Oh My Love



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“ Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people! Kagome was the reason I could make friends and rely on those friends! To shed tears for others, to understand true strength and kindness…They’re all things I learned from Kagome! Kagome was born to meet me! “

Oh My Love (Sherlock x Reader)

Title: Oh my love

Summary: Sherlock has been with the reader for a while before she suddenly died. After a few years, he receives a note that could only be from her - the handwriting, the style, the smell even - but he is sure it could never be her, that it could just be a prank. No matter how much he tries to convince himself, and convince John and Greg, everyone is just sure that no one can come back from the dead. Soon enough, these theories are proven wrong. Reader comes to 221B and asks for Sherlock’s forgiveness, in vain.
Author: Niky @waiting-for-orchestra
Words: 3162
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x reader
Warnings: character death, angst
Request: So there’s these two songs I absolutely love, and I was wondering if someone could do a songfic for one of them (“Oh My Love” by Silver Trees or “Dear Doubt” by Michael Schulte) where Sherlock thinks the reader is dead but receives a note that could only be from her except no one believes him, thinking its a prank, but then she shows asking for his forgiveness and he refuses to forgive her, avoiding her at all cost. Maybe sad, or bittersweet, ending??? - anonymous
A/N: Lovely request, anon! I’m the mood for angst lately, so here it is! This is my first songfic, so I hope I’ve nailed it! For the record, I set it before Reichenbach, so in about season 2, when John is still at 221B. I chose the first song you mentioned, as I found the lyrics slightly more suitable; I hope you like it, and sorry for the inactivity lately!


My love, I had to write,
my love, I feel the weight inside me grow,
and hold.

Baker Street was completely empty.
It was past midnight, but Sherlock knew Mrs. Hudson would have been awake to make him some dinner. Strangely enough, he was hungry.
He was never hungry.
Never, except for that day of the year. That day, it was a very important day, or it would have been had she not died.
She, Y/N.
He missed her, the only woman he ever loved. She hadn’t been like the others, no one could have ever said she had been. She had that laugh, those eyes, that mind, that were nothing common.
And on that day, it would have been their anniversary.
They had been together for about three years before she disappeared, and every year he would take her out somewhere she liked, sometimes he even remembered to get her a present. Because it was worth remembering, unlike everything else.

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John Lennon and George Harrison rehearsing “How Do You Sleep?” and “Oh My Love” in May 1971 (courtesy: YouTube user SailAwayRaymond7). 

“There’s a guy called George Harrison who’s on it [the Imagine LP], and who does some mother of solos. George used to be with the Bubbles or somebody.” - John Lennon, NME, July 1971 [x]

“Did you know that George wanted to redo his guitar solos on ‘Gimme Some Truth’ and ‘How Do You Sleep?’ That’s the best he’s ever f***ing played in his life! He’d never get that feeling again. He’d go on for ever if you let him.” - John Lennon on George Harrison, June 1971 [x]