Usage Instructions: Erwin’s Bolo Tie & Levi’s Scarf

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Note: I just got the merchandise recently (I am late as usual…) and just want to share on the usage instruction. Hope it will help! 

[Manga Portion]

Levi: You guys, don’t slack with the cleaning & your attire.

Erwin: How do you define a good fit? What does “stylish” mean for you?

[Usage Instructions]

Levi’s Scarf
- As this item is folded for compact packaging, please understand that there may be some creases. The creases can be smoothen with low-temperature iron, but make sure to layer the scarf with a piece of cloth and only iron on the layered portion.

- Please take note that color-transfer or shrinking may occur from abrasion or dampness from rain or sweat.

- The material is very responsive toward heat. Please refrain from wearing it in places with high temperature or near the flame.

- Upon disposal, please follow your local area waste classification regulation.

Material: 100% Polyester

Erwin’s Bolo Tie

- Please be informed that the item’s color may change due to aging.

- Please be informed that the item may fade or cause color-transfer if it is damped with rain or sweat.

- Please remove the item from your skin if it causes allergy reaction.

- Please be careful when handling the metal portion. The merchandise and its metal portion may chip under heavy pressure or impact.

- Keep the merchandise out children’s reach as it contains small parts that pose choking hazards.

- Please don’t wrap the item tightly around your neck or finger, as it may cause injury.

- String: Polyester
- Main body: Paper, acrylic, zinc alloy
- Made in China
- Suitable age: 15 years old and above

THE LATEST ISSUE OF PASH! HAS A LAYOUT ON YU-TOPIA? I THINK? SOMEONE TRANSLATE!? I need to know where Mari sleeps so my head canons of her hearing Yuuri and Victor go at it can come true. POOR MARI NEE-CHAN HAS TO TURN THOSE HEADPHONES UP

anonymous asked:

You guys are the most informed fans in the fandom, so question: Just so I got this straight, Dos Santos and Montgomery practically confirmed in their interview with AfterBuzz TV that the stuff in "The Paladin's Handbook: Official Guidebook of Voltron Legendary Defender" is completely unofficial and most of the stuff in there was made up? The producers doesn't seem to have ANY part in the making of the handbook AT ALL, because they said they have no idea what's in there in the first place.

The discussion starts at the 27 minute mark in this video. The book is official in that it is officially licensed merchandise from Dreamworks, but it does not seem like the writers for the show were at all involved in writing or curating the content for the handbook.

I just reblogged a quote of their comments with AfterBuzz, but Lauren said specifically that she hadn’t seen the book, and she was nervous about what was in it because she’s unsure of where the information was being pulled from. Some of it may have been taken from their original pitch for the show, but even that information may be out of date since the story and characters have evolved since they first pitched them .

Lauren and Joaquim didn’t give any examples during the AfterBuzz interview, but they have discussed many times before how ideas and characters have changed as episodes make their way through the production process. For example, they mentioned at SDCC that Keith was originally conceived to dye his hair (which was naturally all white) and to file down some of his teeth that grew into points. In another interview, they also mentioned that Zarkon was originally conceived to have a “no women” policy for his soldiers and this was going to play into the larger plot contrasting Lotor with his father, but they dropped the “no women” aspect of the plot.

So even if the handbook pulled information from the original show pitch, it may not be accurate. And not all of the information was pulled from the show or their original pitch. Lauren and Joaquim said they had no idea where some of it came from.

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