens up any questions of your own you are more than welcome to answer!!

I can’t tell if I’m just being sensitive or.. .

My Mom and I went out to visit my Uncle and his wife to see their new baby, Brian. We get there and all is well, I’m holding him and telling Vicky how adorable he is and we’re talking about the labor and stuff. She asked me if it was time for me to have another baby and I tried brushing it off like, haha not any time soon because who wants to hear that I’m trying not to want another baby because my body hates me? 

And then of course my mom chimes in, “Oh, Emily? She would pop one out left and right if she could. Right? She wants a  bunch of babies.” 

It just made me feel.. like shit. Like, why would you think that’s an okay thing to say?