Hey The ‘Unofficial Tom Hardy Calender’
Complete with Logan Marshall Green November!

That’s is officially fkn awesome!

I officially do hope that any unofficial type profit official but unlikely officially official profits, If there possibly are any officially could be officially or unofficially recouped from this pile of official nonsense and a certain portion go to the pockets of some well deserving official charity cause.

SW and ESM salute officially your official lack of due diligence and for officially making us laugh our ass off -

what a bunch of noddies!

Love tommy


Hey so just an update that I’m going to be reblogging a lot because I’ve been really passionate about my story

Those of you who remember my OC Leon may be glad to know I’ve finally come up with a name for the story I’ll be writing about him and his world. For future reference, any posts regarding the story will be tagged as “Distortion”.