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Well… As a lot of our favorite cosplayers did the cosplay faces thing… Then… Yeah… ! We decided to do it too ! x’D And we kinda figured out that Tora was more often cosplayed in the red/brown darker color, and Koe in blue/black color ! That was really funny to see that !

Anyway ! It’s also the occasion to comment all the cosplays we put on this picture so… HERE WE GO !

-Kili (The Hobbit) : Oh god… This is our last baby and it’s not even finished… I’m SO excited about this one and I think it is, by far, my favorite. Not only because it’s the new little baby, but also because this is the more difficult cosplay we did yet, and because I feel so close of the character, and I love him so much and I’m just so excited about the project we have for Fili and Kili ! AAAGH ! *Dead Koe*

-Aoba (DRAMAtical Murder) : I really enjoy cosplaying Aoba ! He’s one of my favorite even if it’s not the cosplay I give the most of my time to be honest. It’s also my first try with contact lenses and that was awesome ! Love it ! The roleplay is really funny tho !

-2D (Gorillaz) : I… REALLY… LOVE… 2D !! And specially the make up ! Because it was kinda hard to do a proper make up for the character, since it’s a sorta “comic, drawing” design.

-Christine Daaé (Phantom of the Opera) : The dress was so much pain to be honest… But totally worth it !! émoticône heart And my first female cosplay ! A good experience, but not one of my favorite since I’m more at ease with male character !

-Valdrigr Alsvieth (Crimson Spell) : One day, I swear, I will make a proper, GOOD cosplay of him. Because Crimson Spell is one of my favorite manga, with Viewfinder. But I really enjoy demon!Vald, and will do it again !!

-Rouge (Grimm Tales) : Aaah… Rouge ! My personal version of Little Red Riding Hood ! It was such a surprise that a personal creation of mine became so famous on our YouTube channel ! And I can’t wait to see him and Wolf on our future Webserie !

-Nico Di Angelo (Percy Jackson) : A lot of people are going to kill me… But he’s one of my least favorite cosplay ! x’D I really enjoy cosplaying him WITH Will Solace or Percy Jackson, but to be honest I would not cosplay him without Tora, because I would not enjoy cosplaying him.

-Prussia (Axis Power Hetalia) : One of my very first cosplay ! And I love this character so much !! Even if I’m not really satisfied of how I’m looking in this cosplay, I try very hard to complete the look but… don’t know… Maybe he doesn’t fit me ! xD

And here it is for me !! :D ♥


Oh my god, I finished them. Sorry you had to wait, seargentbutternipples and anon, but thanks for the requests! I’m getting busier because school is coming up again. And maybe I was playing video games instead

I would take requests, but I don’t think I’m physically able to pick up my pen right now. I might take prompts or more palettes later though


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this was monstrous, you can see exactly which part i started to get lazy

the idea was in my head the whole day, but i cant animate so just– i guess just watch the video and let your imagination do the work?? //sob


A[ T]ypical Romcom by masked (ao3)

For a guy who claims to hate chick-flick moments, Dean Winchester sure knows a lot about them. So much, in fact, that he’s written books with them and actually succeeded in becoming the next best-selling Rom-Com author of the century, some even dubbing him as the ‘next Nicolas Sparks’ (he still hasn’t figured out if this was meant to be a compliment or not). What the general population don’t know is that the romantic moments between the main characters are actually based on true events from the lives of Dean and his best friend, Castiel Shurley.

While he’s even getting a movie deal out of all this fiasco, his parents and everyone else he knows still think he’s leeching off of Bobby at Sioux Falls. Sam, the only one to know Dean is the mysterious Hector Afranian, keeps on encouraging him to tell Castiel about all this, and Dean’s just a poor sap stuck in the middle of all these stupid conflicts that should stay in his books.

So Dean does what he always does whenever he’s troubled; he writes.

ATR is finally finished!! Thank you to everyone who stuck around to see the end. 

TITLE: Little Secrets

SUMMARY: There is a reason why Hinata became manager of the basketball team. [High school AU]

WORDS: 3,076


A/N: This really was a one-shot. I’ve been writing it the whole day at around 8pm and barely finished it now. I hope you guys like it? There might be some errors, considering I did not do a full out spelling check on it.

It had been three years already since Hinata became the manager of the Basketball Team. It was a little hectic at first, considering many of the players did not believe she was strong or loud enough to hold them all in place. But the young Hyuuga managed and proved them all wrong.

Though she had a voice of a mouse; Hinata never quivered or shied away when she had to huddle the boys together. She had never missed practiced before nor had she ever stopped making new gameplays. She was always there when it was game day and she was always the first one to cheer for them. The indigo beauty was more than what the team could have asked for.

People had talked about her before, asking and wondering why such a quiet, timid girl became the basketball manager. Some even stepped up to ask her why but she would just merely brush them off stating that it was because she liked the sport.

Truth was Hinata had a reason why she became the manager and why she chose to be one despite how shy she was.

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Watch it Burn: Epilogue

Nine/Rose Bank Robbers AU

A/N: I just want to thank all of you so much for being so supportive and incredible as I wrote this fic. It’s been a wild ride: a year and a half (ish), 50k words from what was originally a one-shot, and very sporadic updating from me. You all are champs and just thank you so much! ♥

This story has ended but I’m nowhere near done with my two favorite idiots yet. So, stay tuned for the start of the sequel sometime in the near future!

Word Count: 922

Rating: Adult (for a previous chapter)

Catch up here: tumblr // ao3 // tsp // ff

John and Rose didn’t have plans for the evening. They were just lounging on the sofa, tangled around each other and relaxing after a lengthy discussion to figure their fledgling relationship out and a couple pleasurable diversions. John was content to remain there for as long as possible, potentially forever, but Rose reminded him that they were supposed to let Jack know how things had gone down. Their friend practically squealed when they told him that they had worked it out and told them that he would be there in thirty minutes.

Reluctantly they got up and started making themselves and the flat presentable. As expected, Jack was insufferably smug about the two of them officially getting together in both a personal and professional relationship. John got the distinct feeling that Jack would gloat about bringing them together for as long as they were together and since John had no plans of ever letting Rose slip through his fingers again, he resigned himself to a lifetime of Jack’s smugness.

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UH PROMPTS. CAN I CAN I CAN I PLEASE HAVE a sterek fic? Stiles going to Derek's place and finding him cooking, like, maybe he's baking cupcakes or something ridiculous and adorable? ^.^

“What are you doing?” Stiles shouted as he entered the apartment. His bag was thrown on the ground and he followed the tasty smell right into the kitchen. “I didn’t know you could cook,” was his comment on Derek kneading the dough.

“I bake,” Derek said, obviously distracted by his work. He turned his attention to a book next to him on the table.

“Okay and what is this?” Stiles tried to reach for it but Derek was faster with his werewolf reflexes. “Come on, Derek, I just want to see.”

Derek sighed and gave in. He held the book up so that Stiles could see the cover. It was a notebook, pink and with white flowers on it. Stiles froze and went silent. “Your father gave it to me.”


“I thought you would hang out with Scott today. I didn’t expect you to be here so soon and you told me your mom always baked you a cake at your birthday and I thought I could try.”

“You use her recipe?” Stiles’ voice was quiet now, his heart pounding faster and he was sure that Derek would notice.

“If it’s not okay I can stop,” he said immediately and came around the counter.

Stiles shook his head. “No, it’s sweet and thoughtful.” He grabbed Derek’s shirt and pulled him closer. “I love you.”

Derek gave him a gentle kiss. “Happy birthday!”

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Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter?

SPN Top 30 Favorite Episodes
1x12 Faith (2/30)

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But just like you said in tags, Tony thought "bc if he doesn't do it (self proclaimed futurist and classified genius) than who else will?" IT IS THIS EXACT LOGIC MAKES HIM LOOK ARROGANT. Not everything has to mean you're the one to handle, bc obviously this is a teamwork world, you can't think it's only you can finish the job.

oh my god the entire superhero world is filled with people who are ‘the best and brightest’ at what they do and only tony is arrogant because he claims to be the one who happens to have the most knowledge about technology related things. about having something to contribute to the protection of the world and the safety of its people.

clint ‘greatest marksman in the world’ barton. steve ‘living symbol of freedom; sentinel of liberty; i’m in charge of the security of the free world’ rogers. thor ‘actual norse crown prince god of thunder’ odinson. natasha ‘greatest assassin in the world’ romanoff. bruce ‘probably more of a genius and equally hubristic after all look where his mad science got him’ banner.

here’s a direct quote from 616 tony from avengers vol. 4 where he’s speaking to steve:

“And listen, you know in fact no one knows more than you how much unbridled ego comes with this job. To be who we are. To represent what we want to represent, you have to be arrogant enough to believe that you can do it. It’s ego that got us here and it’s ego that allows us to stay.”

of course it’s arrogant. the entire premise of superheroes is based upon arrogance. to think they of all people have the right, just because they have this particular skill set, to put on suits and masks to go fight the bad guys. tony’s arrogance/brilliance is the double-edged sword that makes what he brings to the table as a superhero so compelling. ( how dare he have so noticeable a flaw right???? it’s so uncomfortable when characters have flaws :((( ) it’s actually not untrue that he has the capabilities to use his tech to do a lot of amazing life-saving things that no one else could  ––– but he’s also fallible and driven by fear and paranoia, and that can result in things like the ultron program. 

and i don’t think you were saying that in a one hundred per cent negative way but that’s also part of the conceit. tony thinks he’s alone in having to protect the world, but he’s not and now people are going to point to how he’s ‘not a team player’. but that’s the thing. he was alone in that wormhole, he was alone in his nightmares.

and idk about you but PTSD aside how could that nOT point to some deeply ingrained fear of losing people, of inadequacy, of insecurity. of being conditioned his entire life to keep people at arms’ length because they always end up leaving anyway?? and then at the end of the film it all partially comes true? the new avengers are formed, the first team is disbanded and tony drives home to an empty house (the house that he designed for all them to be their home) and has to pick up the pieces alone. 

i’m not denying that parts of aou showcased his negative traits just as they did his positive ones. but it’s the people who apply double standards that grates on my nerves the most. if you want to accuse tony of being arrogant because he thinks it’s his job to protect the world than you better be laying that claim at the feet of every single avenger and especially captain america. which is inevitably what a lot of ca: cw is actually going to deconstruct and call into question if the writers are smart enough to make use of it.

Wolverine by Lovely Lady Artist/sketch-me-an-artist

hello kisses sweet as wine by xxcaribbean

  • Pairing: Liam/Zayn
  • Word count: 123.8k+
  • Chapters: 3 (Complete)
  • Rating: Explicit


not everyone is brave enough to go after the things they want. too much judgment and little respect creates nothing but fear; yet zayn’s always pursued what he’s felt regardless of those hang ups, and there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t regret any of his choices.

now, though, his decisions go a little beyond the spectrum of what people might consider normal, but zayn swears he did it out of love for himself and for his family. but mostly, it’s for his insatiable need to feel steadiness for once in his life.

zayn doesn’t expect mr. payne to have all the answers, and he certainly hadn’t meant to leave an impression.

so, this isn’t really a love story. well, it shouldn’t be.

  • Yongguk:*walks through the streets of Seoul at night with a backpack full of trashbags*
  • Yongguk:*sees an unsuspecting trashcan*
  • Yongguk:*proceeds to flip the trashcan on it's side and aggressively sorts through trash to put the recyclables into his trashbags*
  • Random Passerby:Oh my God!
  • Yongguk:Recycle! *finishes his duty before rushing off with a bag of bottles and cans*