Oh god this is finished



Oh my fucken god it took to long to do this!


almost there

On the first of the month we got our license and Pro Moto Performance became official!  Here’s Ross holding up our LLC. :’]

Also, last week we got approved for a location!! Aaahahh! 

It was pretty crazy how it worked out. I managed to get the best location ever for the shop! It’s a 5,000 sqft facility with 1650 sqft of that being a separate but connected warehouse for the store with street frontage! 
The shop will be 3200 sqft, whooooo. And we plan to build a second story over half the shop. 

The shop is the top picture. The bottom two are what you walk into from the front door, and where Ross is standing in the third picture is where you walk out. You can see the shop door leading into the garage. 

Oh my god this is happening. Finished negotiating the final price over the weekend, and it’s all about scheduling a time to meet up and sign the lease and trade keys for money.

If everything happens according to plan, I will be part owner of a business at the age of 22. [:

Brace yourselves, Pro Moto is coming. <3

crissy-blog-sucks asked:

oh my god? i just finished reading "quiet ice, silent nights" and oh my gOD? i felt like my heart was gonna stop working from all these emotions and the transitions are so good too? like yeah there were minor grammar mistakes but iT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE YOU WRITE LIKE A GOD. AND THE REVEAL WAS SO GOOD TOO AND THE BUILD UP FOR IT GOT MY HEART RACING AND OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER?

haha yeah sorry about mistakes, I usually write in the AM’s and all in one go. I type it all out in one sitting and upload it immediately after, most often without checking it. If i used Beta’s more often that would be solved, but I’m often super impatient about getting stuff out cause i LOVE reactions like this hehe. 

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Hi! maybe I'm crazy but I was looking through that post of Louis not being straight and holy shit! I'm crying! it hurts! those pics at the end...God! it hurts so bad! I don't understand how someone can be this cruel and do that to him!! I hate this! I hate everything that is going on but I know that he's gonna free sooner or later and I'm so ready to see all the people who ever hurt him burning in hell! I'm sorry but I'm so emotional right now! =(

Oh nooo. Please don’t. God i have to go back and finish the post w positive stuff. Sorry i made you sad.

also yesterday i read so much oh my god

  • i finished the scorch trials after being only like fifty pages in
  • i started and finished four and omg it was so nice to be in tobias’s head for awhile 
  • i started and finished shatter me and holy crap that shit’s intense i also don’t know if i’ll ever like warner??? wth guys
  • i also started the darkest minds so yAY

this is literally the only positive thing about little to no internet

So I’m slightly tipsy and I suddenly decide that 3 am is a good time to take a hike to the mail box (it’s a long way away, okay).


wait. oh my god.


*screaming intensifies* 

These are actually amazing, better than I ever could’ve hoped for (also, they’re real I can hold them oh my god). Thank you so much @emuyh-art, your art never fails to amaze me ^.^ [also the lil’ doodle holy shit I’m dying]


@emeraudolupus thank you for the ask! (and sorry for my late reply ewe;;)

Bonus: Pajama Kakyoin

.Lock me up, Demon.

i realized as drawing these that i forgot to do my pharmacology homework

*stares at clock* *it still reads after midnight*


Moon signs + Books (living for them edition)
  • Aries:*looks at one in awe* Have you every seen such a beautiful cover??
  • Taurus:Okay I'm done looking.*is carrying like 15 books*
  • Gemini:*starts huffing the book* OH GOD THE SMELL IS GLORIOUS!!!!
  • Cancer:*finishes a book* Oh god the emotions *lies in bed for a week*
  • Leo:HOW FUCKING DARE YOU MAKE ME FEEL SUCH HORRID EMOTIONS!!!! *throws book at the window*
  • Virgo:My precious,no one is to touch you but me.*starts hissing at their pet/or person*
  • Libra:WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEW BOOK!! *throws trash can through a book store window*
  • Scorpio:*reads a 500 page book in one sitting cause sleeping is for the weak*
  • Sagittarius:How dare you insult that book you uncultured swine.
  • Capricorn:*after marathons a series* What is that annoying glowing thing in the sky??
  • Pisces:*reads starts realizing their favorite character is gonna die* DON'T YOU FUCKING KILL MY PRECIOUS BABY OFF!!!