Actual PSA from the Office of Civil Defense (1965) advising farmers on how to take action in the event of a nuclear catastrophe…using marionettes.

A New York City police officer, Brian Moore, 25, who was shot in the head over the weekend as he tried to question a local man sought on gun charges, died on Monday of his wounds.

Moore and his partner had been trying to question Demetrius Blackwell, 35, who has an extensive criminal background, including attempted murder, after they saw him adjust an object in his waistband. Blackwell pulled out a gun and fired several times into the vehicle.

It’s important to remember for every Freddie Gray incident there are plenty of officer Brian Moore incidents, where cops get attacked by people like this. But those lives don’t matter to Tumblr because they don’t fit into its ideological narrative.

People think police killings is the civil rights issue of our era. It is not. It only affects a small number of people, and they are often criminals who attack police officers and are killed in self defense. The real civil rights issue is the violence perpetrated by young men like Demetrius Blackwell, which ends orders of magnitude more lives of all races than any police brutality does. But Tumblr is uncomfortable with that reality so it focuses on a handful of cops instead.


The US Air Force has confirmed that a B-52H Stratofortress crashed at approximately 8:30 a.m. on the Andersen flightline. “All seven aircrew members have safelyegressed the aircraft. No injuries have been reported. Emergency responders are on scene,” a released stated. “The B-52 was deployed to Andersen AFB from Minot, North Dakota, as part of the DoD’s continuous bomber presence mission in the Pacific. The aircrew are members from the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron and were performing a routine training mission.”

Guam Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas confirms GFD received a call for additional support for firefighting capabilities and assisting units from Andersen Air Force Base in response to a military aircraft crash on base, reportedly a B-52. San Nicolas confirms they are executing a Memorandum of Understanding between military, federal, and local fire emergency services.

The Office of Civil Defense is also coordinating efforts to send a water tanker to the site. According to Guam International Airport spokesperson Rolenda Faasuamalie, there has been no impact to GIAA Operations.

The Governor’s Office has also issued a statement “We assure the public this does not appear to be an attack, and we highly discourage anyone from spreading assumptions, or any information that does not come from Civil Defense or the military itself.”