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“Unfortunately, tonight I seem to be somewhere else on the planet. Otherwise I would be there sipping champagne and toasting your fine health. So I do it in absence a few days earlier with a bottle of eau de vie. Tons of love, have a wonderful evening and wish I could be there. À bientôt !” - Benedict Cumberbatch toasts Studio Canal’s partnership with SunnyMarch

@hinanami-week​ day 4: talentswap

Ultimate Heir Hinata Hajime x Ultimate Princess Nanami Chiaki ~
What a power couple tbh. I actually don’t think they’d be very different than normal, apart from both being more sure of themselves and Hajime being more outwardly sarcastic.
Thanks to @rilianne-arts for suggesting this swap!

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan || Nanami Chiaki, Hinata Hajime, SDR2 © Spike Chunsoft
Please don’t use, edit, or repost without permission; thanks!
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Disneyland AUs

Person A is a disney character and person B’s kid wants a photo AU

Both work as characters, either paired couples or characters from different movies AU

Meet in the Castle AU

Both have kids who both want to get a photo with a character AU

Our kids were both dressed up as the same character and now they are best friends AU

Waiting in line for Splash mountain AU

Sitting next to each other on the roller coaster AU

In the same carriage in Tower of Terror ride and one person is scared AU

My kid was lost and you found them AU

Both our kids were lost cause they both saw a princess and needed to go look AU

Sitting next to each other at the fireworks AU

Build a Bear AU 

Somehow meeting in one of the themed restaurants AU

Wow our kids dragged us onto It’s a small world and how annoying is this song AU

Both are the third person in their group so volunteer as single riders and get paired together AU

We are sitting in the boat for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the ride broke down and now we are stuck AU

The Golden Age {listen}

i. jack sparrow (hanson duo); ii. to glory (groove addicts); iii. horn of plenty (james newton howard); iv. life of a tsar i. polonaise (mikhail glinka); v. waltz no. 2 (dmitri shostakovich); vi. the embassy waltz (frederick loewe); vii. masquerade waltz (aram khachaturian); viii. kaiser-waltzer op.437 (johann straus ii.); ix. cheerful calvary (joe hisaishi); x. jupiter (gustav holst); xi. look to the stars (hans zimmer); xii. blackheart (two steps from hell); xiii. from a land of dreams (immediate music); xiv. a place among the stars (hans zimmer); xv. betrayal voices (immediate music); xvi. witness hell (trevor morris); xvii. dream is collapsing (hans zimmer); xviii. battle for the soul of the universe (immediate music); xix. the bridge of khazad dum (howard shore); xx. into eternity (brian tyler); xxi. particles of the universe (dan homer and benh zeitlin); xxii. once upon a december (david newman); xxiii. the golden age (woodkid)

Please don’t kill me I have no life!*lol*

This was my first thought when I saw this picture of Kristoff in the parade.

I’m looking forward to visit Disney World again next year and I hope he will still be there. The copyright of  the picture goes to the respectiv owner!

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