( en/atsushi route section translated from this blog )

so basically after the heroine rejects both of them ( en / atsushi, if you do this you get the friendship bl ending ), in the final chapter of the route, apparently you meet en up on the rooftop of the school and he asks you

“if it’s come to a situation where ive come to like a person of the same gender, do you have a way of how i should approach them?” fuck

then you meet atsushi and he asks you

“you know… suddenly feeling like as if your hearts been clutched after seeing a person youve thought of as a friend until now, do you know what that is?” hhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh h hhhh

then the heroine thinks to herself

“a person whos been friends with kinugawa senpai until now… so someone of the same gender right? then possibly yufuin senpai?” bye

so there you go they both started liking each other after being rejected by the girl they both liked….,,,, amazing….,,,, but this is some serious bl shit like ??? ?????? ????? and its official too so goodbye enatsu is basically canon in the game….,?? ill maybe translate the bathhouse part tomorrow bc im really tired now bc today was the first day back to school so im going to rest !!! but !!!!!! i hope you enjoyed these two gays !!!!!!!!!! 

Official Map: Reykjavik Excursions Bus Network, 2015

Fast forward ten years from yesterday’s excellent diagrammatic map of bus services in Iceland, and we’re now left with this sad thing. There are far fewer routes, although I’m not sure if that’s because service has been reduced or the map is only showing the routes of one company. 

The geographically-accurate shape of Iceland sits uneasily with the crudely straightened route lines: this map has none of the elegance of the earlier version. On a positive note, the glaciers are white now, which is better than blue!

Our rating: Disappointingly average, especially compared to the earlier map. 2.5 stars.


150420 CNBLUE Message for FNC KINGDOM In Hong Kong [Official]
Youtube ver: youtu.be/soXdhp73AHQ 

cr:  OVRCMNG Plus



These photos are from the private Shrekmon photo shoot Shrek and Namjoon had, but since the leak they have given official permission for them to be posted and enjoyed! They have said they are not scared to show those bodies off! Here at Fy-Shrekmon, we promote body positivity! We’re really proud and pleased that the boys are comfortable in their own skin! {FY-SHREKMON}


miss A Special Dance Clip 1. Fei “다른 남자 말고 너(Only You)”

Quest For The Best: Portable Cutlery - Scouting Sporknife Review!

Quest For The Best: Portable Cutlery – Scouting Sporknife Review!


Spring is officially in full swing and strangely enough for England, there’s a good chance of some lovely sun.

Of course it’s the perfect time for a tasty lunch in the great outdoors and what would be worse than making up a mouthwatering bento, taking it to a quiet sunny spot, then finding out you forgot your cutlery?!

A lot of boxes don’t come with their own cutlery so when I saw this…

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