Sirius, ready to storm out of Grimmauld Place with a broken nose and unshed tears in his eyes.

His fathers locked himself in his office and he doesn’t know where his mothers gone but the house is horribly silent in the wake of the screeching, hour long argument that just took place.

Regulus is pale and wide eyed in the doorway to his bedroom as Sirius slams his trunk closed.

Sirius says ‘leave with me’ at the same time as Regulus says 'stay’.

They haven’t been honest with each other or gotten along well since Regulus was sorted to Slytherin and they stand and stare at each other and both think the other looks frightened.

They say 'I can’t’ at the same time.

On his way out Sirius almost passes Regulus before he stops and grabs him roughly. He kisses the top of his head because Regulus has always been shorter than him and says 'I love you Reg’ thickly into his brothers hair before he lets go, barely seconds having passed.

Sirius is half way towards the stairs when he hears Regulus say 'you too, Siri’.

The tears start to fall then.

  • me:is 100% over people talking about Ariana licking a donut like its the worst thing they've ever heard of a person doing especially after a four minute apology video where she condemns her actions makes no excuses for them accepts the backlash from it and wants to learn and improve on herself

“He has dark brown skin like mine” - Carter Kane, The Red Pyramid, page 3 (Referencing Julius Kane).

Reference for the color dark brown since y'all seem to have forgotten it’s a color:

“Second, she takes after our mom, who was white, so Sadie’s skin is much lighter than mine” - Carter Kane, The Red Pyramid, page 7 (Referencing Sadie Kane).

Carter doesn’t mention facial features, doesn’t say she’s blond (“She has straight caramel colored hair, not exactly blond but not brown” - Carter Kane, The Red Pyramid, page 7 [Referencing Sadie Kane]), doesn’t say she looks European, he only notes her British accent and lighter skin as their main differences.

Lighter than him would probably be cafe con leche (coffee with milk) or beige. Not white. She’s not white. Is her skin lighter than Carter’s? Yes. Does that mean her skin isn’t some shade of brown? No. It also doesn’t mean she’s a sour cream European.

Learn how to fucking draw biracial people holy fuck.


I promise you, you’ll laugh