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Have Eric and Dylan been to any concerts? If so, which ones? <33

 I spoke of all the concerts E and D likely attended in this post here.  This post has been newly updated !! with additional Rammstein concerts that the two probably attended in the Denver area.  Rammstein visited Denver four occasions total from ‘97 - ‘99.

Here is the KMFDM concert that Eric and Dylan attended Dec 8, 1997. It was part of KMFDM’s Symbols album and they were an opening act for Rammstein’s Sehnsucht Tour at the Ogden Theater in Denver.  So, the dudes were here taking in the sights and sounds of this concert. :) 

Four songs on the Youtube playlist for this concert are:
Leid Und Elend
Drug Against War

[actual Setlist on 12.8.97]

Unfortunately, youtube does not have the Rammstein 12.8.97 concert at the Ogden.  However, they do have the same Setlist of that concert playing in Hamburg on Sept 27, ‘97

Below is the actual  May 1, 1998 Rammstein concert that Eric and Dylan very likely attended at the Ogden in Denver.  Just think, if you’re hearing whooping and hollering..it’s probably the dudes in the audience while lighting their Zippos. ;)

[Original Setlist for May 1, 1998]

Weisses Fleisch 

Buck Dich::


Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen 

Note what a different style of music this is that Dylan shared in his tastes along side Eric. KMFDM and Rammstein were their thing together as BFFs.  Veeerry different from Dylan’s personal, individual musical taste as with The Chemical Brothers.

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what concerts did E&D go to?

 Dylan and Eric went to Rammstein’s Sehnsucht Tour December 8, 1997, featuring  KMFDM as their opening act at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. 

Setlists from the December 8, 1997 concert

KMFDM (opening Symbols Tour)   Rammstein

Setlist from the May 1, 1998 concert

Ogden Theatre  [x] [x]   Photos from the day of the tour [x]

I’ll make a Spotify playlist of these setlists in a future post. :) 

Dylan likely attended The Chemical Brother’s Dig Your Own / Hole Setting Sun Tour concert on April 29, 1997 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. He probably went with Zack. The reason I believe he attended this concert is because the t-shirt is a special promo type that was made specifically for this concert. That was the first time the Chemical Brothers had ever played in Colorado and the next time they would tour in the area was July 17, 1999 at the Rave on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO, USA  with With Fatboy Slim. This was the date that Dylan made plans to see the concert with Devon.- sadly, that one concert in ‘97 was his first and only Chem Bros concert. :-/

It’s possible that they went to a Prodigy or Orbital concert but there is no record of this or of them talking about it.  Dylan only mentions just that one concert and for that reason,  I tend to think that the KMFDM/Rammstein concert was the only concert the two ever attended together.*

There was also a Rammstein concert on October 6, 1998 at the  McNichols Arena in Denver about 1.5 hours away from Littleton.  Since Dylan uses the plural for concertS in his yearbook reference to Eric, there is a possibility that they went to three Rammstein concerts: the one December 8, 1997 with KMFDM as their opening act and also the one May 1, 1998 and very possibly the one held October 6, 1998 at the McNichols Arena in Denver. KMFDM apparently only toured for their Symbols album in ‘97 with Rammstein on December 8th and didn’t tour again until 2000. There was no tour for Adios which debuted April 20, 1999.  Now, take a good guess why that is. ;)

 Rammstein was on tour in Brazil  on April 17, 1999 (the date of the Columbine Senior prom) and then moved on to Guadalajara, Mexico on April 21. 1999, the day after the massacre and did yet another concert in Mexico City on April 24. They took a three month break (probably laying low having been associated as a musical fav of the ‘Columbine Killers’). They returned back to the states in June of ‘99 and interestingly enough, toured yet again in Denver, CO (!)  at the Fillmore Auditorium on July 14, 1999 just a few months after Columbine. A very bold move on their part. 

I find it rather interesting how many times Rammstein visited Denver for concerts: for their Sehnsucht tour,  they visited Denver, CO in Dec ‘97 and then five months later, they revisited the city yet again in May ‘98, then Oct ‘98 and lastly, June of ‘99. They did not do this with any other US city.  Have to wonder if the group has a particular reason as to why they repeated the same tour in this city a total of four times.  Perhaps they have some connections in Denver or maybe just liked the vibe of Denver?   The Sehnsucht Tour ended in 2001. and June ‘99 was there last time in Denver for that particular tour.