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Y’know everytime I read a good book I say 'oh I hope they make a movie out of it' but then again I am afraid that it will suck because they often change so many things. Feel the same with the borderlands movie too. We will see but they need Dameon!

Well I mean, if HJ is involved in the plot line yeah we’d definitely need him. But I don’t think he will be (as much is Jack is great, do we need more of him tho).

Either something on the Corporate Wars or the Eridians would be interesting! But who knows. It’s live action too, right? I’m- I’m so nervous about the film anon, oh my god

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I just realized i made a mistake, what i ment to say was what would happen if Billsans MET weeb!sans (i hope you dont mind)

Oh, I see!xD
well, if they met, Weeb Sans would probably think that bill!Sans’s clothings are a reference to yu-gi-oh and he’d scream “IT’S TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!!!!!!” And then he’ll start talking about yu gi oh and about the fact that the first season is definitly the best, and it’d be impossible to make him shut up nor escape him.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to meet weeb Sans.
(Sorry no drawing I have too much messages I just can’t draw for everything anymore…;A;)

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hey, i know you probably won't see this but my little brother attended your show tonight (8/12/16) and i just wanted to thank you for making him so happy... also you recorded a video for me and i just... thank you for making both of us smile!!

Oh my goodness!! It was such a pleasure!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed that video and I sincerely hope he had a great time!!

Can somebody PLEASE draw this with nalu or gajevy or gruvia or jerza or whatever ship??? I’M ACTUALLY IN TEARS HAHAH

I should not forget to mention that she’s pregnant and he’s obviously panicking and obviously being overprotective pfffffft hahaha

Oh my god

Guess who I just met ! Stephen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He signed my Stannis Baratheon painting and I gave him my painting I made for him portraying Thomas Jefferson. He was so beautiful. Couldn’t see his eyes too good because he was wearing sunglasses. He said he was so honored to have the painting. I’ll never forget it. I’m seeing him in Faith Healer tomorrow night. I’m so very happy :D


FYSD: Oh wow! Excellent. Thank you for submitting this, and I’m glad you got to meet him. I hope you enjoy the show!

My best friend found herself a boyfriend!! Oh dear, I hope he is a good man. She deserves a Boy who will love her laugh as much as I do. Boy whos spine will be in shivers, like mine, everytime her hand is touching his hand. A Boy who will daydream about her brilliant future and will remember about all the small things she said… And will love her by all his heart and… Haha, why am I crying you ask?? You see,,,, I am friend of this gorgeous woman since middleschool! I am so happy for her!!!!! And a very very jealous… that’s probably because I want a boyfriend too!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Me Decide // Draco Malfoy oneshot

Quiditch. The greatest game in the wizarding world. And also one y/n was incredibly good at. Draco knew that, but it didn’t stop him taunting her before the big match.

“Hey y/l/n looking forward to loosing?” He called to the tall, brown haired girl across the room.
“Oh come on Malfoy, even a pathetic leach like you can come up with something better than that” she sneered back. Ouch. Ignoring the twist in his gut Draco shot back a quick “I guess you’ll just have to see with someone worth insulting” before turning and walking away quickly.

He could never stay around her long. Something about her, confused him. At least he hoped it was just confusion. He couldn’t afford to be distracted. Not now.

- - -

High up in the air, suspended above the screaming crowd, y/n finally felt herself relax. It had been a stressful week, and then there was that Malfoy boy. God she hated him. Didn’t she?! Her train of thought was interrupted by madam Hoochs whistle as the game started.

With the wind whipping through her hair as she darted around players and bludgers, Draco was funding it increasingly hard to focus on the game and not on the girl he supposedly hated. Which forced him to acknowledge the possibility of there being something more there. He had been think about her a lot lately.

‘No’ he scolded himself. ‘You think of  Potter all the time and you just hate him too.’ He sat back, satisfied with the conclusion he had reached. 'But you haven’t been watching Potter the whole game’ a snide voice in his head whispered… Well shit.

Wandering through the castles many dimly lit corridors had become a frequent pass time of Draco’s. The movement made it easier for him to think. It was during one of this wandering that he bumped into Rae.  Literally.

“Watch where you’re going y/l/n he very nearly growls. She was the last person he wanted to see, much less touch.
“Hey you bumped into me Malfoy” she shot back, spitting his name out as if it was poison.
“Whatever, mudblood.”

“What is your problem?!”

“My problem is you! You and your stupid pretty face and your hair and the way you talk and the fact that your so good and so gryfindor and you could never ever ever  like me the way I like you.” He took in a deep breathe looking shocked at himself. Then scared.
“You like me? So you act like a dick? Wow Draco flirting skills on point.”

“Wait what now I don’t l-like you-u” he stutters back.

“Oh that’s a shame” she says, attempting confidence.

“Yeah- wait WHAT?” His head shoots up. “Do you like me too?”

“Maybe?” She replies quietly.
Warmth spreads through him, and he forget for a moment the weight hanging over him.
“Oh” conflict takes over his every thought.

“You. You won’t for long. There’s.  There’s something I have to. You have to stay away from me.” Turning to leave, ice filling him to the brim, he feels a hand grip around his wrist, pulling him back. Twisting around again he finds himself very nearly chest to chest with y/n and he can feel his defenses crumbling.

“Why don’t you let me decide that” she breathes out, cheeks flushed. Looking down at her he can’t resist. In a moment that is both gone in a flash and centuries long their lips connect. And Draco can feel the ice slowly melting away, replaced by a warm, light feeling. Safe. He feels, safe. Like suddenly, when wrapped around this girl, this wonderful girl, maybe he didn’t have to do such a horrible thing, maybe he wasn’t under threat, maybe he wasn’t so scared. 

Pulling apart the odd pair couldn’t help but smile, and y/n knew she had won. Over those years she would come to know Draco not as the boy who made all the wrong choices, but as the boy who wasn’t given a choice.

A/N hey hope you liked it. If you did please request something!

hobbitwentz replied to your post “oh man top 3 is prolly during revenge when the blonde part of the…”

yeahhh the skinniness of danger days was. not good. but like. his hair. it was good. like if he could just. grow it out like that again. (also bth times ive seen him ahve been before he cut it i am Blessed)

@hobbitwentz omfg luck yesss i really hope he grows it out againnn

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I wonder who will get the last 'shh' in the intro on the last ever episode! I'd love to see Wren because he's been revealed as Uber A at this point (I hope) it would be so chilling!

Oh my god this would be SO good!!!!!! Assuming they don’t leave the AD reveal until the very last episode they can make whoever AD is be in the last opening credits! And if it’s Wren. Lord I will DIE

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I am camping for 3 days and it's 100% terrible it rained all day and everything is soaked and you should do like a cute camping imagine so I can think about it through these horrible next 2 days.

Oh no, hopefully it dries up!! Try to have some fun :) This started cute but then I got too into it, and it went in a weird direction, but I hope you like it haha 😊

“How much farther are we going?” you ask, looking back. All you can see is the forest around you. “Just a little more. There should be good spot up ahead,” Eric says confidently. You smile and keep following him, arriving at a small clearing. “This looks great,” he murmurs, putting his things down. You drop your things as well, giggling as Eric wraps his arms around you and starts kissing your neck. He’s been waiting so long to get you alone out here. No distractions, just the two of you. “Don’t we need to set things up, first?” you laugh as he wraps his arm around your waist. “Mmm… fine, fine,” he mumbles, both of you grinning as he pulls away.

“Can you hand me that pole?” Eric asks. You do, securing one corner of the tent as he deals the another. You move back once it’s finished and he smiles, loving that you know how to do things like this. “We should probably start a fire,” you say, glancing in the direction of the setting sun. Eric nods, “I can do it babe, you want to get everything set up in the tent?” “Sure,” you smile, watching him start the fire before going inside the tent. You unroll the sleeping bags and unpack a couple things from your bags, stifling a laugh when you get to Eric’s condom stash. There must be thirty in here you think with a smirk. It looks like he has high hopes for this weekend. “Fire’s ready,” he calls. You walk back out with some food. “We’re gonna make s’mores?” he asks as his eyes light up, matching the adorable excitement of a five-year-old.

“Reb!” you laugh loudly as the marshmallow on the end of his stick catches on fire. “Oh, no!” he laughs, both of you blowing on it. You both stare at the blackened remains, giggling. You’re sitting in Eric’s lap and the two of you have been shooting, walking around, flirting and kissing for the past couple of hours. You love just spending time with him and he’s never been happier. “Here,” you hold your s’more up to his lips and he takes a bite, humming happily. You kiss his cheek and he swallows, kissing you again. “It’s getting late,” he mumbles over your lips. You pull back slightly, looking in his eyes. “Are you tired?” you ask innocently. He grins and glances at your lips, “I wouldn’t say that.” “No?” you giggle. He leans in and whispers in your ear, “Maybe we can go lie down, though.” You lick your lips, shivering, “That sounds nice.”

The two of you end up naked in one sleeping bag and Eric’s giving you more pleasure than he ever has. You’re about to start round three when you hear a high-pitched chattering sound really close. You both freeze and Eric slowly looks over his shoulder, widening his eyes when he sees a raccoon in the corner of the tent. “Reb,” you squeak out, grabbing his shoulder. “Shh,” he whispers, slowly unzipping the sleeping bag. He slowly sits up and starts to reach for his boxers, stopping when the raccoon looks at him. He doesn’t know if it has rabies or not but he’s not about to take any chances. Your eyes dart between them and he breathes slowly, “On the count of three, I want you to run,” he whispers, grabbing his sweatshirt. “One, two… three!” You yelp as Eric throws his sweatshirt over the raccoon and both of you run outside, naked.

“Great plan, “ you mutter, crouching by the fire. You can hear the raccoon chatter from inside the tent, no doubt eating the rest of your food. Eric bites his lip and lightly taps Arlene’s side. He had managed to grab her and his own boxers before running out. He can tell you’re pissed because he hadn’t gotten any clothes for you. This night had gone so much better in his mind. You hear a branch crack and stand up quickly. Eric can’t help but look you over, admiring how beautiful your body looks next to the flickering fire. You hear another crack and quickly move over to Eric as he stands up, hiding behind him. He grips Arlene tightly, his heart pounding as two people appear from the woods.

“Woah, hey,” one of them laughs, holding his hands up, “Easy, man.” The other one raises his eyebrows, “We’re not armed.” “Reb,” you whisper urgently, pressing against his back. One of the guys sees you and notices you’re naked, frowning, “Are you okay, miss?” You glance between them and then look at Eric, laughing when you realize how bad this looks, “Oh god, no, he’s not… no, he’s my boyfriend. There’s a raccoon in our tent and we were… well, we had to run out.” Eric glances back at you protectively as the guy says, “Let us help you out.” The other one nods, “We’re up in my dad’s cabin about half a mile away. The thing should be gone by morning.” You’re both really hesitant but you can’t see a better alternative. “Okay,” Eric nods, watching one of the guys take off his coat and hold it out. Eric takes it and hands it back to you. “Thank you,” you say softly, quickly putting it on. You and Eric follow them back to the cabin and he keeps a firm grip on Arlene, just in case.


Oh my goodness, this is possibly one of the most sweetest messages I have ever received! You think I’m someone to possess cool silmarillion ocs? :’) Well fortunately (or unfortunately) for you I do! Now I have never been one to avidly express my ocs, seeing as they’re rather personal to simply myself (alongside the average disinterest in original characters for fandom works); but I will at least elaborate upon them, seeing you are curious of such! Thank you once again and I hope you enjoy them!

lírë is the most recent and the most underdeveloped of the two. He belonged to Fingolfin’s people who crossed over the Helcaraxe to reach Middle Earth. His character is often expressed by his reluctance to depart from Aman, for being a bard by trade, he found paradise to be the most stimulating for his creative muse. lírë was often unhappy within Middle Earth and dwelt in Hithlum for a long while. However he was often renowned to ventue in his own seclusion, as all poetic souls tend to wander. What comes of him has yet to be decided, though what is known is that his talent for music is about the only pleasentness he possesses. He may be fair faced, but his heart is often ugly.

Asëa is a very old character of mine and therefore will always possess a special place within my heart. However she may also be the one I express the most embarrassment with elaborating upon, given her sin of canon shipping. However, Asëa means ‘helpful’ or ‘kindly’ in Quenya and such are the very definitions of her character. She is Ñoldor in blood and dwelt in Ost-in-Edhil under the lordship of Celebrimbor and was renowned for her wise counsel. When Sauron appeared to the kinsmen of Eregion under the guise of Annatar, he took upon an elven wife in hopes that by immersing himself into society, he would be able to persuade those still weary of him to trust. They were courted, though such a marriage was nothing beyond that of simple appearances, for as anticipated Annatar was often amongst the smiths of Gwaith-i-Mirdain. When the one-ring was later finished and Annatar confessed his true nature, Asëa took her own life in shame of who she had married and her soul departed to the Halls of Mandos.

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"Can I have a hand?"

Your muse has been injured and is struggling to get dressed. Send “Can I have a hand?” for my muse’s reaction to yours asking for help.

Pavel turned around to see his friend Lieutenant Uhura with her uniform halfway on, and her face looked pained. She had recently been injured on their last away mission and Pavel could see that she was having trouble getting dressed.

“Oh, da, of course.” He walked over to her.

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oH MY GODDDD what were you EXPECTING idek LOL. i hope he didn’t see AHHA!!!!! and thanks im so gay too u should follow me

Bb18 is now cancelled. I had all the hope in this show and it was a joke to me until a few minutes ago when a beautiful black woman was degraded on national television by someone she thought cared about her. I dont have to subject myself anymore to the hurt i receive as a black woman every day on this earth knowing that people hate me i get it enough as it is. Im done. Michelle is an immature person who aside from game only cares about her own feelings, Natalie disregarded Zakiyah as well so she is done for me as well. Paulie. Oh paulie. Up until now he had an idea planted in my head that as a person he was good but caught up in the game. He changed my vision tonight. I no longer have tolerance for those who take their emotions out on people that care about them and disrespect them as they please. She would have never done that to him. Hes a liar. Hes a coward. Im done with the show. Hope they all see this and are ashamed and put out apologies to the people they have hurt. Love to Zakiyah and Davonne who were gracious till the end. Im out yall ✌🏾️.

you know That Feel When you see a gay person on the tv but you cant get too excited bc that might be weird for ur straight family


Still a peanut in episode 4x22 “Operation Mongoose Part 2″

After they all return to the real world, Killian Jones proves to still be a precious peanut, because he’s so overjoyed to be with Emma again… and when he realizes she’s about to say those three little words he wants to hear… Oh, goodness. His hope and encouragement are just so visible, it breaks my heart every time I see this scene. And when she chickens out and says “thank you” instead of “I love you”, his disappointment is equally visible for only a heartbeat, before he smiles, so full of acceptance and understanding for his Swan. JFC, what did we ever do to deserve this peanut of a man on our TVs? Bonus Hook flat on a bed with Emma on top. Don’t act like you don’t like that ;)

Screencaps from kissthemgoodbye.net, brightened by me.

thatrandompoet heeft op je bericht gereageerd “Awesome! I’ve been tagged by @thatrandompoet to list ten random facts…”

oh wow..the last one on the list was intense.

Yeah, he was highly sensitive at that moment, picking up on our hidden agenda (keeping him occupied until his mom arrived to take him and seek treatment), which could’ve caused an escalation of the situation. So it was important to shower him in positive vibes and distract him from his paranoia, and seeing us as the enemy. We did good though. Like I said, it was surreal, almost like living a movie, peering into the mind of a man in psychosis. I never heard what happened to him after, I hope it all turned out alright. 

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I'm watching #Thehip and thinking about how Jack and Ransom are doing right now. How hard are they crying with all of us. I hope they're together.

Oh man Jack loves the Tragically Hip for real. So he, Ransom, and Dad Bob fly out to the show, front row seats. And Ransom is probably not the biggest fan but they’re like, a Canadian Institution so ofc he’s gonna go (like let’s just briefly pause to mention 1/3 of the population watched that concert. Jeez.) They show up and get the VIP experience and after the show Bob’s like, “Good show, eh boys? Let’s go see how Gord and the guys are doing.” And they just stroll backstage because they’re all good buds.

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#42 with the OT3 x3

Marc woke up and slipped out from under Iblis’s protective arm,  shifting into shadow form so as to not awaken his husband. The absence of of their new addition to the household had not gone unnoticed,  and he slunk through the house in search of him,  hoping that he hadn’t yet left the house. Marc slithered down the hallway before seeing a faint blue glow from under the closed guest room door. He wriggled through the crack, squeezing himself down like a pancake until he was all the way through. He saw Noc sitting at the end of the guest room bed, staring in a melancholy way at his own feet. Marc stood and partially solidified from the belly up,  “Oh thank goodness, I didn’t think you’d still be here. ” Noc looked up,  “Oh uh,  sorry…I can leave if you would prefer… ” “No no!  Please we want you to stay, but what are you doing in here? Did we say or do something to offend you? ” Noc looked honestly surprised, “No not at all… I just… ”, he looked away,  “I don’t want to be a burden to you or your family” “Noc, you don’t get it yet do you?  You *are* family now! ”, Marc grinned and touched Nocs shoulder,  “You were as soon as the kids first climbed on you. ” Suddenly the door swung open,  Iblis standing with his brows knitted in concern and a small purple flame burning fiercely above his head. Silently he strode towards Noc and pulled him into a hug that would have crushed a mortal mans rib cage. Marc laughed,  “See what I mean? Come back to bed”